Need Help With Your Anti-Semitism?


ARE YOU finding you’re morphing into a filthy anti-semite?

Do you increasingly have outbursts of race-conscious thoughts?

Do you believe that 2+2=4?

Are you becoming angry towards your local council and government?

Do you find you are becoming more xenophobic towards the millions of foreigners flooding into your country?

Are you proud of being European and have nationalistic tendencies?

Are you getting self-conscious of big brother surveillance?

Do you think that diversity is a negative concept for your society?

Are you repelled by the anti-nature sexual trends foisted onto your society?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions – then you are suffering from a mental disease. You are infected by a traditionalist right-wing virus. And you need immediate help!

But the good news is you can be cured of this metal illness relatively easily!

Yes, we here at The Progressiveness Clinic are able to cure you of your 4 affliction. We have hundreds of case studies where we have cured people of their Nationalist traditionalist values.

Our friendly qualified staff can cure you within weeks of entering our 10 step programme.

We recognise that these old-hat nationalist values are regressive and anti-social to a modern diverse and progressive society. We have a fail-proof system which has been created by our two leading psychologist Dr. Shlomo Goldberg and Dr. Hannah Bernstein which is guaranteed to turn any individualistic mindset around to a progressive thinking liberal…..within weeks! The system they have formulated is called the PCT [Progressive Conditioning Therapy] which has been created in the university of Tel Aliv. The results are truly incredible. Literally hundreds of filthy antisemitic (2+2=4) mindsets have been transformed. [Please see references below.]

Here at The Progressiveness Clinic we can guarantee a 180 degree turnaround in your thought pattern within ten weeks. We offer both one-to-one counselling sessions and group therapy to suit your needs [depending on your level of hatred].

So call us today for a free consultation on:
freephone 0800 666 101

The Progressiveness Clinic
helping build a progressive and diverse society

Some references from some of our treated (conditioned) clients:

“I can’t believe the turn around I’ve had since attending The Progressiveness Clinic. Within 6 weeks I had already rid myself of being proud of my race. And converted into a Guardian-reading lefty socialist do-gooder liberal.”
~ Sandra from Iselworth London


“Thank you to all the staff at The Progressiveness Clinic. I am so ashamed to think I was once an evil nazi anti-semite fascist racist – and now I am a proud member of my local anti-fascist communist party. What a radical shift in mindset. What it is to now be progressive.”
~ Mr Winters – Bury St Edmunds England


“Big thumbs up to Progressive Conditioning Therapy. To think I was one a Jew-hating filthy anti-semite. Now I am a huge advocate of the Babylonian Talmud and Protocols of the Learned of Zion. And fully guilt-ridden due to my Germanic Aryan heritage. I feel truly saved. Thank Mosses for usury.”
~ Ute from Stuttgart Germany


“To think I was once disgusted by the lavish antics of the Gay Pride parade. Now thanks to the 10 Step Programme I am fully politically correct. I now relish public displays of sexually explicit homosexual behaviour on the streets of my home town. I say, bring on the rainbow lifestyle.”
~ Paul from New Orleans America


“Once a proud white nationalist – now a fully progressive pc liberal. Diversity diversity diversity – can’t get enough of it. All thanks to The Progressiveness Clinic.”
~ Colin from New Zealand


“Ohh how silly I feel now; to think I was once a content housewife caring for my family, with traditional family values. PCT has now changed me into a proud aggressive feminist. Good riddance to traditional values – high five to my new lesbian lifestyle.”
~ Margret from Stratford upon Avon, England

* * *

Source: Renegade Tribune

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28 September, 2015 6:08 pm

“Under the firm guidance of Progressive Clinic, I am now confident I am correct on all political and social issues. Got my Che Guevara poster up and a Jewish girlfriend, er partner; and a Xanax prescription from our state therapist. A special thanks to the Academic phalanx at Progressive Clinic — I’m getting such good grades. Looks like a Civil Service pension for me!” ~ Slavoj from Saas Fee, Switzerland

29 September, 2015 12:10 pm

1+1=2 This is not satire .Many people can not do this. Yet it may be a saving formula for life.

For one learns today that one plus one is not always two.

Is it? Even simple reasoning has been corrupted and the mind degraded to cadaverous obedience no longer able to discriminate right from wrong.