The Reich’s Jewish Resettlement Scheme


THE GERMAN Reich had a Germans First policy. This of course went against the interests of British, Dutch, Swiss — oh, and yes, dual-nationality Jews resident in Germany. However, no one but the Jews complained. Why would they? Britons and Americans lament that they don’t enjoy such exclusivity. In Jewish Occupied Palestine the Jews do have a Jews First and f*** the rest policy. Yet, there is a deafening silence from the sanctimonious parasite residents of Pigminster.

Adolf Hitler understood and had in mind the real final solution; if Jews did not like the Reich, they were free to go. One would think Germany’s Jewish community would be deliriously happy at being shown the door. The destination the Reich had in mind was Madagascar. This sun-blessed Indian Ocean French colony has charming neighbors; White South Africa, Portuguese Mozambique and British Kenya. Germany’s Jews had won the lottery of life. Hitler’s final solution was dubbed The Madagascar Plan. Interestingly, the 1937 origin of the Madagascar Plan was Polish and not German; no one scolded the Poles.


Germany’s Jewish communities, a full seven years after the National Socialists were elected, lamented their being invited to clear their desks, pack their bags and disappear south over the Alps. Maybe Nazi Germany wasn’t such a bad place for Jews to live and work in after all. Much wailing and howling could be heard from England across the North Sea. German anti-Semitism was clearly beyond the pale. Precisely, the Reich desired their Jewish community to relocate outside the German Pale.

Why not? The Jewish Diaspora, in 1933, declared war on Germany and German interests. Only Jews could declare war on a people and still expect to be treated favorably. This, my friends, is the meaning of the Jewish term, chutzpah.

Adolf Hitler was unimpressed with England’s lamentations. It was then that English attitudes began to soften. Pigminster remembered that England in 1933 had offered to accept Germany’s Jews provided each arrival had £1,000 in their trouser pockets. The English presumption was that German taxpayers would cough up the shekels. This, my friends, is what is known as English chutzpah.

Not surprisingly the Fuhrer was again unimpressed. He had earlier criticized the English condition of £1,000 per Jew when, on October 24, 1933, he addressed a rally at the Berlin Sportpalast.

“In England people assert that their arms are open to welcome all the oppressed, especially the Jews who have left Germany. England can do this. England is big; England possesses vast territories. England is rich. We are small and over-populated, but it would be still finer if England did not make her grand gesture dependent on the possession of £1,000. If England should say, ‘anyone can enter’ as we unfortunately have done for thirty or forty years. If we too had declared that no one could enter Germany save under the condition of bringing with him £1,000 or more, then today we should have no Jewish question at all.”

* * *

Source: Renegade Tribune

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George Wright
George Wright
12 November, 2015 9:55 pm

Extremely well done. At last, an honest articulation of the National Socialist plan to achieve a Jew free Europe .