2016 Politics: Requiem For America

candidates_2016_xPATHETIC America: The current leading candidates for the 2016 US Presidential election can be described thus:


1. A real estate billionaire/reality TV star who is beloved by White racialists and right-wing gamesters despite being an ignorant buffoon, defending affirmative action, promoting “touchback” immigration into the USA for Mexican illegals, and having Jewish family connections.

2. A hawk-faced half-Cuban born in Canada and thus ineligible for the office he seeks, who supports large-scale increases in legal immigration, and who lies to the lemming-like White masses about his pro-immigration views and his support from “New York values” wealthy establishment figures.

3. A Miami-Vice-style Cuban who was, and still is, a prime mover for illegal alien amnesty, a Neocon-puppet who manages to be more of a plastic phony than even “strap the dog to the roof of the car” Romney.

(We will pass over Jeb Bush, the “man” with the appearance and aura of a sleepy wombat, and his Hispanified family, as his level of support is barely in the positive range.)


1. A Wall Street-financed ultra-leftist harridan, champion of mass Third World immigration and of Colored Privilege, an advocate of “women’s rights” who is widely reputed to be a lesbian and who is “married” to an ex-President who is an alleged rapist and who is known to have been fellated by a Jewess intern in the White House, a decaying harpy being investigated by the FBI for arrogantly and stupidly using a home server to handle secret and sensitive government documents during her undeserved tenure as Secretary of State, a corrupt reptile who is alleged to have sold favors to foreign governments for donations to her family’s finances.

2. A socialist Brooklyn Jew, an ultra-leftist with documented past communist connections, a groveler to Negro radicalism and to Open Borders immigration, a lying imbecile who misreads the meaning of the angry electorate and who tries to “whitewash” (no pun intended) the racial and cultural reasons for that anger, a decrepit fool who stands by sheepishly while “Black Lives Matter” simians seize his microphone at an electoral event, a Levantine alien whose ancestors should never have been allowed on American shores.

In summary: Where is the national sense of embarrassment for this travesty?

* * *

Source: EGI Notes

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
20 January, 2016 10:03 pm

These criminals shouldn’t be running for office. They should be running the gauntlet.

21 January, 2016 12:55 am

I can tell you where the national sense of embarrassment is: with those Whites who have been told of these felons, traitors, and alien destroyers time and time again but did nothing. Knowing what is going on and taking no action is the travesty here.

History will not be kind to a people who have allowed what has and will happen to occur here in the united States. My appreciation goes to the National Alliance for our efforts at building the “lifeboats” we’re going to need soon…

Reply to  JM/Iowa
22 January, 2016 2:25 am

Trump is not who most people think he is; he is more dangerous and better in many ways. If you think Trump is “dumb” or a “loud mouth” well, then, you are being fooled with the rest of the media hacks he has played like a fiddle. Read his books and watch his first interviews back in 1980s and you will see his game plan clear as day. It also explains why he is destroying his enemies with little or no cost in resources for himself. We as a movement can learn a lot from him and his methods with the media. Is he on our side………????? He is, I believe, with us to some degree because his ideas just happen to match ours on several subjects. But if he… Read more »