Playing Three-Dimensional Chess: Why White Nationalists Should Consider Voting for Bernie Sanders


by James Harting

SOME OF YOU may be ancient enough to remember the original Star Trek television series back in the 1960s. During their downtime, the crew members were occasionally shown playing a version of three-dimensional chess. It is like traditional chess, only exponentially more complex.

That is what the Jews are doing: they are playing three-dimensional chess. They have strategies within strategies within strategies. They pursue multiple options simultaneously: if one gets blocked, they just shift to another one. They organize in depth, and have layer after layer of defensive positions. Above all they think ahead, not just one or two moves, but a dozen or 20.

Compare their strategic sophistication with that of the pitiful White Nationalist movement: while the Jews are playing three-dimensional chess, White Nationalists are struggling to play a basic game of checkers.

The Jews control all of the presidential candidates: no matter who gets the nomination, or who is elected, it does not matter–they win, because all of the candidates are in one way or another under their thumb or in their corner. The whole System is rigged: the only choice you have is to vote for a pro-Jewish candidate. Heads they win, tails you lose!

But many naïve, well-meaning White Nationalists cannot see this. They believe in the fundamental integrity of an electoral system that is completely corrupt–completely Jewed.

With their checkers-like primitive strategizing, they think that the Jews have allowed for an option in which they, the Jews, might possibly lose. The Jew slides Hillary Clinton across the board; they want to slide Donald Trump forward to block her. But the Jews are not playing checkers, they are playing three dimensional chess. The Trump maneuver is a trick bag, a trap to lure angry, racially-conscious White voters into a political dead end.

It has worked before: Barry Goldwater in 1964; George Wallace in 1968 and 1972; Ronald Reagan in 1980 and 1984, then H. Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul and now on to Donald Trump. The goyim are stupid: they fall for the Trump maneuver every time. No wonder the Jews hold us in such contempt!

In a thread in the main discussion forum, Stormfront member Il fascismo per i fascisti makes a modest proposal: he suggests that instead of voting for Trump, that White Nationalists vote for Bernie Sanders. He reasons that electing a White Anglo-Saxon candidate like Trump maintains the façade that White Americans are still in control. With an avowed Jewish Marxist like Sanders in the White House, the anti-White, Jewish nature of the Old Order would be openly revealed: it would be on display for all to see.

Now, personally, I, myself, am not going to vote for Bernie Sanders: I have never voted in a presidential election, and the first ballot that I cast will not be for Communist Jew. Beyond that, there is ZERO chance that Bernie the Red will be elected, anyway.

But I like the out-of-the-box thinking of Il fascismo per i fascisti. He is playing chess not checkers. His strategic approach is not quite as refined and sophisticated as that of the Jews: it is two-dimensional, rather than three dimensional.

But at least he is thinking more than one or two moves ahead.

We need more of that–and a whole lot less of the Pavlovian conditioning that controls the reactions of the pro-Trump crowd.

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Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

This is a good article, but I think the author fails to mention a fundamental reason why Whites are poor strategists at the racial level: there can be no strategy without identity and agency. Although there are Whites who possess the intelligence, the imagination, the learning, and the extended time horizons necessary for formulating strategies, Whites in general have a weak sense of racial identity, lack racial solidarity, and lack racial objectives. There’s an old saying: “What if there was a war, and no one showed up?” One could paraphrase this: “What if there was a war, and only one side showed up?” If you want the answer, look around you. We Whites are in a war, a racial war, and it appears that few of us recognize it and… Read more »

James Harting
James Harting

If an army loses a battle, who is ultimately responsible for the defeat: the privates who actually fought in the trenches, or the general who devised the battle plan?

“Whites” in general do not develop strategies: that is the function of leadership.

