Wall-to-Wall Jewish Support for Unlimited Middle East “Refugees” to the West


IN SEPTEMBER 2013, Dr. Kevin MacDonald published a rather provocative – yet entirely accurate – article on The Occidental Observer entitled, “The Organized Jewish Community: Wall-to-Wall Support for a Strike on Syria.” In the article, Dr. MacDonald noted:

One of the self-deceptions of Jewish life is the belief that “two Jews, three opinions” — the idea that Jews are especially likely to disagree with one another. But on critical issues like Israel, immigration, multiculturalism and Christianity in the public square, the Jewish community speaks with one (very powerful) voice. […] The broad-based Jewish support for a military strike on Syria is breath-taking, especially considering that Congress is finding “record opposition” to an airstrike in the rest of America. […]

Morris Amitay (pictured), former head of AIPAC and who now heads of the Washington Political Action Committee (whose motto is “A strong and secure Israel is America’s best interest”) favors a military strike. Both the Republican Jewish Coalition and the Jewish Democratic Council advocate a military strike. The Bloomberg article also notes that the ADL and the and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations are also on board. […]

As is evident from the article’s title and the brief excerpt published above, Dr. MacDonald was documenting the overwhelming support for American airstrikes on Syria coming from the organized Jewish community. Virtually every single Jewish organization in America supported military action against Bashar al-Assad’s Syria, and they still do.

An article appearing in Tablet Magazine, a Jewish publication focusing on Jewish culture, politics, and identity, highlighted yet another aspect of public policy the entire organized Jewish community supports: unlimited and unrestricted immigration of Middle Eastern “refugees” to America and the Western world.

Needless to say, the Jewish state of Israel will not be admitting any Middle Eastern “refugees” to Israel – they all have to go to America and Europe, according to the Jews. And the Jews usually get their way.

Tablet reports:

On Friday, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris and amid a national debate over the admittance of Syrian and Iraqi refugees into the United States, the House of Representatives voted in favor of increased security checks on those seeking a safe haven in the United States. Speaker Paul Ryan said these ramped-up vetting measures are “about keeping American safe.” President Obama, who has vowed to veto the bill, said that such a process “would betray our deepest values.”

A number of Jewish organizations and institutions have weighed in on the matter, pledging support for the admission of these refugees. On Thursday, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the Orthodox Union both issued statements, comparing the denial to grant Syrian refugees entry into the U.S. to the experience of Jews who fled the Nazis, exemplified by the fateful 1939 voyage of the SS St. Louis. This comparison has gained traction this week: An article published by The Washington Post, details, among other statistical sentiments, that “two-thirds of Americans polled by Gallup’s American Institute of Public Opinion in January 1939—well after the events of Kristallnacht—said they would not take in 10,000 German Jewish refugee children.” […]

Many Jewish groups signed a letter from the ACLU that was sent to Congress on Tuesday, expressing their “support for the U.S. refugee resettlement program and urg[ing] Members of Congress to oppose proposals that call for the suspension of the [program] or the imposition of restrictions on funding for Syrians and other groups of refugees.” These organizations include: the American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Anti-Defamation League, the Association of Jewish Family and Children’s Agencies, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), Habonim Dror North America, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the Jewish Labor Committee, the National Council of Jewish Women, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, the Union for Reform Judaism, and the Workmen’s Circle. A number of other Jewish organizations have released statements in support of welcoming Syrian refugees, as well, such as The Rabbinical Assembly and Jewish World Watch.

Following 9/11, a false flag operation planned and executed by an international network of Jewish criminals designed to justify the fraudulent (and pre-planned) “Global War on Terror,” the organized Jewish community enticed and cajoled America and her NATO allies to invade and destroy a number of sovereign nation states in the Middle East – Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc. – as well as destabilize and subvert many other states (Yemen, Syria, Iran, etc.).

Now, these very same Jewish organizations are demanding America and the Western world accept unlimited and unrestricted immigration from this very same part of the world. The Middle Easterners are supposed to be our enemies over there, and our fellow citizens, neighbors, and friends over here.

This is pure madness, and it’s becoming more and more obvious with each passing day.

* * *

Source: The Realist Report

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