Czech Magazine Withdraws Article Which Revealed that Czechs Would Vote for Hitler


JEWISH PROTESTS have forced Czech magazine Týden to hastily withdraw an article which indicated that around 60 percent of respondents would vote for Adolf Hitler if he returned today and promised to rid Europe of the current wave of invaders disguised as “asylum seekers.”

The article, published by Týden on Tuesday, August 25, revealed that nearly 60 percent of respondents to an online poll conducted by the magazine said “yes” to the following question:

“In recent weeks, many Czechs have exhibited xenophobia in connection with the refugee crisis. If Hitler rose from the dead and promised to rid Europe of refugees, would you vote for him?”

The poll results provoked a furious backlash from the Jewish lobby in the Czech Republic, and after formal protests, the article was withdrawn from the Týden website early the following day—but not before a screenshot was taken of the article (pictured).

In place of the article, Týden put up an apology for even conducting the poll, saying that “Due to the fact that a text that was the target of racist remarks and manifestations of xenophobia was originally published here, the editors of online daily have decided to remove the text. The editors hereby apologize to all decent readers, but manifestations of racism and xenophobia will not be tolerated.”

The Czech government has already come under criticism from the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, which in its latest report said that the Czech Republic “holds asylum applicants in facilities with unsuitable conditions for too long.”

The UN committee report also warned about what it called the “the spreading of prejudices and stereotypes about refugees and asylum applicants in the Czech Republic, especially among young people,” before moving on to name organizations such as “We Don’t Want Islam in the Czech Republic,” which is allegedly openly supported by some mainstream politicians.

In addition, the UN report said, Czech media “puts too strong an emphasis on ethnic origin and nationality in reports on crime committed by people who do not belong to the majority society”—in other words, the Czech media accurately reports that nonwhites commit more crime than native European Czechs.

According to the Czech government, police detain “hundreds” of invaders every day. The invaders are not in any internationally accepted sense “refugees” because they have already crossed numerous safe countries before they reach the Czech Republic—and indeed many of them come from Third World countries where there are no civil wars or Jewish-lobby-incited conflicts (such as in Iraq and Syria).

As a result, the Czech authorities quite rightly view all the invaders as illegal immigrants who have broken all local and international laws by entering Czech space, and has ordered their detention in prisons.

According to Czech law, foreigners without a residence permit and entry clearance are automatically detained until their status is resolved—which in the invaders’ case will mean deportation.

It is this sensible and completely justifiable policy which is unacceptable to the UN and the “anti-racists” and which is the cause of their criticism of one of the few European nations attempting to stand up to the mass Third World invasion of Europe.

* * *

Source: The New Observer

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22 September, 2015 6:51 pm

The Israeli has arrived at the dilemma . They can not let Adolf Hitler be forgotten , he is the source of their extortion but at risk ,

they can not control the minds of their victims and der Fuerer is reappearing now as their victims’ savior.

22 September, 2015 7:33 pm

Israel needs disarray and a weak Europe to create a Greater Israel with all its non-Jewish population removed. However, this disorder will eventually lead to an reaction against the instigators. Will Europe be strong enough to have an effective reaction (and take drastic measures), or will it have been weakened too much? The window of opportunity for Israel is small.

As Heinemann says, ‘Hitler’ was used as rationale to create multiculti, however, with too much of that, ‘Hitler’ may evolve from villain to rescuer. Sooner or later, the pendulum comes back.

22 September, 2015 8:29 pm

I would vote for a picture of Hitler, or even forfeit my vote, if it really meant getting semitic-supremacists out of Europe and the West.

12 January, 2021 11:39 am

Europa needs a Visegrad-Trismare union and to void the red Eu, while America needs a secession into a Cosmotheist-Creator state…otherwise the Britards ridiculous CANZUK …Canada, New Zealand and the UK gulag, look way too kosherly pink to save, while BRICS is another matter…better Euro Russia secede before Putinstein lets it be Islamified.

Since WW2 America has bred two genii, Pierce and Klassen, who are the noble heirs of Europa’s greatest son…as for the article, ironic how much the Czechs hated the Germans after the war, while the Slovaks were Deutschland’s first ally….Eretz Israel will kill us if we don’t stop them.