The failure of the movement for White survival to develop and implement a winning strategy (so far) has been a leadership failure. Consequently, any solution to this problem will also have to come from the leadership.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

Of course, you’re right that leaders bear the burden of responsibility for the failure or success of a movement, but there’s very little for leaders to lead if political or proto-political instincts are lacking within the collectivity that leaders seek to mobilize. The task then must be one of creating a political identity and political agency within a collectivity, or rather those elements within a collectivity that are amenable to this task. For us, this requires creating a different model of politics based on a hard-headed, far-sighted, and creative conception of politics. It means rejecting magical thinking, such as that one finds among conservatives, who seem to believe that they can get “their” presidential candidate elected, and that once he is elected “their” candidate will press the “undo” button on… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

Are there any particular works you would recommend to White nationalists concerning strategy? It’s easy to point out the absence of strategic thought among White nationalists, it’s much harder to correct this state of affairs. Of course, any reading list on strategy one might devise should be treated as a point of departure, and any doctrine one might formulate should be treated as an open system — open in the sense that it is subject to correction, clarification, elaboration, revision, adaptation, improvement. Any literature on strategy should be read with intelligence, with imagination, and with reference to our particular tasks and environment. Such literature should be used to properly inform and train the minds of militants, to strengthen their powers of observation and ratiocination, to establish a common language and… Read more »

Volker Zorn
Volker Zorn

Two books that every White Nationalist leader (on whatever level) should be familiar with are:

“The Art of War” by Sun Tzu (Samuel Griffin translation); and

“Strategy” by B.H. Liddell Hart

Also, playing chess itself (two-dimensional is fine!) also helps to sharpen one’s strategic thinking.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

The U.S. Marine Corp’s doctrinal publication Warfighting might also be worth recommending in this context. Have you read this work? If you haven’t, you can find a PDF file of it at:

It’s an admirably pithy work influenced by Sun Tzu, Carl von Clausewitz, and John Boyd.

Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith

““One advantage that we have over the Jewish supremacists who oppose our people’s awakening is that their growth curve — either in numbers or power — is severely restricted. Ours is not. Their people are already highly motivated and engaged in their ethnic agenda, so there’s little or no potential for growth there. And, despite their money and power, their numbers are low and probably declining even faster than ours. Our population is more than 50 times larger. And the potential for the growth of our race-based movement is thousands of times greater, perhaps infinitely greater, than any recruiting potential the Jewish power structure might have for its ethnic agenda. As the saying goes, they’re ‘maxed out.’” Kevin is spot on with that statement. I believe our growth can and… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins

These are good points. However, I think this work is best performed at several levels, to borrow a metaphor from the article above. There’s a place for using talking points, such as those you’ve given, in everyday conversation. To expose the criminality, dishonesty, and hypocrisy of the regime in Washington, one should use arguments which are simple yet profound, arguments whose logical, factual, and ethical elements enable one to reach one’s audience, arguments which appeal to common sense, which build upon general knowledge, and which appeal to our people’s sense of morality. One should prefer arguments which are simple, cogent, and persuasive. One shouldn’t use clichéd rhetoric and boilerplate. And one should keep clear of conspiracy theories, dubious factoids, and crank obsessions like those of Alex Jones and his swarm… Read more »

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney

Thinking inside the box is obviously not working for our race, therefore, all options, including those existing outside the box, should be placed on the table for thoughtful consideration. The hour is growing late and it is time to expand the parameters of creative thought, as the current parameters leave no room for success. All true Jewish tribal thought, revolves around their basic premise of, “is it good for the Jews?” not, is it legally, morally, or ethically correct. The ends justify the means.


White nationalist here. Bernie is a useful idiot.

With the invasion of Europe, the Jewish migration to the holy land, I have to say Bernie got my vote.

He also stands against the bankers, and capitalists.

In short he’s the solution to the jewish social burden, with the jews gone we can focus on saving the race.

Classical Liberal
Classical Liberal

Bernie is the best candidate for one simple reason: He doesn’t bend over for Israel as eagerly as everyone else.

Bernie recently refused to sign this,

“In light of Israel’s dramatically rising defense challenges, we stand ready to support a substantially enhanced new long-term agreement to help provide Israel the resources it requires to defend itself and preserve its qualitative military edge,”

Nearly everyone else in U.S. government couldn’t sign the traitorous pledge fast enough.

I also haven’t seen him groveling to AIPAC.