The Times They are A-Changing

xlby Mike Walsh

“YOU’RE NOT looking yourself, Zahra. Are you all right, dear?”

Zahra was having difficulty disguising her cheerlessness. “Sorry, I have issues; I shouldn’t allow them to impact on friends.”

Anna smiled. “It’ll pass, all things do.”

However, something about her friend’s expression suggested to Anna that her words brought Zahra little comfort.

The mixed-race young woman had a faraway look in her eyes. “Some things do, some things don’t and there are some things you cannot change.” There was a weary resignation in her voice.

Anna, placing her cup down, squared her shoulders to give Zahra whatever support she could. “Come on, unload, I am your friend for goodness sake.”

“Anna, I don’t feel I belong anymore. Once, people like my hippy mum and Afro dad were considered cool. They afterwards split; it didn’t work out. I think their relationship was built on a need to make some sort of statement. People don’t think that way anymore.”

“What on earth are you talking about, dear, you have lost me.”

“Anna, there’s been a shift in attitudes. People like us are discriminated against, like we don’t belong. It’s alright for you, I know you’re liberal but you’re white.”

Anna felt uncomfortable. Her mixed-race friend was beginning to sound like a racist. “Zahra, what on earth has the colour of my skin got to do with anything?”

Her friend sighed: “It has everything to do with everything. You liberals made a big mistake. You deceived yourself into thinking you held the moral high ground and that attitudes would change. They did change but not the way you imagined them to. People just don’t think like you anymore.”

“You’re crazy,” her friend murmured but she knew she was being hypocritical. She had once dated a coloured guy. One evening, Anna had destroyed the photographs of her and Lewis. Too often she had watched negativity on faces when showing those photographs.

A surge towards White European race-conservation fuelled by out of control immigration had caused attitudes to harden and change. What was once considered cool now filled people with disgust. Liberals and Leftists could hide their past but her friend couldn’t hide her parents’ thoughtlessness.

Those whose past lifestyles were no longer accepted unfairly placed the burden of their liberal indiscretions on the shoulders of their children. As a Chief Police Officer revealed, before being silenced by political correctness, children of mixed race relationships are rejected by both parent’s ethnic types; without roots they feel they don’t belong.

* * *

Source: author; an excerpt from Europe Arise by Michael Walsh

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