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Michael Jackson’s Fictive Family

Blanket, Paris, Princeby Andrew Hamilton

A PHENOMENON on the periphery of Hollywood — the racial and social identity of singer Michael Jackson’s three children — illustrates our chaotic racial state. At least, the media refer to them as his children, and call Jackson their father. The true facts about their origin have not been reported to the public. Consequently, they are not definitely known. But a glance at daughter Paris Jackson, 17, especially, leaves little doubt that the prevailing story is untrue. I assume many Hollywood insiders do know the truth, which is likely an open secret in parts of Tinseltown the way Rock Hudson’s promiscuous homosexuality was in the 1950s. (ILLUSTRATION: Blanket, Paris, and Prince Jackson)

The Jackson kids highlight the difficulty of determining race (including who is White and who is not) in the absence of reliable genetic tests or genealogical inquiries. This is particularly true among young people, who must become rebels’ primary target audience and recruitment pool.

A related problem is posed by mixed race couples and families who form an increasingly important part of conservative racialist groups and political parties.

Accelerating racial crossing radically alters the inner structure of a collapsing gene pool unless hybrids are rigorously rejected (i.e., gene flow is forced to move unidirectionally from Whites to non-Whites), even if it means a diminution of the White population.

The responsibility for accomplishing this is now entirely in the voluntary hands of private individuals, families, associations, and communities, inasmuch as governments, laws, institutions, social policies, and dominant ideologies are without exception genocidal.

It is not the 1950s anymore. You can’t take racial identity for granted. Residual mental models and habits that prevent Whites from coping with accelerated racial destruction must be discarded.

This does not mean that the participation and support of capable and sympathetic Gentile non-Whites or mixed families should be rejected, but that rigorous restrictions on who belongs racially must be erected and maintained.

So, how proficient are ordinary people, under routine circumstances, at correctly identifying race when it is not simple and straightforward even to the racially-trained eye? Increasingly, this is the default condition of everyday life.

In Michael Jackson and his children Prince, Paris, and Blanket, issues of racial identity, family, homosexuality, and assisted reproductive technology coalesce.

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson began singing on TV as the littlest member — and main star — of the family musical act the Jackson 5 in the 1960s and ’70s. He was very Black-looking then. Jackson’s fame skyrocketed when he eventually developed a solo act. Thriller (1982) remains the bestselling album of all time.

As the years passed, Jackson became a ghoulish figure. He grew more and more effeminate looking and sounding. His homosexual pedophilia surfaced in public scandals in the 1990s and 2003.

His physical appearance changed radically. Extensive plastic surgery changed his facial features. The first thing to go was his Negro nose, which he hated. Wigs concealed Jackson’s kinky black hair. Skin bleaching and heavy makeup made him look Whiter than he was. Makeup, applied in a feminine manner, included red lipstick, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil. According to the Daily Mail (UK), which examined the singer’s physical transformation, after 100 surgeries “his original features were almost completely obliterated, as was his ethnicity.”

In 2009, Jackson, 50, died at his rental mansion in Los Angeles’ Holmby Hills. His death was caused by prescription drugs obtained from shady doctors.

An autopsy identified six drugs in his system, the most deadly of which was propofol (Diprivan), a hospital anesthetic prescribed by Conrad Murray, a Black physician who was staying with him at the time. Dr. Murray’s medical office was based in Houston, Texas, not Los Angeles, and looked surprisingly tacky for the physician of such a big star. (Here’s a photograph.)

Jackson, who had difficulty sleeping, apparently used propofol to render himself temporarily unconscious, the way doctors do to patients during surgery. Diprivan’s extreme potency makes such use very dangerous; in the singer’s case it proved fatal.

Jackson married twice, first to Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley. This marriage coincided with the first round of child molestation accusations and police investigations. Sham marriages by sexual deviants to manipulate public opinion have long been characteristic of Hollywood. The couple divorced less than two years later.

Jackson’s second and last marriage — the one relevant to his children’s parentage — was to a homely woman named Debbie Rowe in 1996; they divorced in 1999. (Rowe may have been attractive when she was young: here she is years ago with her boss, dermatologist-to-the-stars Arnold Klein.)

