University of CA: White Student Union Issues Demands

12278857_685257498276173_6647866034052475123_nWhite students’ demands — such as for “safe spaces” free from “triggering” anti-White speech, for example — are mirror images of Black students’ demands

EDITOR’S NOTE: While this kind of “mirroring” can be funny — and can effectively demonstrate the anti-White double standard that Jews have imposed on universities today — it does not go nearly far enough and many will see it as lacking in seriousness and long-term purpose.

MEMBERS OF A recently formed White Student Union at the University of California Santa Barbara are showing they’re serious by releasing a list of demands, and organizing a walkout for next month.

Students created the Facebook page “UCSB White Student Union” in late November “to challenge its membership to actively address political, social, and cultural injustices while at the same time celebrating and acknowledging the advancement of People of European Descent (PED) at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Beyond,” according to the page description.

The page surfaced online along with similar Facebook pages for more than two dozen colleges across the United States, as well as others in places like Australia. The groups instantly sparked charges of racism, as well as messages of support, though many news sites dismissed the White Student Union pages as hoaxes launched by racists who don’t attend the schools. debunked that notion in interviews with several students who started the pages, including nonwhite students who were inspired by “what they see as unchecked hostility towards their fellow white students,” according to the site.

The UCSB White Student Union — which is not formally recognized by the university — is also eager to set the record straight, and released a list of demands on its Facebook page yesterday it views as essential to countering hostilities against PED.

“We, students of European descent at UCSB, refuse to accept the negative social climate created towards our peers of European descent and other marginalized groups. Hew have begun a movement, UCSB white Student Union, in an effort to change the status quo for a more just and inclusive environment within our campus,” the statement read.

“We as a compassionate student body have gathered to address the legacy of oppression against persons of European descent (PED) on campus. If these goals are not initiated within the next quarter, and completed by the second week of Winter Quarter, we will organize and respond by respectfully complaining.”

The list of demands echoed similar demands made by Black Lives Matter protesters at universities across the country.

“WE DEMAND the creation of a White Student Development Resource Center, to be named the Napoleon Bonaparte Resource Center, with a designated office space as well as safe space for hosting events, at a central campus location.”

“WE DEMAND the hiring of two permanent full-time admissions staff members of non self-hating European descent and a series of enhanced recruitment strategies, with a budget of $300,371, to recruit students of European descent to UCSB. We maintain that this funding comes from the Chancellor’s office and not from the division of Student Affairs.”

“WE DEMAND that UCSB provide an additional stipend to campus police officers to patrol campus grounds and the Isla Vista community in an effort to more effectively discover and subsequently root out and punish any and all forms of speech that are deemed offensive to students of European descent, including but not limited to: “Cracker,” “Stupid white people”; “OMG, you are so white”; “Where are you from?”; “No, I mean like what part of Europe?”; “Wow, I bet you get sunburned really easily!”; “you wouldn’t understand because you’re white”; “don’t eat this; it’s too spicy for you”; “honky” (and any variants thereof); “Surrendering like a Frenchman!”; and so forth. Currently, campus police officers are simply not equipped to provide UCSB white students a safe space. Saying any of the things listed above should merit immediate expulsion and arrest in order to effectively maintain a safe space.”

“WE DEMAND that UCSB and campus police immediately prohibit on pain of expulsion and imprisonment any future parties and other festivities at UCSB or in Isla Vista that have the following (non-exhaustive list of) themes that may further marginalize and trigger white identities and white-identified students: Charlie Sheen Theme; a France Theme; a Britain Theme; a St. Patrick’s Day Theme; an Irish Theme; a Scotland Theme; a Spain Theme; an Andorra Theme; a Switzerland Theme; a Swiss Theme; a Belgium Theme; a German Theme; an Austria Theme; an Italy Theme; a ‘King and Queen’ Theme; a Catholics vs. Protestants Theme; a George Washington Theme; a Colonial Theme; a Pirate Theme; a Denmark Theme; a Finland Theme; an Iceland Theme; a Portugal Theme; an Oktoberfest Theme; a Ukraine Theme; a Belarus Theme; a Hungary Theme; a Slovakia Theme; a Czech Republic Theme; a Norway Theme; a Croatia Theme; a Bulgaria Theme; a Russia Theme; a Serbia Theme; a Greece Theme; a Netherlands Theme; a Luxembourg Theme; an Albania Theme (especially as relates to the movie ‘Taken’); and so forth.”

“WE DEMAND the creation and implementation of a mandatory White Cultural Competency Training and a Diversity Requirement, which all students and all faculty must go through to enter UCSB to foster a more diverse and inclusive environment.”

“Lastly, WE DEMAND that all UCSB administrators and faculty issue a statement of apology to faculty, staff and administrators of European descent as well as their allies, neither of whom were provided a safe space for them to thrive while at UCSB.”

The Santa Barbara Independent interviewed an anonymous spokesman for the UCSB White Student Union who said its goal is to “create a safe space for the celebrating of white identities at UCSB.”

WSU was born out of “marginalization of white identities” and “structural racism” at UCSB, he said.

“Many have reported hearing the phrase ‘stupid white people.’ One student reports that he was called a ‘stupid cracker’ when waiting at a line in a store in Isla Vista,” the spokesman said. “This is evidence of structural racism and marginalization of white identities.”

The mere presence of a White Student Union Facebook page — which is currently at 215 “Likes” — is apparently already highlighting the hostility the group’s members are posting about.

“‘White’ heritage is racism,” undergrad Trina Lazzara posted online, according to the Independent. “The concept of ‘whiteness’ was created by and for self-proclaimed ‘white’ people for the sole purpose of enslaving, oppressing, killing, and excluding people of color in America and elsewhere. If you disagree, read a few history books.”

The UCSB White Student Union is also planning a “White Student Walk Out” for January 19.

* * *

Source: EAG News

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