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THE HOLIDAYS are a somber reminder that there exist wide divisions among our people. Some celebrate Christmas, others Yuletide, and others nothing at all. This is appropriate. Ideological, religious, and lingering petty nationalisms serve to fragment our people even the ones who ostensibly seek to unite it.

A United front, a white vanguard is needed to unite the disparate elements. To embrace our uniqueness while putting aside petty drama is a hard fight but it must be done. Our enemy exploits ancient hatreds and faultlines in our movement with great deft and skill. The challenge lies in defeating this.

I have put aside my Individualism in order to fight the greater battle that needs to be won. For what is Individualism when the enemy is united? What is egoism when everything that the West stands for is being destroyed (if it isn’t already)? I have chosen to throw my lot in with my people. It will be a hard engagement but we are living in difficult times.

All of the children of the Occidental race need to realize that the sun is setting for us. We are dangerously close to the all-encompassing night. As children of the arctic sun, we cannot allow the darkness to fall. We have to make a stand. This means uniting for one last battle.

I have thrown in my lot with my people. Everything else can be sorted through after this last campaign. For now, however, we have to stop bickering and draw a line. Are you with your people or would you betray them to our enemies? Are you a man/woman of war, a supporter, or a friend? The last few grains in the hourglass are about to fall. It is time to make a decision.

I have made mine.

Join us and help ensure a future for all people of European descent.

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  1. kaliyuga85
    28 December, 2015 at 11:44 pm — Reply

    Thank you for publishing my blog post here on National Vanguard. It is an honor.

  2. 29 December, 2015 at 6:43 pm — Reply

    Excellent pledge. What’s remarkable is why aren’t Whites gathering in droves to organize for their own interests. We are proud to have you on board, kaliyuga.

    One thing about setting aside selfish individualism for the Greater Cause is that one doesn’t set aside his unique individuality.

  3. kaliyuga85
    30 December, 2015 at 7:26 pm — Reply

    That is something that I’ve grappled with for a while, Mr. Chairman. The difference between being individuated (being unique, knowing one’s unique place, and using it to help his people) and being a selfish individualist. Time is running too thin to not band together with our people.

  4. Anthony Collins
    30 December, 2015 at 10:45 pm — Reply

    Race and personality, solidarity and individuality, needn’t be regarded as antithetical to one another, provided they are in their proper place, proportion, and relationship with each other. The unique spirit of our race that has been characterized as “Faustian” — the basis of so much of its creativity, dynamism, and power — requires a high level of individuality among its members.

    I shouldn’t need to note that it was Adolf Hitler who used the formula “race and personality,” and that William Pierce would implicitly or explicitly reiterate this formula in his writings.

  5. kaliyuga85
    31 December, 2015 at 7:04 am — Reply

    I totally agree, Anthony.

  6. 1 January, 2016 at 10:37 am — Reply

    Nice points, gentlemen. Dr. Pierce discussed our people’s Faustian spirit here, among other places:

    I have thought often about the role of the tool-making instinct in the history and prehistory of our race. And I have associated this instinct with a more general characteristic of our people which I — and others also — have called the Faustian spirit. That’s the spirit which drives us not only to build things and to invent things but to explore and to try to understand ourselves and the world around us. It is a spirit which makes us seek power not just for the sake of mere power, but also for the sake of progress, for the sake of building new things. It leads us to conquer not merely for the sake of conquest, but also to improve and develop that which we conquer. It leads us to value truth over and above any practical value that truth may have; to value knowledge above any monetary gain that knowledge may yield.

    Thinking about these things led me long ago to the conclusion that it is this Faustian spirit which, more than any other trait of our people, led us to become masters of the whole world by the beginning of the last century. Some of the races of Asia are clever enough — the Chinese and the Japanese, the Jews, the Indians — but their cleverness has a different flavor from that of our people. We Europeans always have been the preeminent explorers and innovators, the people who explored because we wanted to learn more, not just because we thought there might be some money in it for us.

    Neither the Faustian spirit nor the fascination with tools is universal among our people, of course. The Faustian spirit is essentially a masculine spirit, and it often is at odds with both the feminine spirit and the mercantile spirit. When our society is virile and forward-looking and willing to take chances, the Faustian spirit is dominant. When virility is in decline, and we become more interested in comfort and self-indulgence and security and conformity, then the Faustian spirit in us — in our society, in our civilization — also is in decline…

    “Our” society and civilization certainly are in decline, despite all of the new “tools” and gadgets that are available to everyone, thanks to technological developments. A few of us realize that Faustian spirit is still alive in our people, if somewhat dormant. Dr. Pierce was consistent in his Cosmotheist teachings. He discusses this instinct, this “Divine Spark” that lies slumbering within our unique race in this audio of a speech he made to a few followers 40 years ago, 1976:

  7. Anthony Collins
    2 January, 2016 at 3:32 am — Reply

    Individuality can take different forms. The form of individuality which is identified with individualism is a selfish, short-sighted, puerile, trivial, and empty form of individuality. It involves a narcissistic, hedonistic, materialistic, solipsistic, and ultimately parasitic approach to life: life is regarded as revolving around oneself, one’s pleasures, one’s income and property, one’s status symbols, and one’s vanity. Life becomes a childish game and a squalid racket: “Whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

    But there is another and nobler form of individuality, which in its most sublime and powerful forms can be properly characterized as Faustian. One can realize one’s individuality in service to a greater mission and a greater whole than oneself. One can realize what is best within oneself by serving a greater mission and a larger whole. One can obey the imperatives of the White race-soul as summarized by William Pierce: “Thou shalt not rest or be content, no matter what thy accomplishments. Thou must strive all the days of thy life. Thou must discover all things, know all things, master all things.”

    Of course, practicing the latter form of individuality is especially hard to do nowadays: one’s intellect and character may be debilitated, deformed, and disorientated by the culture in which one lives, and to a greater extent than one is willing and able to recognize, let alone correct. And one can be so alienated by the culture in which one lives that one feels like an exile in one’s own homeland, if one can talk of such a thing. In demographic terms, we’re already living in an Third World slum. In political terms, we’re already living in a Jewish colony. The “social capital” of our race has been devastated.

    Still, there is a sliver of hope: as Will Williams notes, the Faustian spirit is still alive, albeit dormant among our people. And there must be many people who find themselves alienated, angered, and revolted by the world around them. They are often lost, but they are often also searching, and they won’t readily abandon themselves to nihilism or fatalism.

    Perhaps what we need is, not a Freudian, but a Faustian revenge of the repressed!

    I really must get around to reading Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. It looks like it could be very interesting concerning the Faustian spirit.

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