Though she doesn’t look it, Rowe is Jewish. In 2009 she attempted to gain legal custody of Prince and Paris due in part to Michael Jackson’s alleged “association” with the Nation of Islam. She claims to be the biological mother of Michael (known as Prince) and Paris, Jackson’s two oldest children. She was unquestionably their surrogate mother.

According to news reports, in the divorce settlement Rowe received $8 million, a million-dollar home in Beverly Hills, a car, clothing, and jewelry as payment to “go away,” as Jackson family acquaintance Howard Bragman, a Jew, put it. She also surrendered all rights to the children.

Blanket, the third child, had a different biological mother, a different surrogate mother, and a different biological father (possibly Michael Jackson himself) than the first two children. Debbie Rowe had nothing to do with his birth.

None of the kids were conceived through sexual intercourse. Blanket was the product of in vitro fertilization, as Prince and Paris may also have been, though it is maintained that Rowe was artificially inseminated with donor sperm (in other words, in vivo fertilization, the opposite of in vitro), making her (because her eggs were fertilized) the biological as well as the surrogate mother.

If true, the two older children share Rowe’s Jewish genes.

But if another woman’s eggs were fertilized in vitro before being implanted in Rowe’s uterus, the two older children are genetically unrelated to her.

The Children

As stated, the parentage of Michael Jackson’s children cannot be conclusively established. According to the Daily Mail, in 2013 when Paris was 15, she was still accompanied everywhere by bodyguards: “Even visits to the hair salon are a military-style operation — minders sweep up her hair trimmings because they don’t want anyone getting their hands on her DNA and investigating lingering questions over her paternity.” (Actually, hair used for paternity tests must have the roots attached, and even then are successful only 60% of the time.)

So it is a question of marshaling spotty evidence and attempting to make an informed judgment as to the children’s race.

This kind of educated guesswork increasingly characterizes everyday life thanks to the enormous uncontrolled race-mixing that has occurred over the past half century. The boundaries of the gene pool (and of racially homogenous families) are swiftly being erased — the intended consequence of contemporary race policy.

Once underway, racial destruction can occur with tremendous speed. A single cross creates a non-White baby, meaning genocide can occur within a generation or two. Many lines of descent are continuously being destroyed in this fashion.

At least one, and possibly all, of Jackson’s children were “test tube babies” conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is a procedure in which eggs taken from a woman’s ovaries are fertilized with male sperm. (Technically, fertilization occurs in petri dishes, not test tubes. For a short, pro-life discussion of the distinction between “conception” and “fertilization” see here.) One or more fertilized embryos are then placed in a woman’s uterus (either the real mother’s or an unrelated surrogate mother’s), where at least one of them will (hopefully) implant and grow into a baby.

The first test tube baby in the world was Louise Brown, born in England in 1978. The first in the U.S. (and fifteenth in the world), Elizabeth Jordan Carr, was born in 1981, 15 years before Jackson’s first child. Their mothers were unable to conceive naturally due to problems with their fallopian tubes. Today Brown and Carr, both in their 30s, are married and have children of their own, conceived naturally. Lines of descent that nature would have cut off were instead successfully perpetuated — which is a good thing.

IVF was developed by Englishmen Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, who were responsible for the birth of Louise Brown. Edwards was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for this work, but because the prize cannot be awarded posthumously, Steptoe, who died in 1988, was ineligible for consideration.

IVF is legally and medically complicated and highly expensive. There are potential complications, and success rates are less than half. (Ellie Kincaid, “The success rates of ‘test tube babies’ are nowhere near what people think,” May 28, 2015. Statistical success rates of IVF based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) data and graphs. Also emphasized is the importance of a woman’s age, critical to normal fertility and reproduction, though, surprisingly, this is not widely known. By age 40 the chances of having a baby, either normally or via IVF — especially “easily” and without complications — decline drastically.)

The CDC estimates that 1.5% of babies born in the US are conceived using assisted reproductive technology (ART), the most common form of which is IVF. As of 2013, 5 million “test tube baby” (IVF) births had occurred globally.

