Jews: Criminals, First Class

bekenby David Sims

JIM GOAD recently wrote: “In modern America, you can’t even publicly notice Jewish success. You are forced, to borrow a very loaded term, to deny it. This suggests that for Jewish success to persist, some people feel that its very existence must be vigilantly denied.” (ILLUSTRATION: One who got caught — Seth Bekenstein)

That is because a big part of that “success,” both in the present and historically, was based on practices which, at times, have been criminal and which, at times, have been legitimized however dishonest and immoral they were.

This isn’t to say that only Jews do dishonest things for gain, but I do mean to say that, on a per capita basis, Jews do such things much more often and with much greater adroitness than any other group of which I know.

Once in a while — and only once in a while — do the Jews get caught at one or another of their many criminal perfidies. Jews have been caught repeatedly laundering money through bogus charities for the benefit of Latin American drug lords. Jews have been caught creating and marketing child pornography and snuff-porn. Jews have been caught selling stolen human body organs.

In some of the exposes of Jewish crime rackets, the largely Jewish-owned press has helped to do the exposing. Does this indicate a degree of honor? No. When Jewish criminals are exposed by the press, the criminals are nearly always Jews of a different stripe than are the mostly atheist Ashkenazi Jews who run the media.

When former Israeli president Moshe Katsav was accused, tried, convicted, and imprisoned for rape in Israel, the biggest reason for his hounding and punishment wasn’t about whether he was guilty. It was the result of the fact that he, a relatively low-on-the-totem-pole Iranian Jew, had dared to engage socially much higher-ranking Ashkenazi Jews in a public controversy. In the beginning of that matter, a female Jewish bureaucrat in Katsav’s administration began blackmailing Katsav, to gain benefits that Katsav did not believe she deserved. Unless Katsav gave the woman those benefits, she would denounce him for “sexual harassment” and ruin his career with the ensuing scandal.

Showing some guts, Katsav reported the woman to the Israeli attorney general, Menahem Mazuz. But Mazuz is Ashkenazi, and so was the female accuser. Mazuz turned the tables on Katsav, somehow finding reasons to support the woman who Katsav was reporting for blackmail. The initial charge of “sexual harassment” was embellished into rape. The elevation of a lesser charge into a much greater one is an intimidation tactic familiar to Americans, as prosecutors do this to US citizens all the time. Offered a plea bargain, Katsav refused, hoping to prove his innocence in court. Instead, he was convicted and sentenced to prison.

Even when you are a Jew, you must carefully weigh your status, lest you learn too late that you weren’t as big a Jew (or as much of a Jew) as the person you had annoyed.

That’s a lesson that Orthodox Jewish rabbis on the US East Coast keep forgetting, and the Ashkenazim have episodically deigned to remind them of their place. A conspiracy among Orthodox rabbis to launder money for the Latin American drug lords and use the profits of the illegal business to corrupt local and state government officials in New York and New Jersey was exposed in early 1997, and the (Ashkenazi) Jewish-run New York Times published the story about the arrests on 17 June of that year.

Did the Orthodox Jews learn a lesson? Of course not. The same thing happened again in 2010, and this time, along with Orthodox rabbis arrested for money laundering, a Jew was arrested for trying to sell an illegally obtained human kidney to an FBI agent for $160,000.

These weren’t isolated exercises of criminality by Jewish religious leaders. It’s commonplace. In 2000, the Ashkenazi-controlled media permitted the public to learn about the misdeeds of Jewish money launderers in Australia. See “The Dirty Laundry of Jews in Australia” (Sydney Morning Herald, 14 October 2000) and “Jail Not Kosher for Jewish Money Launderers in Australia” (Sydney Morning Herald, 14 October 2000).

The elite Ashkenazi Jews use legal mechanisms as well as illegal ones, and, where they can, they exert their influence to legitimize an enterprise that should be illegal. The biggest of these immoral rackets is very well known as the Federal Reserve System, a systematized usury fraud of a kind that the law should never treat with friendly hands — but does because the top Jews want it that way.

When an Ashkenazi Jew (in good favor with his power base) is accused of a dirty deed, the elite protects him. Read up on the child pornography business of Arie Scher, while he was the vice consul for Israel in Brazil, working officially at the Israeli Embassy in Rio de Janeiro, an official diplomat by day, and a pimp of child prostitutes to Israeli tourists by night. His illicit business was discovered by the Brazilian federal police in June 2000, as reported by the Brasilian newspaper O Dia on 6 July 2000. Scher’s accomplice and child recruiter, George Schteinberg, was a professor of Hebrew language at Liessin College in Rio. Schteinberg got the proverbial slap on the wrist, though he did spend a short while in a Brazilian penitentiary. Scher got clean away. His only punishment was having to give up his diplomat license for five years while he worked at a highly paid administrative job that Israel’s government gave him as alternative employment.

Later the same year, in September 2000, a scandal arose in Italy, Sweden, and Russia regarding another Jewish-run child pornography syndicate, and this time the pornographic videos included scenes of children being raped and then murdered before the camera. The most violent videos were sold at the highest prices, and one of the distributors was found (and arrested by the FBI) in Walnut Creek, California, in early 2001. He was a Jew named Seth Bekenstein.

One very common feature among these Jewish major creeps is they don’t look like creeps. They are usually affable, personable, apparently quite friendly and harmless fellows. The non-Jew isn’t competent to tell the worst of the Jews from the rest of the Jews.

The “Jewish Question” is “Shall the Jews be allowed to stay in our country, given what has happened in the past to other countries that have allowed them to stay?” Now you know.

* * *

Source: David Sims

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27 September, 2015 3:34 pm

Is this not very naïve? Jews, Ashkenhazi or any other type control everything: government , churches, business, media, press, finance, education ad infin.

They come in from Russia or their last victim and are greeted like the prodigal son with already privileged status when they have stolen everything they can before absconding to find new meadows in America.

The first enemy is not the “Jew” or concerning the “Jewish Question”.

It is the white people , who adore and trust them.