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Columbus Day Out, “Indigenous Peoples” Day In

bIPD_logoy Andrew Hamilton

COLUMBUS DAY out, “Indigenous Peoples” Day in (1:54) the “news” announced yesterday. And it was news to me.

A local television station informed viewers that St. Paul, Minnesota has begun formally celebrating “Indigenous Peoples Day” instead of Columbus Day; Minneapolis began doing so last year. Minnesota (the state) does not officially recognize Columbus Day, “permitting” municipalities (with no vote by the residents, of course) to celebrate either Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day — for now.

The state of South Dakota officially celebrates “Native American Day” instead of Columbus Day, as does California, a very large and politically influential non-white state.

Everyone knows where this is headed. It is a foregone conclusion: Columbus Day out, “Indigenous Peoples Day,” or some variant thereof, in. Whatever name the new day eventually assumes, the switch has been decided upon. In all probability it will be mandated by federal law.

The television station that broadcast the propaganda piece is racist. Its white on-air personalities tilt heavily lesbian and homosexual. Every single day anti-white propaganda in the form of both “news” and entertainment is broadcast to an audience larger than any pro-white blog or Internet forum ever reaches, despite the fact that it is only a local station.

Carl Icahn
Carl Icahn

Until recently it was owned by the Gannett media chain, but in June 2015 that company split in two, with a successor company called Gannett retaining the declining print media business and the other, newly named TEGNA (a partial anagram of “Gannett” with a couple of the letters dropped), assuming control of the former corporation’s broadcast and Internet assets. TEGNA’s second largest owner at present is Jewish stock manipulator Carl Icahn, who holds 7 percent of the outstanding shares worth $382 million. (Mutual fund giant Vanguard owns slightly more shares.)

Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts

KARE 11 is a network affiliate of billionaire Jewish media oligopolist Brian Roberts’ NBC. Roberts owns NBC television, Universal movie studios, and Internet and telecommunications giant Comcast among other gargantuan properties.

In the course of the two-minute anti-Columbus Day story viewers were treated to several preachy, seconds-long soundbite-sermons of the sort we’re all familiar with.

Joe Hobot, identified as “American Indian OIC,” said “we” want to move forward “celebrating our people, celebrating our culture, and deconstructing some of the colonialistic-type myths that have been associated with Christopher Columbus and the quote unquote discovery of the quote unquote New World.”

"Red man" Joe Hobot
“Red man” Joe Hobot

Take a close, racially aware look at that red man, either in the TV clip or in this photograph, and recognize that we are well past the stage where “whiteness” can be taken for granted. Here I am talking only about genetic, biological whiteness. Politically incorrect though it may be, it is time to get serious about this. It makes sense to begin by using the Nuremberg Laws as a template, in conjunction with stricter SS guidelines and practices for certain matters, and refine things from there.

American Indian OIC is doubtless funded by several levels of government with money taken from taxpayers to pay for Joe Hobot’s and other anti-white activists’ generous salaries and full-time racist activities, as well as by tax exempt (you pay for that, too) gifts from wealthy individuals and foundations.

Kristin Beckmann
Kristin Beckmann

The next mini-sermon was from St. Paul Deputy Mayor Kristin Beckmann (D.), who might be a white woman with no moral center, like the girl-boy team who introduced the piece. (The caveat: Beckmann’s husband is a fulltime political consultant named Robert Richman, and her mentor in politics was Jewish US Senator Paul Wellstone (D.-Minn.), born in Washington, D.C. to immigrants from Ukraine originally named Wexelstein.

As Deputy Mayor, Beckmann is obsessed with making sure that fewer whites get well-paid city jobs, because too many (80%) of St. Paul’s employees are still “Caucasian.” (It would require an independent audit to ascertain whether the 80% figure is actually true.) She therefore “has her sights set on hiring more black firefighters, Hmong snowplow drivers and Latino parks and rec workers.” She says, “And St. Paul jobs are good union jobs, with health care and benefits.”

You know what that means: Racial discrimination and economic deprivation that has the government’s and the judiciary’s stamp of approval — institutionalized racism.

Even so, the type of racial discrimination favored by Beckmann is not wholly objectionable. For example, she should be replaced by a nonwhite herself. More than that, nonwhites, not Beckmann, should have held every one of her previous jobs, each of which was ultimately economically dependent upon the public sector to support her comfortable lifestyle. There is no excuse for her white (or Jewish, if such is the case) privilege.

Cut from similar but not identical cloth is Minnesota Lt. Governor Tina Smith (D.), formerly head of the regional tri-state Planned Parenthood abortion mill, who added her two cents.

Note that in every case — St. Paul, Minneapolis, South Dakota, Minnesota, California — governments are imposing the Columbus Day changes; “minorities” — the word is a misnomer — are merely their tools. The renaming occurs with the approval and participation of higher levels of government as well as the controlled media. Nothing is done democratically.

Finally there was Melanie Benjamin, the Chief Executive of the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (Chippewa) Indians, who spoke of the injustice suffered by all “native persons” when they were taught in “public school” that Christopher Columbus, “the symbol of genocide against native people,” was a hero.

Let us state the obvious: It has been a long, long time since any public school anywhere, or any private school for that matter, has taught pupils that Columbus was a hero.

The TV station did not inform viewers about this sententious woman’s background. According to the press, a previous stint as Chief Executive ended when the tribe, following an 18-month investigation, determined that she’d falsified invoices to get the group to pay for $21,000 worth of improvements to her home and improperly comped herself $52,000 for high-roller meals and rooms at the band’s casinos.

It is important to be aware of ongoing changes like “Indigenous People’s Day” and, more to the point, the individuals and groups behind them. But Columbus Day itself is not worth fighting for. Doing so would constitute a waste of time, energy, and resources. Things are cascading far too fast for that. There is no longer anything left to salvage or “conserve.”

Instead, attention should focus on core potential pressure points. The entire stinking mess must come down.

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Rory Byrne
Rory Byrne
13 October, 2015 6:47 pm

Kristin Beckmann attends “Mt. Zion Congregation” synagogue, according to her official bio. See

Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
Jeremiah Johnson, Jr.
14 October, 2015 4:02 am

The “red man Joe Hobot” looks about as “native American” as I do. He’s probably one of those whites who had a Cherokee great-great grandfather and now calls himself a “native American.” Any white politician or media pundit who advocates for minorities displacing whites in the workforce should be forced to give their jobs over to a minority. They are such hypocrites. They call for common folk like us to be deprived of our jobs but they won’t relinquish their’s. I thought is was poetic justice when Hillary Clinton was pushed out of the presidential race by Obama. Her husband had been called the first black president and he talked about how he had done so much for blacks (what he did for them I don’t know), so I thought… Read more »

George Wright
George Wright
14 October, 2015 5:58 pm

The Jews won’t rest until every prominent White man in human history has been discredited and his name vilified. Does anyone remember George Custer? ??

5 November, 2018 7:20 am

It may be good that city governments are being turned over to non-whites faster than the already perverse rate of America’s browning. American cities are no place for whites now, with their anonymity, banning means of self defense, and additional taxes to pay for the criminal and parasitic. State and federal taxes are enough. As long as whites still operate the farms, factories, rural and exurb police departments, ports and railroads, airports, reservoirs, infrastructure control and maintenance, and military, there is some safety. Redundancy of choke-points is good; what’s needed is changing some minds at them on issues of racial balance and where it will lead, in particular whites’ in the upper echelons of the military.