Republican Candidates in Need of Emergency Surgery


IN A CLASSIC scene from Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story, a school boy is “triple dog dared” to stick his tongue to a metal utility pole on a frozen day. The tongue gets stuck, and nothing the gang does can free the boy from the pole. Similarly, Rubio, Fiorina, Kasich, Bush, and the rest of the Zio dwarfs are orally fixated to the hind parts of Jewish megadonors. If Dr. Carson was such a great surgeon, how come he doesn’t separate these candidates from their conjoined Zio paymasters?

Rubio, who literally cut and paste his campaign slogan from the Jewish Neocon think tank “Project for the New American Century,” called Putin a “gangster” and promised a no-fly zone over Syria, which is for all practical purposes a declaration of war against Russia. Kasich said Russian planes could fly into the zone but would “not fly out.”

Carly “Crazy Horse” Fiorina topped them all. Not only would there be a no-fly zone, but also more troops in Germany, a missile defense system in Poland, the Six Fleet just of Russian shores, and “very aggressive military exercises” in Russia’s Baltic neighbors.


Trump joined in the bad mouthing of Putin and Assad, but brashly reiterated his support for Russian actions in Syria against ISIS, and even exclaimed “Why is she always interrupting?” when Fiorina tried to talk over Rand Paul.

Senator Paul not only made a case against a no fly zone, but distinguished himself from all the other candidates by rejecting an increase in military spending. Of course, as long as America is under Jewish supremacy and our military is a mercenary force for Israel, increasing military spending is as retarded as continuing to deposit paychecks in an account after a junkie has stolen your debit card.

While it was heartening to see Trump double down on his support for Russian action in Syria and to hear Paul finally speak his mind on the matter, the sad thing was the audience was clearly on the side of the Ziomaniacs. Maybe Dr. Paul can perform some surgery of his own to open people’s eyes.

* * *

Source: Praxis Mag

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19 November, 2015 10:38 pm

These shills for their jewish masters are simply doing as their master wishes.

After all, they are bought and paid for (carrot) or otherwise fear the power jews wield (stick) which means no political or any other career for a would-be offender of the so-called chosen ones.