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The Hidden Tyranny Revealed, part 3


American Dissident Voices program of 29th October, 1994

by Benjamin H. Freedman
introduced by Kevin Alfred Strom

WELCOME TO THE THIRD and final installment of our series on the amazing revelations of that insider to the forces which are destroying the United States of America, that insider who broke with those forces and exposed their machinations, Jewish financier and writer Benjamin H. Freedman. (ILLUSTRATION: Dwight D. Eisenhower)

We have been following the revelations of Mr. Freedman from his hard-to-find manuscript The Hidden Tyranny which details the means by which seven Presidents of the United States — Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon — betrayed the American people to Zionist interests. Remember that Benjamin Freedman was more than just an historian researching these facts among the dry documents of yesterday — he was a participant in history, and he was personally acquainted with Zionist leaders and every one of the seven Presidents whose actions he chronicles. Today we pick up this important document where we left off on our last broadcast. Remember as you hear these words that this document was written in 1971. The following are the words of Benjamin Freedman:

* * *

The story of how President Dwight D. Eisenhower lied the United States into the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East is not a complicated story. Talmudist Jews in the United States pressured President Eisenhower into sponsoring… House Joint Resolution 117 on January 5, 1957. President Eisenhower knew less about what he was then doing than a new born babe. It was pitiful for this author to witness a great General being figuratively pushed around by Talmudist Jews unfit to shine his shoes.

President Eisenhower was always friendly towards this author. This author met President Eisenhower when he was being considered by Mr. Thomas M. Watson, Sr. as a Presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket. Mr. Watson was the founder of the International Business Machines Company. Mr. Watson told this author at that time that he believed General Eisenhower as a civilian would make a great president.

As President of the United States, General Eisenhower was faithful to [the] Talmudist Jew supporters whose friendship he first cultivated in Europe during his political activities in Germany after the end of World War II…. Talmudist Jews knew that as President of the United States, General Eisenhower in their hands would be like clay in the hands of the potter.

In 1956 it appeared that the Middle East countries were undergoing changes in their governments. The Zionist illegal occupation of Palestine still existed. Populations in Middle East countries were growing restless. Talmudist Jews recognized that something must be done to silence the unrest. President Eisenhower obliged….

Lebanon is the heart of Middle East political activity. To nip action in the bud, by native populations aiming to assert their independence from domination by Talmudist Jews, Talmudist Jews arranged with President Eisenhower to occupy Lebanon with 14,000 troops and to station the Sixth Fleet off the coast. To make it legal Talmudist Jews had Congress pass a Joint Resolution like the Tonkin Bay Resolution passed by Congress to legalize the war in Vietnam.

Present Eisenhower… satisfied Talmudist Jews in the United States at the expense of United States taxpayers. President Eisenhower was warning the Middle East nations not to attempt to regain Palestine from the Zionists….

President Eisenhower… had a consortium of the smartest Talmudist Jews in the State, Defense, and Justice Departments prepare that Joint Resolution. The intent of [its] unclear language is to conceal the purpose of the Joint Resolution, not to explain its purpose. The purpose was to have a Joint Resolution on record that would permit President Eisenhower to use the United States armed forces and navy to aid and abet the Zionist thieves to hold onto their stolen loot without any necessity to ask Congress to declare war.

Every word President Eisenhower uttered to defend the crooks in occupation of Palestine was a lie which contributed to the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself…. Talmudist Jews in the United States were able to camouflage their illegal aggression in the Middle East behind the glamour of President Eisenhower’s record as a great soldier.

The story of how President John F. Kennedy lied the United States into the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East is very distressing. President Kennedy’s future was uncertain after digressing on August 25, 1960, from the straight and narrow path he had followed all his life.

President Kennedy could not escape the consequences of his betrayal of the high principles to which he aimed to dedicate his life. President Kennedy surrendered to the lure of Talmudist Jews who pledged to put him in the White House as the President of the United States.

On August 23, 1960, in the United States Senate Office Building in Washington, President Kennedy, at that time a Senator, gave this author a copy of the address he was to deliver in New York City on August 25, 1960. In the copy of that address which he gave this author… President Kennedy stated among other things:

“Israel is here to stay…[Israel] will endure and flourish [and there is] a special obligation on the Democratic Party…. It was President Truman who first recognized the new State of Israel and gave it status in world affairs…. [It is] my hope and my pledge to continue this Democratic tradition…. if the Democratic platform is to have any meaning the White House must take the lead…. American intervention… will not now be easy… I propose that we make it crystal clear… we will act promptly and decisively…. …our guarantee [is that] we will act with whatever force and speed are necessary….”

Senator Kennedy was giving Talmudist Jews his pledge that as the President of the United States he would send sons, husbands, and brothers of the grass roots population of the United States to fight in Palestine… to aid and abet thieves retain possession of their stolen plunder.