Louise Brown and Elizabeth Carr were born to married, natural parents of the same race. Their own mothers’ eggs were used, and their mothers bore them. Their genetic background and family environment were thus the same as any other child’s. However, this was not the case with Michael Jackson’s children.

The Jackson children, and their racial appearance (phenotype) according to my subjective judgment are, in order of birth:

Prince Jackson, June 2009
Prince Jackson, June 2009 (age 12)

Prince Jackson, b. February 13, 1997. “Prince” is his nickname. His real name is Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr. — the famous pop singer’s full name was Michael Joseph Jackson. Supposedly he is Paris’s full brother genetically (i.e., has the same mother and father). He does not appear to have African ancestry, but whether he is fully White or not is harder to say. I’m inclined to think he’s White if Rowe is not his biological mother.

Photos and videos of Prince when he was little suggest that Jackson had the boy’s hair dyed very blond (actually white). (Example here.) There have been several tabloid reports that brother and sister are not full siblings. However, I’m unaware of substantial evidence that would settle the matter one way or the other.

Young Paris
Young Paris

Paris Jackson, b. April 3, 1998 (full name Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson). She looks White.

Blanket Jackson
Blanket Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson II (commonly known as “Blanket”), b. February 1, 2002. His mother’s identity has not been revealed, but according to the singer’s biographer, Jackson said Blanket was created using Jackson’s sperm.

Blanket looks non-White. To me he strongly resembles an Amerindian. Particularly notable is the color, texture, and style of his hair. I don’t know if Blacks ever have such fine straight hair. The color of his skin and the shape of his lips and nose do not seem Black or mulatto either, casting doubt on Jackson’s claim to be the biological father.

The King of Pop obviously possessed the Negro penchant for odd, colorful, repetitive, and at times baffling children’s names. (For example, Black Congressman Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. [D.-Harlem, 1945-1971] named two of his sons Adam Clayton Powell III and Adam Clayton Powell IV.)

Years after Blanket’s birth the English tabloid Daily Mirror, without naming its sources, ran a story about the youngest child’s parentage filled with numerous highly specific details. (Ryan Parry, “Michael Jackson exclusive: Blanket Jackson’s surrogate mother is a Mexican nurse named Helena,” August 12, 2009, updated January 28, 2012.)

The article appears substantially reliable and provides the clearest picture of the background of any of the three children. It is extremely likely Blanket has different parents than the older two children and is genetically unrelated to them.

Of course, the older children, too, may not share the same father, or mother (making them biological half-siblings), or may have two different sets of parents. Indeed, it is possible that none of the children are genetically related to one another, or to Michael Jackson.

According to the Mirror article, Blanket was conceived through in vitro fertilization. Michael Jackson donated the sperm, so he is the boy’s biological father (according to that account).

The darkest of the three children, Blanket Jackson nevertheless lacks the typical Black or mulatto nose, skin color, and, especially, hair texture.

The identity of the boy’s biological mother is not known. More than once the Mirror referred to the surrogate mother as Blanket’s “mother.” This is misleading, because another woman’s eggs were definitely used. Michael Jackson is listed as the father on the child’s birth certificate, but the mother’s name was omitted. The Daily Mirror continues,

An unknown woman, also chosen for her gene pool [sic — no elaboration on what that means in this context], was the egg donor — effectively making her Blanket’s biological mother.

The woman was paid a mere $3,500 for her contribution and signed legal papers handing over all rights to the child. . . .

It is unlikely she was even told that her eggs were involved in Blanket’s birth.

A close friend of Jackson’s told the Mirror: “Michael wanted a designer baby. He had two wonderful children but wanted one more and was quite specific on the gene pool he wanted to tap into.” Jackson approached IVF specialist Dr Lila Schmidt at the beginning of 2001 when Prince was three and Paris was two.

