Prepare Now

bread and oil

by Jim Stone

HERE IS THE deal: (and you can’t deny this). War is so apparently on the horizon that if you have not prepared in any way whatsoever, YOU SHOULD DO IT NOW.

I’d bet you think it will cost you thousands and there is a mountain of things you need to do. NOT SO! Super basic survival preparation can be done on the CHEAP.

Let’s assume you are staying where you are — (practically everyone will,) — for virtually all people “bugging out” is just a romantic idea. Let’s be serious here. Ok, so you are staying put. Here is the most basic thing you could ever do that will have zero damage on your image (you won’t “look like a nutter”) and practically ZERO impact on your wallet.

I have given bug out advice in the past. That is not what this is.

You need calories. At the end of the day, that is what it all boils down to. For meat just eat pigeons or whatever, you can forget getting it in war and you can’t really have chickens anywhere in America without a snoot nosed neighbor turning you in. And you have to have them before the war. Damned if you do, and you will be damned without them so accept the catch 22.

Anyway, here is the cheapest solution that will keep you alive possible:

Go to a grocery store, such as Sams Club or (if you are lucky) any other store that sells bulk basics. Did you know you can get a 50 pound bag of flour, all clean and nice and prepared for about $20? Heck, you can even find it for $15 if you are lucky. One of those bags would keep you going for a long time. Get 10 and hide them so no one thinks you are a nutcase. They will hatch bugs in a couple years, but if we are still around in one piece that long from now who cares and a sifter will get the bugs out anyway. With only flour and water, you can make unleavened bread. If tshtf and it all goes crazy, I promise, no street thug is going to take your flour, they don’t know what to do with it and probably would not even know what it was. And you have a gun and bullets already anyway, RIGHT? Better say yes . . . . .

In my opinion, unground wheat is a bad idea because it is difficult to prepare and people are not familiar enough with it. Having a few big bags of rice and oats would be good . . . .

Ok, to get it all more edible, it would really help to go out and buy at least five gallons of oil and even though many oils are not the best, ANY OIL AT ALL is a thousand times better than none, just get what you can afford. Salt is cheap, get that. 10 pounds of salt. I’d also get about 20 pounds of BAKING SODA. Do not get baking powder, I MEAN BAKING SODA. If you have oil, salt, and baking soda to go with that flour, you can make survival LUXURY bread. It also would not hurt to have 100 pounds of sugar . . . . remember, the huge bags are CHEAP, they make the small bags (5 pounds and less) look like a total ripoff. Value starts at around 25 pound bags, and sugar is really a good thing to barter with.

No matter how bad things get, if you know a thing or two about plants, you can get enough greens out of your environment. THE KEY TO EVERYTHING IS HAVING BREAD. That is the root of it all, and if you want meat or anything else of the sort after a huge disaster, well, you can have beef jerky food storage fantasies all you want, but if you have not prepared yet it is probably too late for the nice stuff, but you WILL survive on bread. And you will, because you are surviving, find a way to put something on that bread, even if it is just . . . . . . a pigeon.

* * *

Source: The Rebel

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22 December, 2015 8:02 pm

Along with the rice, I would also include beans. Rice and beans, when eaten together, form a complete protein. Yes it may get boring and old, but without a reliable source of protein you would eventually become malnourished.