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Jews, Child Abuse, and “Forgetting”

Israeli Army

by Anthony Collins

IN WILLIAM L. Pierce’s short article, “A Tribal Affair,” National Vanguard, no. 112, January–February 1992, p. 6 (reprinted below), Dr. Pierce tells us about Orthodox Jews’ tribal attitude towards sex abuse of children. It’s worth noting and emphasizing the meaning of the word “orthodox” in relation to Jews. Orthodox Jews are much more than a fringe or marginal element of contemporary Jewry. Historically speaking, Orthodox Judaism has been orthodox Judaism. Orthodox Jews might be a minority among contemporary Jews today, but they’re a large minority, and they form an increasingly large proportion of the Jewish population. (ILLUSTRATION: Orthodox Jews)

The blog titled “Religion and Child Abuse News” has an interesting collection of articles dealing with sexual abuse among Orthodox Jews.

Judith Herman’s remark on child abusers on the blog’s sidebar reminds me of how Jews deal with those who would expose their crimes:

“In order to escape accountability for his crimes, the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. Secrecy and silence are the perpetrator’s first line of defense. If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of his victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure no one listens . . . After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies: it never happened; the victim lies; the victim exaggerates; the victim brought it on herself; and in any case it is time to forget the past and move on.”

The Jews deal with “anti-Semitism” in similar ways. They’ve been successful in promoting forgetting among the goyim. They’ve been waging war against the goyim for millennia, yet many of our people are unable to see it, unable to remember it, unable to believe it.

Many of our people unthinkingly accept the Jewish narrative. They accept the testimony of a Jew over that of their own kin. They condemn our ancestors for their “medieval anti-Semitism,” but they never criticize the Jews for their medieval Semitism. They regard our ancestors’ alleged “persecution” of the Jews — partly real and partly fictitious — as a kind of original sin, an immense and inexpiable sin inherited by our people. But they ignore, deny, excuse, or dismiss the very real misdeeds of the Jews. They apply New Testament ethics to the Jews, even though the Jews have long applied Old Testament ethics against us, and show no sign of relaxing them.

* * *

A Tribal Affair

by Dr. William L. Pierce

IN ADDITION to the newspapers they publish for the goyim to read, Jews have a number of publications intended to be read only by other Jews. From the latter there is a wealth of insight into the Jewish psyche to be gained. Some of the stories in these intramural Jewish publications are really interesting; others are merely bizarre, seeming almost to be about creatures of an entirely different species from us. A story which appeared in the August 2 edition of the Jewish Chronicle (London) last year falls into both categories. The story begins:

Police were called to Stamford Hill, the heart of the strictly Orthodox community in London, during the weekend, when bricks were hurled at a house, a car was attacked by a crowd armed with metal bars, and a family was forced to leave its home. Police reports said over 100 people were involved in disturbances on Saturday and Sunday nights.

The violence flared during demonstrations by strictly Orthodox Jews against the sentencing of 18-year-old Stamford Hill resident Eli Cohen for indecent assault against a five-year-old girl.

Well, you must be thinking, obviously these intensely religious Jews were upset that someone had molested a five-year-old Jewish girl. They presumably were angry because the child molester wasn’t given strict enough punishment for his crime.

Wrong. The Jews were furious for two reasons: First, that charges were brought against a Jew for something that Orthodox Jews do not regard as a crime. Second, that the little girl’s parents had committed the unforgivable sin of mesira by reporting the rape of their daughter to the Gentile authorities. The Talmud, the authoritative compilation of commentary on Jewish oral law, prescribes death for a moser, a Jew who gives evidence against another Jew to a non-Jew.

The Jewish Chronicle article continues:

Trouble started early on Friday evening when a brick smashed a window at the home of the girl’s family, who cannot be named for legal reasons. As Shabbat [i.e., the Sabbath, Saturday] ended the father of the family was warned that demonstrations were likely. His wife left the house and drove away, keeping in touch with her husband by car phone.

“I was in the car, together with two daughters of a family friend, when a large number of men stopped cars in front of me and behind me and then took metal bars to try to smash the windows,” the mother said.

Police rescued the mother and at the same time were attempting to control over 100 demonstrators, mostly young men, who were shouting abuse and threatening violence outside the family’s home. Eggs were thrown at police officers and a number of arrests were made, although no one was charged. Demonstrators then mounted a picket outside Stoke-Newington Police Station until almost 3 AM.

One man who witnessed the demonstration outside the family’s home said: “The street was crammed solid with people. The crowd were chanting ‘moiser’ and ‘get out of town.’”

Other witnesses said that during the protest men and women had maintained religious separation. The men stood in front of the house and the women stood to the side.

By Sunday both the parents were understood to be in a safe house outside of Stamford Hill, and there was a visible police presence in the area. . . . A notice was displayed in local synagogues making it clear that police intended to take a firm line in any further demonstration.

If the same story, related so matter-of-factly in the Jewish Chronicle, had been printed in the Times or any other publication for Gentiles the Jews would have screamed about “anti-Semitism” and denied that the incident even happened. A few Gentile readers might have been aghast that Jews who lived in the same city with them had attempted to murder a Jewish family for reporting the rape of their five-year-old daughter by another Jew, but most readers simply wouldn’t be able to comprehend it. They wouldn’t be able to believe that Jews really are that alien, because Christian apologists for the Jews have been telling us for so long that Jews are just like us, except they have a different religion.

* * *

Source: National Vanguard, no. 112, January–February 1992, p. 6.; transcribed by Anthony Collins

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