The Mirror provides much more detail about the Mexican surrogate mother, who was paid a $20,000 fee plus gifts and expenses. But, as Dr. Schmidt explained: “The surrogate is the carrier of the baby. The biological mom is the egg donor. The surrogate has no connection to the child. It’s not their kid. [sic]”

Dr. Schmidt of San Diego, California was the Reproductive Endocrinologist (REI — specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility), and Dr. Maria Castello the obstetrics/gynecology physician.

The same facts about the surrogate mother contained in the Mirror article (though with fewer details) were also reported on the television tabloid show Inside Edition on July 8, 2009. This video of that report (3:21) was posted to YouTube by Dr. Schmidt.

Prince and Paris

As noted previously, the parentage of Prince and Paris is different from that of Blanket. Michael Jackson met their alleged mother, Debbie Rowe, in the office of his dermatologist, Arnold Klein, where she worked as a nurse for two decades.

Klein performed a great deal of cosmetic dermatology (collagen, Botox) for Hollywood stars. A 2012 profile of the doctor, who died on October 22, 2015 at age 70, said he was “the Father of Botox, known for his flamboyant lifestyle and love of celebrity, who once led a Beverly Hills beauty revolution and became nearly as famous as the stars he treated.”

Klein’s biggest booster was batty actress and world-class beauty Elizabeth Taylor, a convert to Judaism who had a fondness for homosexuals. Besides Taylor and Jackson, Klein’s A-list clientele included white homosexuals Rock Hudson and Merv Griffin, celebrities Linda Evans, Cher, Dolly Parton, and Sharon Stone, powerful Jews such as homosexual multibillionaire movie producer David Geffen, organized crime-linked talent agent Lew Wasserman, and billionaire software mogul Larry Ellison (Oracle), and actors Dustin Hoffman, Goldie Hawn, and Carrie Fisher.

Klein, the son of an Orthodox rabbi, administered the narcotic painkiller Demerol to Jackson forty-one times in the three months before his death. Like Conrad Murray, he also gave him propofol (the hospital anesthetic). He was subsequently investigated for prescribing large quantities of numerous illicit prescription medications to Jackson under multiple aliases over many years. He also abused prescription drugs himself.

The beefy Klein was a promiscuous homosexual. During the first pedophilia lawsuit against Jackson in the 1990s, the physician blatantly lied to the child’s mother that Jackson was “absolutely heterosexual,” and there was therefore no cause for concern about her son’s safety.

Jackson loaned Klein his estate, Neverland Ranch, for a birthday party. Klein’s guests included his lover, a large stable of homosexuals, and Hollywood celebrities.

The dermatologist belonged to a homosexual subculture known as “bears” (fat men). To count as a bear an individual must weigh at least 250-350-plus pounds. “Super Chubs” weigh 500-600 pounds.

Both Klein and his office manager — another bear — said the office manager had engaged in sex with Michael Jackson on five occasions, four of them in Klein’s examining room.

Despite his reckless behavior, Klein was strictly Establishment, boasting a long list of publications and awards. In the early 1980s “handsome young men” began flocking to him with raised purple skin lesions, making him among the first to diagnose Kaposi’s sarcoma, an HIV-related disease. He became a founder of the Foundation for AIDS Research (amfAR), with which Rock Hudson (who died from AIDS), Elizabeth Taylor, Gwen Stefani, and many other famous people are associated.

This bizarre dermatologist merits a study of his own, so perfectly does he embody Jewish traits. Fortunately, it has been written: Mark Seal, “The Ugly World of Dr. Arnie Klein, Beverly Hills’ King of Botox,” Vanity Fair (March 2012).

Klein sometimes claimed or hinted that he was the sperm donor for Jackson’s two oldest children. It is clear from Seal’s account that this is not true. Klein is not the father.

As Biography put it,

[Klein’s Jewish nurse Debbie] Rowe offered to have [Jackson’s] children, and the couple struck an agreement. In early 1996, Rowe announced that she was pregnant with Jackson’s heir, although the details on how that occurred remain a mystery. In November 1996, when Rowe was six months pregnant, she and Jackson married at a hotel in Sydney, Australia. Despite their surprise nuptials, the couple never lived together as husband and wife.

