Donald Trump: Great White Hope or Great White Hype?


by James Harting

MULTI-BILLIONAIRE and reality television star Donald Trump is running for the Republican presidential nomination. Some White voters, in anger and desperation at a political system that produces only candidates who are hostile or indifferent to their racial interests, believe that Trump will be their savior.

But the hard reality is that Trump is not the great White hope, but rather is the great White hype: he is conning White voters into supporting him, while planning to betray them at the first convenient opportunity.

In August of this year the Internet was abuzz over an old interview that Donald Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana, gave to Vanity Fair in 1990. She told the interviewer that Trump kept a book of Adolf Hitler’s speeches by his bedside, which he read from time to time. (Trump denies the allegation.)

This old news resurfaced on the heels of numerous statements made by Trump to the effect that he would put a halt to illegal immigration (especially from Mexico) and that he would expel those illegal immigrants already here. He further called for “American jobs for American workers,” and suggested that the US encourage more legal immigration from European (that is, White) nations.

The False Image of Trump as Pro-White

The reality is that Trump is a state or civic nationalist, not a Racial Nationalist or White Nationalist. But it is easy to understand why some White people are attracted to the image of Trump as being pro-European and pro-American worker (not to mention pro-Hitler) and anti-Hispanic. But this is a false image. The truth is that Trump is an integral part of the anti-White system. He does not want to destroy the Old Order, he wants to reform it so that it works more efficiently. He views White workers and the White Middle Class as expendable pawns in the global economic system. This system is controlled by an alliance of super-rich White plutocrats (such as Trump) and equally-rich Zionist Jews. Its ultimate goal is to replace White Americans with a mongrel population that it can easily control and exploit. Another way of putting this is that Trump implicitly supports a policy of White genocide.

Trump is not against non-White immigration, but rather is only against illegal immigration. The US is being drowned in a tidal wave of Hispanic, Asian and African immigrants. It does not matter whether or not these invaders are here legally or illegally — all that matters is that they are non-White. But that is of no concern to Trump. In fact, his immigration program actually promises to help non-White workers, presumably at the expense of their White counterparts.

For example, in seeking to reform the H1-B work visa program for foreigners, the official Trump platform states that he will, “…improve the number of black, Hispanic and female workers in Silicon Valley who have been passed over.” Not a word about “improving” the lot of White workers. Note also that he lumps woman employees together with racial minorities. This is in keeping with the Old Order practice of pitting White men and White women against each other, as though they were rivals, and dishonestly portraying Negroes and other minorities as the logical allies of White women.

“1,000 Percent Pro-Israel”

Trump’s anti-White posture is best revealed in the shocking statements that he has made about the Jews and about Israel. Trump describes himself as “1000% pro-Israel.” Further, he has a son who is married to a Jewess, and a daughter who is married to a Jew. That daughter has converted to Judaism and is raising Trump’s grandchildren as practicing Jews. His Wikipedia biography notes: ‘Of his daughter Ivanka’s conversion to Judaism, he said, “Not only do I have Jewish grandchildren, but I have a Jewish daughter and I am very honored by that.” Notes the leftwing Jewish newspaper The Forward,

Given his myriad Jewish associations, Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade.

After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. And in February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a right-wing Jewish news organization.

“I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event, held in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin — terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

No, Donald Trump is not the great White hope. Rather, the Trump candidacy is a safety valve for the Jews and their allies. It allows dissatisfied Whites to vent their frustration in a manner that does not threaten the Old Order. Rather than being a “step in the right direction,” as some politically naïve White Nationalists want to believe, it merely channels White anger up and away from the real issues. In consequence, the revolutionary potential of White rage will be harmlessly discharged into the political ether.

Other Phony White Saviors

This is hardly the first time that we have seen the phenomenon of a phony White savior. The average person does not want to take risks or get their hands dirty. They want to believe that the racial struggle can be won by someone else, while they sit back and watch it on television.

  • 1968 & 1972: George Corley Wallace was the great White hope.
  • 1980: Ronald Wilson Reagan was going to save White America.
  • 1992: H. Ross Perot: “Secretly he is one of us, don’t you know!”
  • 1996 & 2000: Patrick J. Buchanan: “The Jews know that he is on to them, and think that he is the next Hitler!”

But Wallace turned out to be just another toothless political huckster; Reagan gave amnesty to 10 million illegal aliens and enshrined the Holocaust as the national religion; Perot turned out to be full of hot air; Buchanan named a mentally-challenged Negro woman as his vice presidential running mate and then publicly purged all the White Nationalists from his campaign.

Then along came wacky Ron Paul: some White people hoped that he and his goofball libertarian theories would be the ultimate salvation of the White race.

And so now it’s Donald Trump.

No doubt in the 2020 election there will be another political gas-bag who will be touted as the great White hope.

White Revolution is the Only Solution!

Reality check: There is no quick and painless remedy to the existential crisis that confronts us as a Race. Certainly, supporting any of the political contenders who are an integral part and parcel of the Old Order is not the way forward.

In the end, White people will have to collectively embrace National Socialism — and nothing else — or they will become as extinct as the dodo bird and the dinosaur. White revolution is the only solution, not voting for Jewish-endorsed Candidate A or Jewish-endorsed Candidate B.

Meet Donald Trump's media spokesman, Michael COHEN. Incredibly, some well-meaning but naïve White people think that this creature is going to help save them!
Meet Donald Trump’s media spokesman, Michael COHEN. Incredibly, some well-meaning but naïve White people think that this creature is going to help save them!

* * *

Source: Do Right and Fear No One

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17 November, 2015 6:45 pm

Thank you for the information! It supported my instinct that this brazen deal-maker would sell Whites down the road if there was something in it for his anti-White plutocrat friends.

