Ilias Kasidiaris: You Won’t Turn Greece into a Ghetto of Illegal Immigrants

IN A POWERFUL speech in the Greek parliament against the treacherous policy of SYRIZA-ANEL, the Golden Dawn representative condemned the establishment parties’ de-Hellenization plans for our Fatherland. Minister Mouzalas walked out as soon as Ilias Kasidiaris took the floor so as not to hear the harsh criticism of his party delivered by Golden Dawn.

In the main points of the speech, our representative mentioned:

– The System’s anti-Greek racism will not pass
– Greece will not become a ghetto of aliens
– Greeks will not become a minority in our Fatherland

Ilias Kasidiaris showed the despicable documents sent by the appointed Minister of Tsipras, which he sends every time he unlawfully refuses to answer Golden Dawn’s questions.

This complaint hurt SYRIZA’s Ksidakis, who provoked comrade Kasidiaris, and received the appropriate response in a raised tone of voice.

Golden Dawn will prevail against all the anti-Hellenic forces of the political system working to destroy our Fatherland.

Like some American nationalists such as William Pierce (who was falsely accused of assault in the 1980s by a female ex-employee who was actually an infiltrator), David Duke, and Kevin Alfred Strom, Kasidiaris has been arrested and imprisoned based on politically-motivated false charges. He was only released on July 1, 2015. The terms of his probation forbid him from visiting Golden Dawn’s political offices.

* * *

Source: Golden Dawn America and National Vanguard correspondents

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18 December, 2015 7:08 pm

The tide is turning in Europe regarding non-White invaders/refugees, while the politicians under the ANTI-WHITE European Union stick their bought and paid for noses further up in the air. I’ve got news for Whites worldwide. Immigration, – legal or otherwise – has the same end result…the subversion of your race, families and culture.
Separation is the only answer that works long-term.
Separation RESPECTS different races’ inherent differences. Separation preserves racial identity and cohesiveness in that race.
Separation is anathema to multinational controllers and the controlled media. Why?
Because Separation WORKS! What a refreshing change!

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
7 September, 2017 1:27 am

We need talk like his in this country (USA). Yes, there’ll be a firestorm from the LEFTIST (anti-White) MSM. But it is best to get started as soon as possible, before it is too late. And we can’t wait for a national politician. It will have to start on the grass roots level. Strive for as many state governorships and state assembly seats as possible.