Rowe claimed in a 2005 court filing that she was artificially inseminated with unknown donor sperm. Initially she’d said the donor was Michael Jackson, but later rescinded the claim.

Debbie Rowe holding Paris, Michael Jackson holding Prince
Debbie Rowe holding Paris, Michael Jackson holding Prince

If Rowe is indeed the biological as well as the surrogate mother, the first two births occurred through traditional surrogacy, a pregnancy in which a woman provides her own eggs, which are fertilized inside her body by artificial insemination with donor sperm (i.e., no sexual intercourse), subsequently carries the fetus and gives birth to the child for another person.

In that case, Prince and Paris are racially Jewish.

As mentioned earlier, artificial insemination is in vivo fertilization, opposite of in vitro.

Of course, the children may still have two different fathers (they were born a year apart), making them half-siblings. The identity and race of the father(s) is unknown.

But stories about the origin of the children differ greatly.

For example, it has been asserted that Rowe was not the egg donor. Though it is true she is listed as the mother on the first two children’s birth certificates, Michael Jackson is listed as the father, yet everyone knows he was not.

Apparently the law is careless about such matters. Fertility specialist Dr. Lila Schmidt, responsible for Blanket’s birth, said,

The surrogate is the carrier of the baby. The biological mom is the egg donor. The surrogate has no connection to the child. It’s not their kid. On the birth certificate you can say whoever you want. That’s why you hire an attorney.  The birth certificate can say Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse but there might not be any genetic relationship to the child.

So the identification of the parents on Prince’s and Paris’s birth certificates is meaningless.

In 2009 the Daily Mail reported:

The mystery surrounding Michael Jackson’s children took a further twist yesterday, with reports that Debbie Rowe is not the natural mother of the oldest two.

It has long been claimed that Jackson was not the biological father of Prince Michael, now 12, and Paris, 11.

But the U.S. media yesterday suggested that Miss Rowe, 49, was also merely a surrogate.

Sources close to Jackson alleged that all three of his children were conceived outside the womb by in-vitro fertilisation [i.e., were test tube babies, not the result of artificial insemination].

They claimed that neither Jackson’s sperm nor Miss Rowe’s eggs were used.

(David Gardner, “Michael Jackson and Debbie Rowe ‘are not biological parents of any of his children,’” Daily Mail, July 1, 2009)

If Debbie Rowe is not the biological mother (remember, she might be), it would mean the unknown biological mother (or mothers, if there were two) was somebody else, and both pregnancies were gestational surrogacies in which the genetic mother provides the eggs, fertilized in vitro, and the surrogate mother (Rowe) carries the fetus and gives birth to the child.

In this scenario the children are not racially Jewish or otherwise non-White unless one or more of the male or female donors is.

Fictive Family

Thus, Michael Jackson’s children might be three biologically unrelated individuals, none of whom know for certain who their real parents are, parents who were strangers to one another, never met, and may belong to different races, or are of mixed race, raised by a Black who contractually arranged for their laboratory conception.

Since Michael Jackson’s death the children’s co-legal guardians have been Katherine Jackson (Michael Jackson’s mother, referred to by the press as the children’s grandmother) and 37-year-old singer T. J. Jackson (Michael Jackson’s nephew, son of his brother Tito, who was an original member of The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons). Prince is now over 18, and Paris will turn 18 in a few months.

The children attend (or in Prince’s case attended) the exclusive Buckley School, a private K-12 institution in Sherman Oaks, California (Los Angeles) that has many notable Hollywood alumni. Paris is, or was, a cheerleader there.

A 14-year-old’s beauty icons: Black performers Halle Berry and Beyoncé
A 14-year-old’s beauty icons: Black performers Halle Berry and Beyoncé (click for high resolution to read text)

The family experience of the Jackson children is similar to adoption, or being raised from infancy in an orphanage among unrelated children. Adoption, foster care, and orphanages are necessary social makeshifts, but forms of fictive kinship created through assisted reproductive technology should not be considered normative, or be used to promote homosexual and lesbian childrearing.

