MN Governor Dayton: Don’t Like Immigrants, Get Out of Minnesota!

Mark Dayton

EARLIER THIS WEEK, in St. Cloud, MN, the Democrat Governor of the State—Mark Dayton—made it pretty clear to those who have been questioning the mass importation of Somali refugees to the state—too bad for you, find another place to live. (ILLUSTRATION: Gov. Mark Dayton: If you don’t like our Somali refugees, get out of Minnesota because they are here to stay!)

Oh, and following on the point I’ve been making over the last few days, here, here and here, the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) was there.  As I said, CAIR is now taking an up front position on more refugee resettlement (and you can be sure it isn’t the Syrian Christians they are worried about!).

My guess is that CAIR was hoping the whole concept of the Hijra (Mohammed’s demand that Muslims migrate as a form of jihad) would not be out in the open and that we wouldn’t notice until it was too late, but we have.  So now they are openly pushing refugee resettlement.

From the Daily Globe (thanks to all who sent it):

St. CLOUD — Harsh words and heartfelt sentiment were exchanged by community members and local officials on racial issues in Central Minnesota at the St. Cloud NAACP Community Conversation with Gov. Mark Dayton. [I don’t get it, doesn’t the NAACP know that all the migrants are taking jobs that African Americans need?—ed]

Hosted Tuesday at St. Cloud Public Library, about 100 people from diverse backgrounds gathered to ask questions of St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis, St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson, State Rep. Jim Knoblach, Minnesota Human Rights Commissioner Kevin Lindsey, Council on Black Minnesotans Community Program Specialist Kolloh Nimley and St. Cloud AFYA Pharmacy co-owner Dr. Edris Kosar.

From the start of the event, Dayton bluntly stated his opinions on the racial tension in St. Cloud and across the state in regards to immigration.

“Look around you. This is Minnesota,” Dayton said. “Minnesota is not like it was 30, 50 years ago. … This is Minnesota and you have every right to be here. And anybody who cannot accept your right to be here, and this is Minnesota, should find another state.”

Dayton said he was aware of some of the racial issues happening in the St. Cloud area and urged participants to take a stand against what he described as “unacceptable, un-Minnesotan, illegal and immoral” behavior.

“If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state. Find a state where the minority population is 1 percent or whatever. It’s not that in Minnesota. It’s not going to be again. It’s not going to be that in St. Cloud, or Rochester or Worthington,” Dayton said.

CAIR was also in attendance.

Another audience member took issue with the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, accusing the organization of being supported by terrorists.

CAIR Minnesota Executive Director Jaylani Hussein, who had previously addressed the crowd on his concerns on racial tension said his organization is not affiliated with terrorist groups.

See “Breeding terrorists in Minnesota,” here.

Minnesota has developed very active Pockets of Resistance.’  See especially our lengthy archive on St. Cloud by clicking here.

Changing the subject slightly!

Find out what health problems refugees are bringing to Minnesota!

Metro Refugee Health Task Force says “Medically complex cases” entering Minnesota!

Some of you involved in the resistance in the state should attend these important meetings (next one is Nov. 3). Follow the links, but here is what they say about the September meeting and what was discussed (remember you are paying for all of this!):

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Refugee and International Health Program (RIHP) staff presented on the latest refugee arrival  and health screening data; medically complex cases; special projects and community engagement; and emerging health issues.

I contend that if more Americans knew how much disease/parasites etc. were coming in with refugees they would be shocked into action—likely fearing disease more than Islamic terrorists!

Update:  A reader just sent me another story on the Governor’s demand to get out, here.

* * *

Source: Refugee Resettlement Watch

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Alexander Noble
Alexander Noble
21 October, 2015 1:42 pm

As I said elsewhere, it’s funny how “democracy” means the majority’s desires are irrelevant. It takes major nerve for the governor to tell the constituents who elected him to get the hell out of their own state. Way to get cocky and overconfident. Please more of that, it helps.

21 October, 2015 3:59 pm

Who cares what the governor of MN says? From the 1860s forward, state capitol buildings have been nothing more than Federal outposts. All roads lead to Washington city.

19 September, 2016 11:06 am

Traditional Americans can’t seem to give their hard fought for country away fast enough. Those who died for us must be turning in their graves. Oh, not because of immigrants, but the type of immigrants being welcomed in. We apparently believe that everyone thinks like us. We just don’t seem to fathom the Muslim mind and what they believe. That they do not assimilate, but want to take over what the kind infidels who took them in, have. We have gotten too soft and vulnerable. That’s when you lose what you have, but we are too blind to see that in spite of the fact that it happens wherever they go. All one needs to do is look at Europe, yet we refuse to see. This is the world of… Read more »

19 September, 2016 11:19 am

First off, I always thought this guy was a special kind of………… well, you know. But I suppose he just has your typical liberal mind of wishful thinking. Some day this country will understand the reality of basic aggressive human nature. We get fat dumb and happy, then think everyone else is too. But those that don’t have that comfort are willing to take it from those who are weak. Of course the weak don’t understand that until it is far too late. They just keep backing down and giving away more and more, thinking that they must be ‘fair and understanding’, and that this time it will never be enough. It will NEVER be enough until you have nothing left. Our fair and generous minds just can’t grasp that.

19 September, 2016 11:49 am

“Violent attacks in three states have put the U.S. on high alert”

This is just beginning folks. And your government intends to bring in over 100,000 more – as a start. WHY ARE WE ACCEPTING THIS?