David French: A Cuck Begs for Mercy

5j-XZTqyBANISHING the word “cuckservative” won’t save him.

David French, a staff writer for National Review, is the latest “conservative” to yelp after being called a “cuckservative.” It’s hard to think of anyone who deserved it more. Mr. French managed to father two white children but then adopted an Ethiopian girl. Here she is with Mrs. French, who uses the photo as her Twitter profile picture.

Nancy French, who also claims to be a conservative, is just as unhappy about “cuckservative.” She wrote her own complaint that found its way into that famously conservative publication, the Washington Post.

Being called a “cuck” hurts because it cuts close to the bone. The word cuckold comes from “cuckoo,” the bird that lays its eggs in the nest of a different species. The other mother bird can’t tell the difference, and feeds the cuckoo chick along with her own. The chick rewards her by pitching the other babies out of the nest, so it gets all the food. A cuckold is a man whose wife had an affair, had the baby, and the poor sap thinks it’s his. The cuckold is a figure of derision and contempt because he’s been tricked into lavishing care on a child that’s not his.

The Frenches haven’t even been tricked. Instead of having another child of their own, they deliberately decided to adopt someone who is as alien to them–genetically, racially, culturally–as possible. Adopting African trophy babies is what addle-headed movie stars do. Madonna has a little African. So does Charlize Theron. Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, Jane Fonda, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Nicole Kidman are all raising black children. It’s what you expect from people who crave the limelight and don’t want to conserve anything. That’s why they’re not “cuckservatives.” They don’t know any better; they’re lefties.

True conservatives understand that race is the bedrock of culture, and that virtually nothing they love will survive in an America without white people. “Cuckservatives” are chasing phantoms if they think small government, rule of law, Western culture, the Bill of Rights, good sportsmanship, WASP manners, or incorruptible institutions will survive in an Afro-Hispanic-Caribbean-Asiatic America. At a time when whites are not even having enough children to replace themselves, to adopt Africans instead of having more white babies is deliberately to shove the country towards the Third-World mishmash the Left actually wants. It is a betrayal–especially of one’s own parents and grandparents–but also of everyone who is part of the greater extended family of Europeans.

This is how Mr. French ends his yelping:

We defend a culture, not a race. The foundation of that culture is a faith that makes no distinction among races but rather declares, unequivocally, “All are one, in Christ Jesus.”

If he had written “Allah” rather than “Jesus Christ,” Mr. French would sound just like Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi of ISIS–except that Muslims have a different idea of how to spread the faith and what to do afterwards. But the culture goes back well before Christianity; the Greeks started it. And blacks are the most church-going, Bible-believing people in America. Does that make Detroit and East Saint Louis the citadels of Mr. French’s culture?

How can anyone who is not deliberately blind write as if race were irrelevant? How can Mr. French fail to see that his culture sprang from one race and that others reject it as alien? Africans have been in America for 400 years, yet wherever Africans gather together the culture Mr. French claims to defend is almost nowhere to be seen. Does he really think his little Ethiopian will embrace and strengthen what millions before her have despised?

Look around the world. Wherever you find whites you find a common culture. Wherever you find non-whites you find something different. It is their special talent for failing to see that that makes “conservatives” cuckservatives.

Mr. French’s tactics are as lamentable as his delusions. He wants to banish the word “cuckservative.” He doesn’t want to banish “racism” or “xenophobia” or “white privilege” or any of the other insidious formulations that have tricked whites–included Mr. French–into thinking white racial awareness is wrong. No, it’s “cuckservative” that’s got to go, and it’s easy to see why: It reminds him that culture is flesh and blood and centuries of struggle. It reminds him how bloodless and futile his own “conservatism” really is. He wants the word to go away so he can close his mind to biology, history, common sense, and even his own experience, and go on “defending” a culture while betraying the very people–the only people–who make it possible.

* * *

Source: American Renaissance

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24 September, 2015 6:03 pm

This is wonderful. But I fear The child already over indulged will suffer from extravagant and unrealistic affections and being spoiled will grow neurotic.

Another generation, a Jew psychologist will write a book advising such children should have their own race and real parentage. The child ever desirous for attention will cry for her real mommy and daddy but both are deceased.

The Frenches will improvise and following sound advice to dye themselves brown and put a bone in their nose, rub their skin with raw manure for natural effect and then write a book of their own:

“How To Raise A Piccaninny.”

Reply to  Heinemann
25 September, 2015 1:50 am

Pleasant reading — it is!

24 September, 2015 9:27 pm

Cuck could be derived from cuckold which means unfaithful. Shakespeares used cuckold in his tragedy, “Othello”.

25 September, 2015 7:17 am

Another definition of a cuck is one who accepts nonsense as truth.

25 September, 2015 10:50 am

It seems ‘cucks’ desperately need to prove to the Left they are not bad people (by Leftish standards) by accepting elements of the Left, such as multiculturalism, into their lives. While the Left wants to destroy everything that is not themselves, the ‘cucks’ want to mantain a structured society. They pretend to be anti-Left, but need acceptance by them. They put elements from outside their society into theirs, hoping everything will stay the same. Even glancing at truth or reality is scary for them, as they would see something outside their organised lifes. It would mean they see a possibility the concept they based their lifes on, Weltanschauung if you will, is baseless. They would be forced to step out, distance themselves from their organised lives, and thereby losing their… Read more »

25 September, 2015 12:20 pm

And why did they adopt a black child, because the child is black? That would be quite disrespectful towards the child. To use the child as a prop in their worldview, a sort of emblem? Were they sure the child didn’t have parents, aunts, or uncles that could take care of her?
We’ve read about scandals involving ‘adoption agencies’ robbing children.

Is Naomi her birthname, are they teaching the child the language of her culture? Will she know her siblings. Or, maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe she’s just ‘black’ in the mind of politically correct whites, and can be used as the do-good whites see fit. It’s disrespectful towards the child. What is culture without history?

Arvin N. Prebost
Arvin N. Prebost
26 September, 2015 11:09 am

“We defend a culture, not a race. The foundation of that culture is a faith that makes no distinction among races but rather declares, unequivocally, ‘All are one, in Christ Jesus.'”

So here it is again—Christianity being used to destroy White civilization. Before I read the article, I suspected that this would involve Christian faith in some way.

We see this “all are one” nonsense even more in the Pope’s urging us to accept immigrants without number.

Axis Sally
Axis Sally
8 June, 2020 4:42 pm

Refreshingly well written; notwithstanding a minor error in the last paragraph.

15 May, 2021 12:49 am

Mr.French is more than likely mr. Jewish! Pushing their agenda for a multicultural society of half caste dumbed down inbreds,Easier for the Jew world to control! No unity, no identity, no culture, no traditions! Just pond life keeping the elites accustomed to their elite status of rulers

LH Collins
LH Collins
6 January, 2022 4:41 pm

“We defend a culture, not a race. The foundation of that culture is a faith that makes no distinction among races but rather declares, unequivocally, “All are one, in Christ Jesus.””

David French.

More fool you, Mr French, for not recognising that culture is an outgrowth of race. My cultural identity, though, eschews the teachings of the Jew, Jesus Christ: a most undeserving, contemptible and worthless figure in all creation. Anything more worthless than Jesus has to be an f***ing Shabbos Goy. Stay on your knees, worm!