Believing Debbie Rowe to be her biological mother, Paris tried to bond with her when she was 15. Her guardian Katherine Jackson disapproved of this and Prince rejected doing so out of hand. The girl’s attempt to find genuine family moorings was evidently unsuccessful.

In the course of a 20-minute YouTube video Paris made at the same time, she sang at one point, “That cowboy I’m going to marry when I get older!” She confided to the camera: “When I was little, I had this fantasy that I was going to marry a cowboy, and then we’d ride off into the horizon. He’d tip his hat like James Dean, and we’d have little cowboy children!” That is an implicitly White fantasy.

A few days later Paris tried to kill herself. By all accounts it was a serious suicide attempt. (An ABC News Nightline report, June 5, 2013, 7:29 mins., includes photos, interview clips, and additional information.)

One news report claimed Paris had recently learned she and Prince were not biological siblings, and this triggered the attempt. Another newspaper wrote, “Speaking to people who have known her for years, it seems that the trouble with Paris is . . . such a truly peculiar upbringing . . .”

After being raised among Blacks and thinking of them from infancy as her natural family, Paris’s current boyfriend is White. How did she end up with a White boyfriend in Los Angeles? (Prince has dated both White and non-White girls.)

In June 2015 a woman’s magazine reported that Paris and her boyfriend were living together in his parents’ L. A. mansion. The headline read, “I’ve got a new family now!” The story was framed as an implicit search for belonging, but it was based upon secondary sources, not interviews with the principals.

Certainly, genuine family and the sense of belonging that usually accompanies it are important to most people, and essential for a cohesive society.

That is why they are attacked.

Paris with her "grandmother" Katherine Jackson
Paris with her “grandmother” Katherine Jackson


Through the use of assisted reproductive technology — in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination (maybe), and surrogate mothers — Michael Jackson created a fictive family unit similar to what would have resulted from interracial adoption of three infants with no knowledge of their origins.

Though an unnamed friend said Jackson created Blanket as a “designer baby,” examination of the three children provides no clue why Jackson did not utilize adoption. It doesn’t appear that he wanted three White children. On the other hand, he clearly did not want Negro children, because he didn’t have any.

In vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, surrogate motherhood, and other advanced reproductive techniques are powerful and beneficial aids to human reproduction, but should not destroy the social fabric of genuine families, harm the psyches of children, be available to male and female homosexuals, or be used to mix the races.

Unfortunately, existing laws are purposely crafted to weaken families and encourage homosexuality and racial hybridization because such measures serve the ideological agenda of an anti-White, anti-family ruling class. Child placement agencies, for example, are prevented by federal law from using race as a factor in approving adoptions. Nor are racial criteria employed in assisted reproductive technologies, including IVF—and more than 5 million children have been born that way in the 38 years since 1978.

For now, the destructive demands of the state take precedence over the welfare of parents, families, and children.

* * *

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17 November, 2015 1:18 am

Blanket does actually highly resemble a young Michael Jackson, in the jaw, the mouth and nose area, and the ear shape. So I think it’s 100% likely that Blanket is MJ’s real child. Paris has fine features that are impossible to achieve from a father with a nose like Michael Jackson’s original. Prince also does not look remotely enough like the offspring of a mostly black man (MJ was not 100% black), so it’s 100% likely that he too is not MJ’s bio son.

Bruce Arney
Bruce Arney
18 November, 2015 3:06 am

An interesting article. Like a slow-motion train wreck, impossible not to watch as it unfolds.

Reply to  Bruce Arney
24 May, 2017 11:31 am

MJ’s media coverage and the never ending lies about him has been a slow motion train wreck. This author didn’t even bother to look at who accused MJ why how the allegations emerged what the allegations were what evidence there was agaisnt the accusers just states as a matter of fact that MJ was a homosexual pedophile. Would you explain why a homosexual pedophile would talk about women like this and why he would be so desperate with a real relationship with a woman? MJ was disgusted by homosexuality. His wife Lisa Marie when asked whether MJ was gay instantly replied “Absolutely not not in any shape or form not not not not” But this author thinks he knows it better than the very woman who was his wife… Read more »

20 November, 2015 1:22 am

Reading this piece, I “felt” as though I was merely a guest on an entirely alien planet. Leaning about their very strange culture and values, and being glad that I didn’t live there.

