George Lincoln Rockwell Speaks at UCLA, 1967

Only three months before his assassination, George Lincoln Rockwell reaches out to American students on the dangers of Jewish subversion

GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL, in this very good quality recording from May 16, 1967, tells students at UCLA the basic facts of Jewish influence. Despite the fact that Jewish-led leftists tried to break up the speech with various antics, what impresses us most about this campus of almost 50 years ago is how respectful most of the students — and the organizers of the event — were to Rockwell, despite the fact that he was perhaps the most demonized man of his day; a far cry from the chaos, shouting-down, and Stalinist intolerance for the expression of White interests we experience today.

This was a time when Jew-aware racialists, like Rockwell, could still hope that White Americans might recapture the regime in Washington, and some of the most emotional moments in Rockwell’s speech come when he talks about desecration of the American flag. That time, however, is now long past.

As the writer Tanstaafl notes, there are many items of interest in this speech, including: how a Jewish editor distorted Rockwell’s Playboy interview with Black interviewer Alex Haley; how Rockwell considered himself “almost a liberal” before he began his research on Jews; a discussion of some of the documentary evidence that convinced Rockwell that Jewish activities were a major world problem, such as Winston Churchill’s 1920 article “Zionism versus Bolshevism“; how Jews disguise their actions by putting non-Jews as the nominal heads of the organizations they control; the Jewishness-as-religion fraud; the Kosher tax; free speech and how Jews stifle opposition by keeping others from reading or hearing what they hate (e.g. Rockwell himself, or Madison Grant’s book The Conquest of a Continent); on FDR whipping up hate during WWII; Jewish name-changing, and much more.

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Source: UCLA

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Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf
24 November, 2019 7:04 pm

Try using another video upload site, preferably one not run by Jouknowhews.

Reply to  Thunder Wolf
25 November, 2019 1:24 pm

Back in June, YouTube killed many racialist archives, including Dr. Pierce and Rockwell.
This speech wasn’t even posted by a NS type, it was posted by the UCLA staff as part of their documentary archive.
As expected, the Stokley Carmichael, Angela Davis, and Adam Clayton Powell speeches are still up. (Interestingly, a George Wallace speech is still up on their channel. Perhaps they don’t regard him as a threat?)

Link to speech-