Poland: No Invaders, No EU Flag


THE NEW Polish government has refused to accept any nonwhite invaders at all, as demanded by the European Union’s “quota dispersal” rule—and has also taken down all EU flags at its press conferences.

The two highly significant moves, announced this week by the new Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo (pictured), could have far-reaching consequences for Poland’s membership of the European Union and for the unity of that organization.

Mrs Szydlo, who heads the newly-elected Law and Justice Party government, told a press conference in Warsaw this week that her country “will refuse to take in 4,500 refugees as part of an EU quota.”

She said that her government “was not prepared to accept the quota system,” adding that the refugee-terrorist attacks in Paris had “changed the situation.”

Poland’s previous government, which was decisively defeated in the October general election, had previously announced that it would accept the Angela Merkel EU-quota system and take in its allotted “share” of nonwhite invaders.

It is not known how the EU will react to Mrs Szydlo’s announcement, but sanctions of some sort are inevitable.

Poland’s move may spur on some of the other EU nations—particularly Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, and the Czech Republic—to adopt similar positons, as they all voted against the EU quota system when it came up for approval before the European Parliament in September. In addition, Finland, which abstained during the September voting, might be encouraged to break ranks.

“We will be proposing to sit down at a table and think over whether the solutions which have been proposed are good. In our view, we are not prepared to accept those quotas of refugees,” Mrs Szydlo said.

At the same press conference, it became apparent that Mrs Szydlo had also ordered the removal of the EU flag which had always been present in the background.

When asked by a journalist about the missing flag, Mrs Szydlo said that her government had “adopted the approach that statements after government meetings will take place against a backdrop of the beautiful white-and-red flags.”

* * *

Source: The New Observer

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Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith
6 December, 2015 10:05 am

This is Great News! I’m happy for Poland. Way to stand up to the EU! I don’t think America and Nato will be able to sponsor any “Color” revolutions like they did in Ukraine to remove their democratically elected President. I hope those other countries mentioned, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Czech Republic follow Poland’s lead. There may be sanctions from the West but this is clearly going to cause a serious formation of an anti-West coalition. Hopefully Poland can help Russia remove the illegal Junta that took control of Ukraine’s government during the “Euromaiden’ revolution. There are many Polish Americans in America and in my neighborhood too. I’m sure if any measures by the U.S. and NATO are taken against Poland, our Polish Americans will become dissidents!

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith
6 December, 2015 10:08 am

Clearly Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo is much more level headed than Germany’s Angela Merkel! Maybe Merkel should take some notes on how to be a real leader by looking at her Polish counterpart.

7 December, 2015 10:08 am

Maybe would have been better to grant asylum to Christians and Yazidis.

15 September, 2020 3:34 pm

I’m starting to believe the entire purpose of the EU is bent on non-white invasion. Destruction of white European genetics through non-white immigration is their real #1 mission – everything else is just impressive window dressing and strategy to accomplish this goal.