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The Duggars, the McDonalds, and the Jews


They hate us — and everything they do is designed or skewed to hurt us.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Josh Duggar torpedoed his own reputation recently with revelations of extramarital sexual affairs in the Ashley Madison data dump. But the main point of this piece — that Jews selectively generate outrage (as with Josh Duggar’s youthful mistakes) — and suppress stories that should generate outrage (as with the McDonald family of Black killers in Texas) — holds true.

by David Sims

ZIONIST JEWS may have assassinated the Duggar family’s income. Most of the snarky remarks and hyperbole regarding the early teenage misadventure of Josh Duggar has been coming from Zionist Jews, such as public relations CEO Ronn Torossian, who recently said, “The Duggar family is done and finished and it is impossible for them to ever again get a career in reality TV. I mean, what brand or network would want to be partnered with them?”

To refresh your memory. Long ago, Josh Duggar, then 14 years old, became (in the words of Jessa Duggar) “a little too curious about girls” and ran his hands over the bodies of several of his sleeping sisters. He felt guilty about doing it and volunteered a confession, which his father had the poor judgment to relay to the police.

In a money-tight budgetary environment, the police are always looking for somebody to jump on, so that they can posture, strut about, morally preen themselves, act important, and grandstand. And the same is true for the bureaucrats at agencies like Child Protective Services. The reason is simple.

Because money is scarce, governmental agencies must compete for funding. If they don’t compete well, then they might have to lay off staff, and put pet projects on hold, and their top administrators might not get raises. Hence, they become over-zealous, and eager to find any molehill so that they can make a mountain out of it.

The childhood curiosity of Josh Duggar was used as a pretext to assassinate the whole family’s income. The bureaucrats of the local Child Protective Services agency tried to find some excuse to jump into things and split the Duggar family apart, even though the actions of Josh Duggar had happened 12 years earlier, and therefore it would have been far, far, far too late for any meaningful intervention, if we were to imagine that some sort of intervention has ever been required. Personally, I doubt it.

Different standards apply for different folks. Injuns wanting to get closer to the Great Spirit by smoking peyote are told that they may not. Meanwhile, Jewish rabbis just go right on sucking blood from the penises of boy babies that they cut, and nobody official ever gives them any trouble over it.

Zionist Jews don’t like Whites. They don’t like non-Jews generally, but, in particular, they hate Whites. It isn’t a carry-over from the Holocaust (hoax), either. There’s a general enmity between those of Semitic ancestry and those of Indo-European ancestry. Where it comes from, I can only guess. But that it is there is indisputable. The Zionist Jews leech off us, with usury and with frauds of other kinds.

But even though the White race has ever been the goose that lays the golden eggs that the Jews have been stealing, they’d murder us all if they could.

One thing that Zionist Jews definitely don’t like is a large White family making its way, earning its keep, without resorting to welfare or some other means of institutional control. The Duggars were just such a family. They supported themselves for a while with a reality TV show that made them almost a million dollars a year.

The Zionist Jews are like a big, poisonous snake in the world’s living room, and everyone else is trying to pretend either that it isn’t there, or that it’s really only a friendly puppy.

The mainstream media is almost entirely under the control of Zionist Jews. They decide which stories will get TV and press coverage, and which stories won’t. They shape public opinion with their power to manage the available information, making free to abuse emphasis and omission in the most grotesque ways imaginable.

For example, consider the media attention given to an instance of sexual abuse, aggravated by an infanticide-by-fire, that was committed by a Black family named McDonald in Dallas in early 2013. The year before, a Black male had raped one of his female relatives, who became pregnant as the result of the rape, which greatly displeased other members of her family. To rectify the situation, the family ganged up on the pregnant girl. They beat her, held her down, and stomped on her stomach until she miscarried. Then they took the one-month-premature baby and burned it to death on a charcoal grill, in an attempt to get rid of it.

How much media attention did the guilty Black family get? Oh, about five days. Maybe a week. And you had to read the papers (print or online) in Texas to find out about it.

But the Duggars are a White family, and, as I’ve said, Zionist Jews hate Whites most especially, possibly for historical reasons that I don’t fully understand. They actually have long-range plans to exterminate our race; they’ve been writing about it episodically for about a century. If you’ve missed it, then you weren’t looking for it. Because large self-supporting White families work contrarily to their agenda, Zionist Jews constantly look for ways to make trouble for them. And giving media focus to a minor inappropriate touching incident that did not involve rape, did not involve nudity, did not involve physical harm, to such an extent that we are still hearing about it 13 years later, and to such an extent that the Duggars have been deprived of their collective livelihood, is one of the things that Zionist Jews can do to Whites who dare to defy their wishes.

One last note. I can hardly believe that two of the Duggar clan just named their baby “Israel.” Don’t they know who’s been giving their family trouble?

* * *

Source: David Sims

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5 September, 2015 5:26 pm

The Duggars, a family of moronic Christian fundamentalists, are most definitely NOT the kind of White folks we should encourage to multiply! Most of the Duggar children look like the offspring of degenerated hillbillies!… I’ve just look at their stupid web-site: They’re PATHETIC!!