Yale: Signs Showing Black Crime Statistics Cause Mob to “Fear”


EDITOR’S NOTE: Members of a comedy group called Million Dollar Extreme (MDE) brought two signs to Yale University on Tuesday, where the Usual Suspects are stirring up appallingly ignorant and trendy students to protest “racism” on campus. (One of the terrifying incidents being protested was a private party where “people of color were turned away.” Oh, the horror!)

The MDE folks had “All Lives Matter” and “No More Dead Black Children” on the front of their two signs, which you can see in our illustration. I have no idea in the whole Kosher world why Facebook decided to blur out the words on the “No More Dead Black Children” sign before removing the picture, but there it is. It’s what’s on the back of the signs that’s gotten the stupid students and the Jewish-controlled media in a tizzy: They featured simple statistics on Black rape and Black crime, the latter of which is certainly a cause of a great many more Black deaths than “racism” ever was.

These two rather modest signs, the one lone indication of mild dissent in a sea of “anti-racist” conformity and intimidation, have supposedly caused “fear” among students, and not a single media outlet has shown the signs or quoted the statistics written on them.

Yale’s Jewish president, “social psychologist” Peter Salovey, said “Racist messages are disgusting and cowardly. I don’t ever want to see them on our campus. We need to condemn this kind of behavior.”

* * *

ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT, just hours after Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway and University President Peter Salovey sent out a joint email affirming the University’s support for diversity and open discussions, Holloway sent another email to the Yale community notifying students that signs displaying racist messages had been found on Old Campus.

The front side of the signs featured two phrases: “All Lives Matter” and “No More Dead Black Children.” But Afro-American Cultural Center Director Rise Nelson Burrow told the News that the backs of the signs contained additional messages. According to Holloway, those messages included references to black criminality, violence and acts of rape.

Holloway’s email said the Yale Police has obtained video footage of the incident, and the department’s preliminary review indicates that Yale students were not involved.

“Racist messages are disgusting and cowardly,” Salovey told the News late Tuesday evening. “I don’t ever want to see them on our campus. We need to condemn this kind of behavior.”

Peter Salovey, President, Yale University
Peter Salovey, President, Yale University

YPD Lieutenant Brian Logan said his department’s investigation of the incident is ongoing and declined to provide further information, but the self-described comedy group “Million Dollar Extreme” — which, according to its Facebook page, consists of three men who produce “alternative comedy” for the Internet — posted a picture of two men holding the signs in question. Multiple students said they had seen these men carrying the signs on campus earlier in the day.

Nelson said that after two students saw the signs on Old Campus, they grew offended and scared. The signs were then removed from the area by another party, she said, and the situation was reported to her.

“The words were strong and scary enough that the students who saw it were shaken and scared,“ Nelson said. “It’s bad that something like this would happen at a time when students are already so fragile.”

Nelson added that she and one of the two students who found the signs filed the police report together.

Gaurav Pathak ’19 said that while he was walking past Old Campus between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m., he noticed the signs leaning against a statue. He confirmed that the front of one sign read “All Lives Matter” and that the other read “No More Dead Black Children.”

Holloway said he believes the incident is an attempt to provoke members of the community, especially given the racial controversies and tension that have dominated campus recently.

In his second message to the Yale College community, Holloway reaffirmed the University’s values of diversity and respect.

“The University condemns these messages, which are an affront to us all,” he said. “As President Salovey and I wrote just a short time ago, Yale embraces our community’s diversity, and it is committed to increasing, supporting and respecting that diversity; it is what makes our campus such a vibrant and dynamic place, built on mutual respect.”

* * *

Source: Yale Daily News

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12 November, 2015 12:14 pm

“The words were strong and scary , that the students who saw it were shaken and scared.” Is this a kindergarten? Or candy factory?

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
12 November, 2015 8:02 pm

So the students were “shaken and scared” by two signs? The Yale students are described as “fragile?” What kind of wimps are going to college these days? No wonder the west is falling apart, we’re breeding wimps who are too fragile to look at signs that quote statistics. Of course, leave it to the left to describe statistics as racist. I have no respect at all for college professors or their students.

19 April, 2019 5:07 am

All these students are amassing debt and being miseducated so these overpaid do nothing professors can live the life of Riley. Associate professors are used up and tossed. These schools now demand the taxpayers eat student loan defaults.

22 March, 2021 2:46 am

Perhaps the truth is scary. Black crime is rampant. Is that what scared them? The implications of the statistics? Well I say GOOD! They need to start seeing the truth. The idea that racism on the part of the majority white people in this country are the problem is not supported by facts. The truth is that black communities are crime ridden and that offends the stupid black people because they do not know or have the capacity to weasel their way out of it. Their Jewish master simply make a vague statement to avoid addressing the actual facts. What exactly is that Jew calling racist btw?? The statistics showing its the blacks fault or the fact that white people are exposing it???? hmmm……