1 December, 2015 9:35 am

You only have to look at younger pictures of Klein to see that he is definitely the father of Prince and Paris Jackson. Debbie Rowe converted to Judaism, she is not Jewish by birth. Klein is Jewish, making the two children Jewish. The youngest child is a mystery, but he clearly looks nothing like Jackson either.

Reply to  luckylee
24 May, 2017 11:37 am

You only have to look at this picture to see that Prince cannot be Klein’s son. Where do you think Prince’s nose came from? Not from Debbie and Klein for sure: Paris loks nothing like Klein neither does Prince for that matter. Prince looks like Samuel Jackson: The very idea of Klein being the father is absurd. Klein was 51 in 1996 too old to be sperm donor. Only a tiny percent of men are accepted by sperm banks as donors and a 51 year old with health problems would be in instant reject. Why would MJ want someone who knew him to be the father anyway especially knowing how often was betrayed for a little tabloid money? Why would he chose Klein of all people who could later cause… Read more »

17 March, 2016 10:14 pm

This article is loaded with racist jargon and innuendo as are many others on this site. The assumptions about races other than white are disgusting and none of this even demonstrates a modicum of actual research. Had the author done their homework they would know that Judiasm is a faith, not a racial category and Debbie Rowe converted to the religion during her first marriage. Also, they would know that among African Americans fictive kinships are common and the tradition is rooted in slavery when the white slave owners sold children from their parents. Also, black hair textures vary from super straight to ultra curly. And the one thing we know is that it is always an unknown what our children will look like. Very dark parents can and do… Read more »

Reply to  A.K.S.
19 March, 2016 12:06 pm

“Had the author done their homework they would know that Judiasm is a faith, not a racial category”

“when the white slave owners sold children from their parents”
You know, speaking of Jews and race, the black slave trade and ownership in the United States was essentially a Jewish business, not a white one.

Maurice Francis
Maurice Francis
Reply to  A.K.S.
17 September, 2018 12:41 am

This is a white nationalist site — if it offends you so much then why the hell do you visit it? The article is based on rational observation, your opinion is based on foolish emotion; go to sites that promote other races’ self determination and see if they don’t also have bias and in fact more. Black sites in particular are so racist and steeped in irrationality and superstition that they beggar belief. So get a life and never visit this site again. The word ‘racist’ has no negative connotation here, unlike the fairytale that society has become that enables it to be so.

17 March, 2016 10:17 pm

An example: Rashida Jones, the actress looks white, but her father, Quincy Jones, is as we know black. Actually her coloring, eyes, hair and hair texture are similar to Paris’.

25 May, 2016 12:34 pm

This must be one of the worst things I have ever read. I just wanted to know what the deal about MJ’s kids were, and then I got send to this site. This is so incredible racist that I almost don’t have any words for it. What I gain from this site is that you are just a bunch of white people who think you are better than everyone else. What is wrong with being of a different kind of race or sexuality than you? Why shouldn’t these reproductive methods be available to homosexuals who are unable to have kids? And why shouldn’t races mix? By mixing races you actually make new ones, which contributes to more diversity and cultural differences, which is good. If we all were alike, the… Read more »

24 May, 2017 11:24 am

He didn’t have any homosexual pedophila he was falsely accused by mentally ill parents who told their sons to lie so they could make money for themselves. If MJ had been a homosexual pedophile you would have seen dozens of boys telling credible coherent accusations like what we saw with Sandusky or many of the priests who were indeed serial molesters. Instead every single boy who knew MJ defended him during the 1993 investigation, the police were so desperate to produce accusers that they flat out lied to kids, they told him they had nude photos of them, they told them that they were not helping other kids MJ was supposedly molesting. Corey Fledman was one of the kids inteviewed by the police and he called it a witch-hunt. The… Read more »

