Further Evidence Emerges of the “Trash Trail” March through Europe by Non-White Invasion Force


FURTHER EVIDENCE has emerged of the “trail of trash” being left behind by the nonwhite invasion force as it marches through Europe, with more dramatic images and videos being shared to social media circumventing the controlled media’s blackout of the topic.

Only Russia’s RT service has dared to give any coverage to the wave of filth which the invaders have left behind.

In an article titled “Europe’s refugee crisis: Trash trail left behind by asylum seekers upsets locals,” RT told its readers that “[N]ot everyone in Europe is greeting the thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa with open arms. Some locals in countries like Serbia and Hungary have expressed their discontent with the chaos and piles of trash the asylum seekers leave behind.”

The RT report continued: “Plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, empty plastic packets, and untouched humanitarian aid can be seen in photos and videos shared on social media depicting the transit refugee camps and heavily littered migrant route.

“Images from the Roszke refugee camp at the Hungarian-Serbian border — a part of the Western Balkan migration route — show a trash lined roadside littered with empty tents left behind when the asylum seekers left the area.”

Incredibly, RT reported, the trash trail is also being used by the ongoing flow of invaders to “know which route to follow” — as all the later coming invaders have to do is follow the discarded trash.



Another fact which has become increasingly clear with the “trash trail” is that it also consists to a very large degree of the “aid” given to the invaders by the European Union and deluded liberals. All along the path, discarded food, water, tents, and even sleeping beds can be seen, among the piles of trash which, as the RT coverage showed, is bringing disease into Europe as well.

Local residents told RT that the camp and surrounding areas are very dirty. “To be honest, I’m scared of catching something from all the dirt there. There is a lot of disease in those camps and I’m afraid for our children around here,” said Luka, a local resident.

“Here around the camp it’s dirty, a lot of rubbish. I understand those people have their own problems, but I don’t feel safe walking around here in the evening,” said another local, Ana.

* * *

Source: New Observer

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rooster express
rooster express
23 September, 2015 8:11 pm

non whites will turn Europe into a third world slum.

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
11 September, 2017 10:22 am

Same thing happens on the USA/Mexico border. It is easy to see where these third world migrants congregate and camp out. If Whites would overcome (jew) brainwashing and act in concert, these trash sites would be good “game trails” to hang around lie in ambush.