Flat Rock

shby John Calhoun

NESTLED AMONG the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina is a village with an interesting history. This small hamlet is known as Flat Rock due to a local guidepost used by the Native Americans. It is not to the Cherokee that we look for the history of this town, however, but to the important port city of Charleston, South Carolina. It was in this place that the aristocracy of the Low Country had their Summer homes. Charleston, in the hottest months of the year, is unpleasant and those able to do so escaped to the mountains of North Carolina to seek respite from the heat and malaria. (ILLUSTRATION: The so-called “Carl Sandburg House”)

Visiting the Village of Flat Rock now, one is able to capture some vision of the Old South. Palatial homes and ivy line the single, two-lane road which bisects the town. Subdivisions and developments of various sorts have also cropped up as evidence of the aspirations of the mostly northern middle class who now call this town their home. This is, however, a very different century than that of the original White inhabitants of this place.

George Trenholm
George Trenholm

When the southern states seceded from the United States, many residents of Flat Rock took up the patriotic call of their new nation. Two Treasury Secretaries of the Confederacy called the village their home: George A. Trenholm and Christopher Memminger. These men were patriotic southerners who never hesitated in their service to their new nation and their people. Both of these men’s homes still stand and are marked by historical plaques as a token of their importance.

Of the two men, Christopher Memminger, a native of Germany, is perhaps a little less visible to the casual tourist. His home, which he called “Rock Hill,” was later bought by the Confederate veteran Edgar A. Smythe and then by the writer Carl Sandburg, a widely-known leftist-socialist. Sandburg’s is the name by which the National Park Service now refers to this great Confederate treasure. The “Carl Sandburg House” is a popular destination for tourists. It is a fitting symbol of the whitewashing of our past that the home of a Confederate hero is now a relic of this despicable leftist known for writing a biography of Abraham Lincoln and winning prizes from the NAACP.

Christopher Memminger
Christopher Memminger

Little mention is made of Secretary Memminger when a tour is taken of this estate, even though he is buried at the local Episcopal Church. One can tour the cemetery at Saint John in the Wilderness and find many notable heroes of both Confederate and United States history. Near the crest of the hill that the church rests upon, Memminger and his wife are laid to rest behind an ornate wrought iron fence. Immediately noticeable is the fact that the Treasury Secretary’s footstone has been tampered with: The cross that adorns his wife’s footstone is missing from his. It was, no doubt, removed by some Social Justice Warrior from among the congregation or by one of the large number of “liberal” activists who now live in the area.

As I write this, I am reminded of the drastic changes in our society that have taken place in recent years. Our Confederate veterans were once widely celebrated throughout the South, but now have been relegated by the millennials and baby boomers to a place of villainy. When a people no longer venerates their ancestors, they become rootless and self-centered. I think about my own ancestral line, back to both enlisted men and officers of every major war that the United States and the Confederacy ever fought. I think back to the congressmen and vice-presidents of my line. I am proud of the fact that I am descended from John C. Calhoun, Isaac Van Horne, and Peter Stuyvesant. Many of you have illustrious ancestors as well and have great reason to celebrate them. They intended to give you the birthright known as the United States or, for some, the Confederate States of America.

This inheritance is not guaranteed. In the past one hundred years, people who are not of the wider family known as the Occidental Race have begun to invade our homeland. Unscrupulous Whites and Jews have seized power and have facilitated this invasion in search of cheap labor. Rather than an allegiance to their own ethnos, they have dedicated themselves to the pursuit of their own egos. As a result, the demographics of our country have become less White and much more Black and brown.

This year marks the first time that non-Whites constitute the majority of births in the United States. These newcomers have no allegiance to this nation nor to our ancestors. All traces of a once-White nation have to be removed for them to feel “comfortable” here. Where are the men that will stand in the gap in order to defend our country and heritage?

I, for one, will not surrender the greatness that once was our history and I refuse to abandon a future for my race. For what is race but an extended family? To this end I am working for the future of my people because I refuse to forget their past. Christopher Memminger and all of the rest of my people will not simply be forgotten. I honor their memory and I work so that others will do likewise. I have joined the National Alliance in order to promote and preserve my people. By putting aside our differences and banding together, all people of European descent can ensure a future for our race and a remembrance of our past achievements. We are facing the biggest challenge that our people have ever confronted — but united we can overcome any obstacle. Join the National Alliance and be a part of something greater than yourself. Your forefathers and your posterity are counting on you.

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31 December, 2015 11:16 am

I dissent. Southern Boomers fought race wars at their high schools and junior high schools in the 2d half of the 1960s. We did all we could to maintain White separation and to honor the ol’ Southern Confederacy and our ancestors. In the last 50 years, no one has displayed the Dixie Battle Flag in hand more than Southern Boomers. Southern rock bands displayed the Dixie flag at music venues all through the 1970s and ’80s too. Boomers displayed the Dixie flag in the offshore oilfields: The Gulf, North Sea, Persian Gulf, South China Sea, Java Sea, wherever.

Reply to  herman
31 December, 2015 5:51 pm

Very true,

When i was in the Marines and serving in Iraq(sadly), I would see off and on confederate flags displayed around Camp at times.

In the 90’s in NC while living on base, I would see Dixie flags in the windows of enlisted living areas very often.

Even today you see young southerns driving pickups with southern flags displayed for all to see.

Heck when i was living in Southern Ohio, it was not uncommon to see giant southern flags being flown on farm houses or some such. Made me wonder if southern Ohio rural folks had converted to south thought process or if a lot of southerns had moved north to be among more whites.

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Jay
31 December, 2015 6:36 pm

I think that the Confederate flag, these days, is becoming more and more a symbol of rural White American, not just Southern, rebellion against the System.

Here in the northern part of the Great White Belt of the Alleghenies, on the road leading from tiny Beaverdale, Pennsylvania to Johnstown — a distance of not much more than a dozen miles — quite a few homes and vehicles display the hated starry cross, and the number has approximately doubled since the Jews, Blacks, and insane Whites started all the screaming to ban it.

31 December, 2015 9:19 pm

The generations preceding the boomers were almost unanimous about their support of our Confederate veterans, with a few that were outliers. As time has passed, support of our heritage became confined to the South and with the boomers now in power, our heritage is being destroyed. I may have painted with too broad of a brush. There are many great patriots of all generations; however, it is with the ascendancy of boomers to power that the greatest calls to ban our history have been made. The millennials, sadly, have joined in this chorus. As a millennial, I do not agree with the majority of them. I wish to preserve our heritage like you good people, but as Mr. Strom mentioned, the flag is becoming a general, white rebellion symbol. This… Read more »