24 May, 2017 11:49 am

MJ’s marriage to Lisa Marie was not a sham they were in love by all accounts including Lisa Marie herself. And MJ was not asexual deviant he was attracted to females and only females as evidence from his countless expression of attraction toward females ever since he was a young boy. By contrast there is not a single example where he ever expressed attraction toward males. Not one. Lisa Marie repeatedly said that they had a normal marriage and it ended because of all the other people who were around MJ and because MJ wanted kids while she didn’t want any fearing a custody batttle. Public opinion had nothing to do with it MJ and Lisa met long before the Chandler even met MJ and they dated while the Chandlers… Read more »

24 May, 2017 11:59 am

MJ’s skin was never fully white even when he died his skin was brown and white and it was not the restul of bleaching but vitiligo confrimed by the coroner himself and the autopsy report.

If his skin had remained brown nobody would have accused him of wanting to be white, regardless of his hair or nose. This whole baseless accusation is the result of a skin disease. And just shows how incredible ignorant and stupid Americans can be that they are willing to deny medical facts just to kick Michael Jackson around.

In case you forgot his head was burned and he also had alopecia so of course he wore wigs. And if he had kinky wigs on you would be the first to bully him for that. Hypocrite.

24 May, 2017 12:12 pm

Debbie Rowe is the biological mother of Prince and Paris and no amount of tabloid garbage which this article considers the gospel will change that.

And no not everyone KNOWS that MJ is not the father. People BELIEVE it not KNOW it and they believe it base don nothing else but how they look. Well, Halsey looks nothing like her black father and he is still her biological father. Biracial people can look fully white or fully black . Obama looks fully black and had a white mother. Jennifer Beal looks fully white and she has a black father.

Klein didn’t lie MJ was heterosexual and he never harmed any child. Evan Chandler and Janet Arvizo, two sick greedy jealous parents were made up those allegations. For money.

Angela Killam
Angela Killam
28 May, 2017 6:44 pm

I don’t understand why people just don’t leave these poor kids alone, for the love of God, haven’t they already been through enough? What business is it of anyone’s anyway?

30 August, 2017 11:52 am

Racist garbage from some dunderheaded redneck who can’t help themselves. One thing is for certain: The world would be better off without YOUR genes. Please do not ever procreate, trash.

Maurice Francis
Maurice Francis
17 September, 2018 10:52 am

All “anti-racists” who respond to this article: Be more concerned if a matter is truthful or logical than if it is “racist.” If this was a black or any other racial site, you ignorant, hypocritical fools would not have a problem with anti-white content. This article is not blatantly anti-black; do you fools really believe those kids are mj’s? — clearly the man also wasn’t fond of being black. Unfortunately his own father used to make fun of his big nose; this affected him mentally as well as many other things. I SAY AGAIN — THIS SITE IS ONE THAT PROMOTES A SPECIFIC RACE’S INTERESTS, IN THIS CASE THE WHITE RACE — SO IF YOU ARE OFFENDED GET THE HELL OFF AND NEVER VISIT THIS SITE AGAIN YOU ANTI-WHITE BIGOTS.

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
4 March, 2019 7:58 pm

Slightly-out-of-step Jew James Howard Kunstler has written a good short review of the just-broadcast 4-hour documentary Leaving Neverland (2019), which details Jackson’s homosexual abuse of two boys. The documentary is a joint production of U.S. cable channel HBO and the U.K.’s Channel 4.

Attempts by the Jackson family and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (among others) to torpedo the film were unsuccessful.

Bancroft Hall
Bancroft Hall
6 March, 2019 7:32 am

A magnificent article showcases one of the all-time destructive and hideous anti-Aryan forces in modern world — Saint Michael Jackson (and his Talmudic Hollywood-Detroit enablers). “Wacko Jacko” was an accurate moniker pinned to this psychopath by New York City tabloids the Post and Daily News. Thanks to the article’s author for loudly announcing the catastrophe of cross-racing in America through the example of Wacko Jacko. This practice WILL be reversed and stopped.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
6 March, 2019 8:05 pm

USA-as-sewer is proven by this thread.

“Come friendly bombs and fall on Slough!
It isn’t fit for humans now,
There isn’t grass to graze a cow.
Swarm over, Death!”