George Wright
George Wright
17 November, 2015 7:38 pm

Trump, as articulated by Mr. Harting, is an excellent orator whose purpose is to deceive White America. This should be obvious to even the most obtuse.

19 November, 2015 2:39 pm

I have no problem with nationalism as long as it’s Confederated. Leviathan central despotism will never work. It’s contrary to the laws of nature.

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
19 November, 2015 2:48 pm

Trump is making very strong pro-gun and pro-self-defense statements, but in the past he called for bans on so-called “assault weapons.” That alone makes me not trust him. The only other candidate who is pro-gun and anti-war is Rand Paul, but I doubt he would do anything about non-white immigration. He also won’t be able to persuade congress to his way of thinking since most Republicans do not adhere to his libertarian philosophy, and he is not as corrupt as them. He is also pro-Jewish and likely won’t do anything they don’t approve of. His main personal flaw is that he is not a very inspiring speaker and doesn’t have the tough-guy, hard-nosed businessman image of Trump.

Volker Zorn
Volker Zorn
20 November, 2015 12:28 pm

For his part, Trump has rejected the support of racially conscious White voters. Dr. David Duke, whose work on behalf of White people worldwide should be familiar to NATIONAL VANGUARD readers, publicly endorsed Trump. When asked by a reporter about the endorsement, Trump haughtily dismissed it. “I don’t need his endorsement,” Trump said. “I don’t need anyone’s endorsement.” When the reporter pressed him on whether he formally “repudiated” Duke’s endorsement, Trump said “Sure I repudiate it, if that will make you happy.”

In repudiating Duke’s endorsement, Trump implicitly rejected the support of all White Nationalists.

Note to all White Trump supporters: Whatever happens later, you cannot say that you were not warned!

20 November, 2015 5:02 pm

nobody understands this on the right but the biggest reason so many whites refuse to support you is because of your attacks on jews. like it or not, this country is one where television controls the way of thinking. jews in hollywood understand this. they influence public opinion to be such that any attacks on jews is seen as racist. it is hard to gather support when so many are conditioned by hollywood movies showing the jews as victims. add to this many groups who now openly support muslim attacks against israel and you can understand why your support is nil among most whites. drop the attacks on jews and israel, and support for muslims, and your numbers would grow and your coffers fill. your message is spot on but… Read more »

Volker Zorn
Volker Zorn
20 November, 2015 5:45 pm

Two points for your consideration, wb:

(1) This is the NATIONAL VANGUARD, not American Renaissance. NV tells the truth about the Jews, no matter who likes it or not;

(2) If you want people to take you seriously, learn the rules of capitalization.

Will Williams
Will Williams
Reply to  Volker Zorn
3 December, 2015 5:11 pm

VZ to wb: This is the NATIONAL VANGUARD, not American Renaissance. NV tells the truth about the Jews, no matter who likes it or not.

Thank you, VZ. wb is a herd animal who thinks NV is “on the right” and speaks to his kind that will listen to and support us if we’ll only love Jews and other non-Whites, race-mixers, queers, etc., and be less secular [read: non-Christian]. Donald Trump wants his support. NV is happy for now just to have yours and the few serious Whites like you who actually “get it.” wb says our message is “spot on,” but he does not grasp it. He’s blinded by the Jew’s “national spotlight”

20 November, 2015 6:03 pm

“He also won’t be able to persuade congress to his way of thinking”

His thinking, nor ours. Someone has finally made a coherent and perceptive observation concerning this Trump personality’s intent at last.

What difference does it make what spokesman is on the surface when the same characters are in the machine regardless?

21 November, 2015 5:11 am

Trump is an unknown entity on what he will do once elected, I think judging by several factors he will follow through with immigration (legal and illegal) and trade deals. The main reason to support is not so much the short term on one election cycle, but the longer term of changing the public narrative, making people more outspoken. “I’m not gonna take it anymore, Dammit I’m white person and I matter!” Things that were not even talked about just 1-2 years ago are now front and center. Comments in youtube video, news sites, and others are full of everyday people say in crude manners how this and that is BS. Trump also is willing to work with the Russians and not got to a nuke war over BS. If… Read more »

Reply to  Jay
21 November, 2015 6:53 pm

@Jay I more or less agree with you. I think, to be honest, Donald Trump could be a lot of things, and I believe he will do more good than bad. I am assuming he will at least do as he said he will do, more likely he will do more (maybe if we’re lucky he’ll set America on the right course and fix out external problems). Whites need to realize their house is on fire and grab the fire hose before it’s too late. I think Donald Trump MIGHT be an American at heart (i.e., he will actually do something to weaken Jewish control. He should know, considering he works with powerful Jews) and will/has simply said BS or mildly P.C. pro-Jew pro-Educated-Minority garbage to simply ensure he wins… Read more »

Reply to  Alois
22 November, 2015 5:41 pm

I am under no illusions to believe for a second that Trump will pull a Hitler, that is so unlikely that everyone including the Jews “leaders” would be shocked by this. We are not in 1930’s Germany, were we have an actual Nation of people. What we have is a pan European mind set that is on the edge of coming out in about half of whites in America. What people like us should focus on is the media formats and other levelers that we need to build up under our control. Do what works, not what you would like to have work. Build our on little media pro-white youtube channels, heck build our own you tube, this is happening(kind off). Our own facebook/white book, in short media businesses and… Read more »

Christopher Strenta
Christopher Strenta
19 January, 2016 6:00 am

If Trump we’re to get elected, I think he would be the most merciless of all.

Brutal Reality
Brutal Reality
16 April, 2018 4:11 pm

Well it has been 2 years since this article and Trump is now President. So far it appears that he is proving the author to be 100% correct.