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WorldNet Crazy: Worship Jews and Israel, and God Will Heal Your Ills and Give You Money

“Hundred-dollar bills began to multiply in my hands — it was like a lightning flash…” — Kevin Basconi on WorldNet Daily

by Kevin Alfred Strom

SID ROTH and Kevin Basconi are hucksters who appear on Joseph Farah’s “conservative Christian” WorldNet Daily. They are selling naive, gullible White people on the poisonous idea that — if we worship Jesus, Jews, and Israel — literal supernatural magical events will occur in our personal lives.

These are the most outrageous, fantastic lies I have ever heard on religious broadcasting — and that’s really saying something.

In this single program, they claim that 1) Eight people on a recent “Holy Land” tour had their tumors “dissolve” when they visited Israel; 2) Many “believers” have had their money magically “multiply” in their wallets or bank accounts, or gas in their gas tanks, when they “believed” properly; and 3) Basconi himself was saved from death through intervention of an angel.

Kevin Basconi

Roth (a “messianic Jew”) says that Basconi is a “seer” who can “see the invisible world,” and also claims that there is an army of “unemployed guardian angels” who are just itching to help the “faithful.” Apparently, “Yashua’s angels” can somehow smell it — yes, smell; this is actually what they claim — when you start to kowtow to Jesus, and will zero in on you by following the scent trail like a drug-sniffing German Shepherd. (Possibly it’s really Roth who has the supernatural olfactory glands, and can smell a wad of fifties in your wallet from 500 miles away.)

Sid Roth

On this program, Basconi tells viewers that — providing they are believers — their arthritis will be healed through his televised “word of knowledge.” He also relates to Roth a vision he had while preaching in the jungle, in which he saw Jesus sending a host of angels to “save” Negroes in Africa. Even this is tame, though, compared to the time that Yahweh’s angels made an oncoming truck literally pass through Basconi’s car, averting a collision and saving his life. Basconi even claims he has personally been to heaven, where Jesus assigned a “healing angel” to him and then dropped him in the middle of Newfoundland.

All of these murricles are portrayed through high-tech (and high-cheese-factor) special effects as Basconi and Roth breathlessly narrate. For only $40, they’ll send you a “teaching set” that will train you to see and work with angels yourself.

I am ashamed for my people when I see how many believe this impossible, alien, suicidal, poisonous nonsense. Don’t let your loved ones be victims of these well-funded liars. Awaken your family members and friends to the truth — to reality — to real religion — to Cosmotheism.

* * *

Source: WorldNet Daily

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
6 November, 2015 11:47 pm

I am tempted to laugh if it were not for the fact that this nonsense brought down The (Roman) Empire!

rat trap supervisor
rat trap supervisor
15 November, 2015 1:24 am

Sid Roth looks so much like the greedy jew cartoon picture on the internet

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
29 November, 2015 10:12 am

In Deer Hunting with Jesus, the late Joe Bageant wrote: “Sometimes I think the GOP emits a special pheromone that attracts fools and money.” One might say the same thing of Jews and Christian Zionists.