This author met President Kennedy for the first time in his father’s office at 230 Park Avenue, in New York City, on the day after he was elected for the first time as a Congressman in November 1946. This author was in a conference with Ambassador Joseph Kennedy and Judge Landis, an associate of Ambassador Kennedy. In his private office they were consulting this author on the Middle East situation which had recently taken an ugly turn in the United Nations.

Suddenly the door to the private office flew open and in came the new Congressman. Congressman Kennedy was on his way from Boston to Washington and burst into his father’s office bubbling with enthusiasm. Ambassador Kennedy introduced this author to the new Congressman and advised his son that he would do well to keep in touch with this author as a source of information he would need soon on the Palestine question.

Ambassador Kennedy discussed the subject matter for a short while with those present. The Congressman then asked to leave as he was catching a train for Washington. This author invited the Congressman to lunch and he accepted. After lunch Congressman Kennedy asked if this author had nothing else to do than ride to Washington with him on the train. This author was willing and rode to Washington with him.

From that day in November 1946 to August 23, 1960, this author saw the Congressman, and [later] Senator, countless times at his office in Washington and New York City. This author was happy to enlighten Senator Kennedy on the Palestine question. Without a doubt there were soon few people in the world who were better informed on this subject than Senator Kennedy.

In the fourteen years this author had the honor of enjoying the confidence of President Kennedy he never failed to express his appreciation for this author’s interest in his career. President Kennedy also appreciated the friendship this author demonstrated for his father, Ambassador Kennedy. Ambassador Kennedy was blackmailed by President Roosevelt. President Roosevelt told Ambassador Kennedy not to write the book Ambassador Kennedy planned to write. President Roosevelt removed Ambassador Kennedy as Ambassador to the Court of St. James in London for circulating what Neville Chamberlain told Ambassador Kennedy in London in 1938.

…Neville Chamberlain told him that the United States and Talmudist Jews throughout the world [were forcing] Great Britain into… war. Chamberlain also told Ambassador Kennedy in 1938 that Great Britain had nothing with which to fight Germany, [and] that Great Britain should not risk going to war against Germany….

President Roosevelt recalled Ambassador Kennedy to silence him. Ambassador Kennedy planned… to write a book telling what he knew…. President Roosevelt sent for Ambassador Kennedy upon his return to the United States…. [He] told… Kennedy he had heard Ambassador Kennedy was planning to write a book which he asked him not to do.

After Ambassador Kennedy’s unpleasant meeting with President Roosevelt in Washington, after his recall from London for daring to circulate what Chamberlain had told him about Talmudist Jews, Ambassador Kennedy’s ambition in life was to see one of his sons in the White House as President of the United States.

The story of how President Lyndon Baines Johnson lied the United States in the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East is not a long story. It commences with a telephone call to this author in New York from Congressman Ed Gosset in Washington to come there at once. Congressman Gosset represented Amarillo, Texas in the House of Representatives.

Congressman Gosset was alarmed that the Senate Armed Services Committee the day before confirmed the appointment of Anna M. Rosenberg as Assistant Secretary of Defense without a public hearing….

Congressman Gosset took this author to Senator Johnson’s office and explained to him the reason for the visit. Senator Johnson was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee…. Senator Johnson was very much interested in learning about Anna Rosenberg’s associations with communists.

Senator Johnson asked this author if he would assist him in looking into the matter further by producing a communist who knew Anna Rosenberg. Upon this author’s return to New York that day, he mentioned Senator Johnson’s request to his attorney, Mr. Hallam Richardson. Within a few hours, Mr. Richardson produced Mr. Ralph de Sola, a prominent Communist, the head of film photography of documents by communist organizations in the United States.

…In this author’s meetings with Senator Johnson, this author had the occasion to discuss the Palestine question with him. Senator Johnson was very interested in the Palestine question. That subject was of great interest to the Senate Armed Services Committee….

As President of the United States, President Johnson was aware of the possibility of armed conflict in the Middle East in which the United States might become involved. President Johnson understood the power Talmudist Jews exerted in the United States and in the United Nations. One of his closest friends in Washington was Mr. Abe Fortas, a prominent Zionist, whom President Johnson appointed to the Supreme Court.

President Johnson knew he was violating the letter and spirit of his oath of office as the President of all the people of the United States when he filled the pipelines of the State of Israel with munitions of war paid for with the money of …taxpayers in the United States. President Johnson cannot plead ignorance of the facts. Through a very close mutual friend, this author kept President Johnson constantly informed on developments in the Middle East.

…President Johnson now seeks to justify his generosity with United States taxpayers’ money by referring to a commitment. President Johnson knows that he is in error. The only commitment the taxpayers in the United States recognize is President Johnson’s commitment to serve the best interests of the grass roots population of the United States.

President Nixon is as guilty as the other six masters of deception who lied the United States into the desperate predicament in which the United States today finds itself in the Middle East. President Nixon is both an eminent lawyer and President of the United States.

