German Town of 100 Must Take 1,000 Syrian Migrants


Mayor at townhall: ‘I did not expect so many interested residents’

A GERMAN MAYOR was perplexed Tuesday as to why his small town of approximately 100 people was livid over the arrival of 1,000 Syrian migrants. (ILLUSTRATION: Roughly 800,000 migrants from the Middle East and northern Africa are expected to relocate to Germany this year.)

The village of Sumte in Lower Saxony gathered for a public meeting Oct. 13. Locals from the rural town wanted to discuss the fallout from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s embrace of migrants fleeing Syria’s civil war and the Islamic State group.

“I did not expect so many interested residents,” Mayor Christian Fabel said, Breitbart London reported Wednesday.

Locals wanted to know how it was logistically possible to handle the needs of incoming migrants, including waste disposal and medical emergencies.

Resident Dirk Hammer said 1,000 was “too many.”

“How do we protect ourselves against crime?” asked one resident.

The mayor said “street lights” would be on at night and new policemen would be hired, the German newspaper Der Spiegel reported Thursday.

German citizens from the village of Sumte in Lower Saxony meet to discuss the arrival of 1,000 Syrian migrants, Oct. 13, 2015

Fabel did eventually acknowledge stresses would be put on the town, but maintained 200-300 migrants would have been “appropriate.”

“The closest supermarket is in Neuhaus, that’s 4 kilometers away for a 1,000 refugees. Public transport barely exists. Local buses are few and far between. We’re in the back of beyond here,” Fabel said, the German Press Agency DPA reported Thursday.

Roughly 450,000 migrants have arrived in Germany this year. Officials expect 800,000 to arrive by 2016.

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Source: World Net Daily

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Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
10 September, 2017 1:01 am

What an unbelievable nightmare that must be.