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Playing It Safe

Colgate_University_Seal.svgby Dr. William L. Pierce

THE PRESIDENT of New York’s Colgate University, Dr. George B. Cutten, gave an address to the Canadian Society of New York, the highlights of which were reported without editorial comment in the New York Times under the headline “Colgate’s Head Asserts Melting Pot U.S. Doom: Declares America Rushing Madly on to Race Suicide and End of Our Civilization.” The text of the New York Times article follows:

“The great fallacy of the melting pot has been,” [Dr. Cutten] . . . said, “that we thought environment played so much larger a part in life than heredity, and if we could only get people here and surround them with the proper environment, it mattered not who they were; they would become intellectual, cultured, and moral according to our standard. Experience has proved the fallacy of such a supposition.

“What this thought of ‘democracy,’ ‘equality,’ and the ‘melting pot’ has accomplished is to permit persons of different races and intellectuality to marry and deteriorate our stock at an alarming rate. Not only philanthropy but modern medicine is deteriorating the stock, for by this means is inferior stock kept alive.

“We must either build up from our own resources and conserve our race power, or else we must admit only such immigrants as shall strengthen and not weaken our race, or both. The danger which the ‘melting pot’ brings the nation is the breeding out of the higher divisions of the white race and the breeding in of the lower divisions.”

A nation’s strength is tested, he said, not by numbers but by the proportion of people of ability which it contains. “The whole advancement of the world has depended upon the ability of a comparatively few great minds, and these can only be obtained by breeding them,” he continued. “A pint can never be educated to hold more than a pint. It may be put in an environment where it will be more useful, but never will develop more capacity. Mental superiority is much more recent than physical and much more unstable; high intelligence is a recent trait and is comparatively rare. We have spent more effort to keep the race stupid than to make it intelligent, and now we are dissipating what intelligence we have.”

Be assured that this New York Times report is no hoax. The president of a prestigious American school, Colgate University, actually gave the speech attributed to him here, and the New York Times simply reported it without denouncing him as a “hater” or a “neo-Nazi” or a “racist.” The date of the report, however, was May 14, 1923.

What a difference 74 years makes in the life of a nation and a race! In 1923 George Cutten’s views were shared by a majority of learned men in America, and the takeover of the New York Times by the Jews was still recent enough that its editor thought it wise not to attack those views openly and directly. But in 1923 the democrats, the egalitarians, and the melting-pot enthusiasts were crawling out from under their rocks and also were active giving speeches, delivering sermons, putting up stealth candidates for public office, and organizing liberal/leftist clubs on America’s campuses — and receiving much warmer and more enthusiastic reports in the New York Times than Dr. Cutten. And gradually, ever so gradually, the New York Times became bolder and more open, while the men who should have been saying, forcefully and loudly and repeatedly, the things Cutten said opted instead in favor of playing it safe and not getting on the wrong side of this increasingly powerful newspaper.

And so here we are today — which proves once again that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

* * *

Source: National Vanguard magazine, Number 117, March-April 1997

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