White Women are Getting Fed Up

WE ARE SICK and tired of having our countries ruined, seeing our folk demoralized, and being hated and blamed for all of the worlds problems. We are speaking out, and standing up for our people. We will not let this continue.

* * *

EDITOR’S NOTE: This video has the potential to go viral, so please copy the url of this page and spread it far and wide on social media.

Not all White women are ungrateful they had ancestors who preserved their purity.

I am proud of what these women are saying, and, if the comments sections I see on the many sites which are promoting this video today are any indication, there are thousands upon thousands who agree.

Healthy White women instinctively respect strong and uncompromising men when it comes to the welfare of future generations of our folk, something they instinctively care about deeply. And more and more of them are being emboldened by others speaking out like this. If the White women in your circles are not awakened, or seem not to be awakened, lead by example.

Feminism is a series of malicious lies designed to kill us off. The idea that a woman is “free” when she spends her life working for a corporate boss under Jewish financiers — and “enslaved” when she works for her own Folk and family — is a despicable lie. And it will not stand.

* * *

Source: European Guardian

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5 September, 2015 10:57 am

Blackening White fairy tales, legends, and fables is done more to dilute White cohesion than to appease Blacks. Blacks are really a pawn in this. I also find it respectless towards Blacks. It seems they can only be carried by others. When Blacks want to emancipate themselves, they should promote their own stories and fables. I would respect that.

5 September, 2015 12:47 pm

Were these heralds of enlightenment of American muliebrity not so young and beautiful one might grasp at hope and indulge themselves with optimism.

Most women do not have their privilege and instead of flowers and cheers will be given epithets and reproof.

Is this conformity to new trends or are these young women representative of an awakening?

5 September, 2015 7:24 pm

Herr, Heinemann;

Have faith, intelligent and awake women are real, just like fast cars and radio waves. Their generation (Strauss-Howe) is an awakening generation; so yes.

Reply to  Harvey
6 September, 2015 5:21 pm

Mea Culpa. Their generation is a Strauss-Howe unravelling generation, but even so, yes.