President Nixon cannot produce any evidence of a legitimate commitment to anyone to support President Nixon’s generous use of United States taxpayers’ money for financing the permanent possession by thieves of their stolen loot. Does President Nixon mean the commitment by political leaders to the Talmudist Jews in the United States who control the media for mass information?

President Nixon belittles himself as well as the United States administration for whom he speaks when he talks about a commitment of the United States to underwrite the perpetual possession of the illegal and immoral theft of Palestine by Talmudist Jews. President Nixon’s generosity has reached epidemic proportions. Each of the additional five hundred million dollars of United States taxpayers’ money President Nixon donates to the so-called State of Israel are that many more nails in the coffin of the United States.

These seven masters of deception mock the elementary and equitable principles upon which the United States was founded when they throw hard-earned United States taxpayers’ dollars by the billions to criminals in possession of their stolen loot as if it were stage money. Have they no shame or conscience?

This author has had the patience and the time to inform seven Presidents of the United States about the underlying reason for Middle East aggression by the Talmudist Jews throughout the world. These seven masters of deception were all briefed by this author on the reason for the aggression in Palestine. This author spent a small fortune acquainting members of Congress and political and industrial leaders in the United States with all these facts, supplying them with photostat reproductions of documentary evidence to support every statement made by this author.

If the Talmudist Jews of the world say they are willing to see another world war fought to establish God’s chosen people in their promised land to rule the world from Palestine, then it is time to tell the grass roots of the United States population what all the excitement is about. This issue must be dragged into the light for the grass roots of the population of the United States to see why they are expected to die in a nuclear war with a smile on their face.

The time is growing late…. This author pleads with readers of this manuscript to purchase as many copies as their means will permit, to be circulated by them where they believe this information is needed and necessary. Sacrifice some little luxury, or even a necessity to purchase as many copies as possible. The truth contained in this manuscript can save America and the world. Let the readers resolve to put [this information] in the hands of every knowledgeable person of his acquaintance.

* * *

You have been listening to Jewish author Benjamin Freedman’s manuscript The Hidden Tyranny, an expose of the covert power behind the facade of seven Presidents and administrations in this country.

On the last program, I mentioned the fact that Mr. Freedman constantly refers to members of the Jewish establishment as Talmudist Jews. He is undoubtedly drawing a distinction between those Jews like himself who reject the teachings of the Jewish holy book, the Talmud, and those who accept such teachings. I have only a few minutes left on the program today, so I haven’t time for a full treatment of the subject which will have to wait for a future program, but Mr. Freedman explains himself fully on the matter in his 1954 book, Facts Are Facts. In essence, this second blockbuster by Mr. Freedman exposes the repugnant and anti-Gentile passages in this supposed holy book, the reverence of which is probably both a consequence and a cause of the aggressive mentality of organized Jewry. I will quote a few passages in a moment and some of them are shocking. Children and sensitive adults should turn off their radios now.

What is the Talmud? According to Rabbi Morris M. Kertzner “The Talmud consists of 63 books of legal, ethical, and historical writings of the ancient rabbis. …It is a compendium of law and lore. It is the legal code which forms the basis of Jewish religious law and it is the textbook used in the training of rabbis.”

The Talmud contains sanction of shocking sexual perversions. In Kethuboth 11a to 11b, the Talmud says:

When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this [less than three years old] it is as if one puts the finger in the eye [tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years…] [Note: Items in brackets in Talmud extracts are notes in the original text. — Ed.]

In the book Yebamoth 60b, the Talmud states:

There was a certain town in the land of Israel, the legitimacy of whose inhabitants was disputed, and Rabbi sent Rabbi Ramanos who conducted an enquiry and found in it the daughter of a proselyte who was under the age of three years and one day, and Rabbi declared her eligible to live with a priest, [and was married to a priest.]

That is one of many perverted passages. More than anything else, the shocking thing about the Talmud is its teaching of hatred toward all non-Jews. One passage even calls for the death of any Gentile who would read it or reveal its secrets. Benjamin Freedman’s Facts Are Facts lists well over 100 anti-Gentile and anti-Christian passages in the Talmud, including accusations that non-Jews have sexual relations with animals; that only Jews are truly men while all other peoples are beasts in human form; that it is permitted to lie to us or kill us with impunity; that we exist only to serve the Chosen People; that our birth rate must be reduced materially; that we may not be saved by a Jew even if we are in danger of death; and that even the best among us should be killed.

The Talmud is truly a work of hatred. Strange indeed that it should come from a people whose leadership likes to pose as opponents of hatred as defined by them. Not so strange that Benjamin Freedman used the term Talmudist Jews to distinguish such persons from those Jews, like himself, who rejected the creed of the Talmud, from which poisoned soil grew Communism and Zionism.

Freedman — having converted to Christianity — failed or refused to see that the so-called Old Testament contained equally abhorrent passages, having come from the same source; but that does not vitiate the importance of his defection or his work.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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