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Black Beauty?

lupita_leonardo_dicaprio_by David Sims

EDITOR’S NOTE: Beauty, in your editor’s opinion, is an ancient genetic message telling us, among other things, what the future should be like in an ideal sense — for our particular life form. Naturally, the idea of the beautiful varies widely among the races. One glance at African art or Jewish art tells us that in an instant.

I’VE BEEN blocked by People magazine because I expressed an opinion about the attractiveness of Lupita Nyong’o which is contrary to their own. Per my own policy about such things, those remarks will now be posted in a hundred other venues, of which this will be one. Here’s what I wrote:

Lupita Nyong’o isn’t beautiful at all; she is merely presented to us, well-groomed, in a digitally manipulated and airbrushed picture. There are even other black women who are more nearly beautiful than Lupita Nyong’o is, but none of them were famously portrayed in recent movies, so the PC hucksters at People had to work with the material at hand. (ILLUSTRATION: Lupita Nyong’o with Leonardo di Caprio)

Yes, I know that beauty is subjective. And for my entire life I have used my own standards for beauty, which I will continue to do.

However: no, I have most certainly not been “fed the idea that white features are the most perfect, the most beautiful.” The fact is that for most of my life, since the 1960s or so, the nonsense idea that “Black Is Beautiful” comprises most of the propaganda that I’ve had pushed upon me, via magazines, via television, via public education, and via commercial advertising from businesses anxious to appear on board with state requirements for racial “equal” opportunity.

That’s the actual direction that the ideological force-feeding has taken in regard to conceptions of beauty: it hasn’t been pro-white. It has, rather, been pro-black.

Yet despite all of this blather from every public and most private institutional venues, I still don’t regard African features as beautiful. Not even when they are clean, glamorously made up, digitally enhanced, framed by expensive clothing, and presented at the most advantageous angles under friendly lighting.

Broad, flat noses are not beautiful. I don’t care what the government says. They simply are not. The same goes for the African genetic predisposition for receded hairlines, booty-butts, kinky hair, oversized and everted lips, prognathous jaws, and forehead angles that suggest small cerebrums. My judgment isn’t result of propaganda, but of innate sense about beauty. If I were under the sway of propaganda, I’d be drooling over pictures of black women with African features: but I’m not, so I don’t.

Again, I say: there are more attractive “black” women than Lupita Nyong’o. I saw one of them in a Lewisburg, West Virginia department store in 2002. But she was a mulatto, a black-white mixed-race person in whom inherited white genes had determined most of her physical structure. Still, why would any white man want the good stuff in diluted form?

A white person should have a white sense about what beauty is, and what it is not. Let the blacks disagree with us all they want to; I’ve no problem with dissent. But I do have a problem with political correctness trying to change my judgment in anything, including, but not limited to, beauty.

Lupita isn’t ugly. She just isn’t beautiful. She’s made up by an artist, dressed by an expert, and shown under warm light. She still isn’t beautiful. We are being told that she is beautiful, but the argument from authority doesn’t work with me, especially when the (lol) “authority” is People magazine.

Lupita was chosen because she is black. If she were a white woman with exactly the same features: flat nose, prognathous jaw, oversized mouth, back-sloped forehead, then you’d consider her a freak, not a beauty. You’d say that she was unfortunate, not favored, in her inherited looks. But because she is black, all of those sigils of ugliness are forgiven and replaced with oohs and ahhs of politically correct fawning.

* * *

Source: David Sims

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2 November, 2015 8:06 pm

It’s funny that I see this article here today. Just last evening, through a fluke of clicking on links, I came across a well-matched non-white couple. A still-young Samoan retired football player and his likely “mostly white” black wife. I’m brutally honest about what I find attractive, sexy, etc; always have been. I was somewhat perplexed by this couple. They were young, healthy, had normal looking children. One the Samoan, the other the light yellow-brown “black.” In some images they could’ve passed for siblings. The Samoan side, already lightly mixed with Melanesian genes, wouldn’t lose out by admixing with a female with a lot of European DNA. Oddly, she was at least half or more white, while he possibly has no European DNA. For approximately one full second, I fantasized… Read more »