Airline Now Offering Homosexual-Only Discounts

AKdiscountALASKA AIRLINES is now offering discounts to those traveling to so-called “pride celebrations,” and “gay” themed events around the nation.

The airline issued the following statement on the recently added LGBT section of their Web site:

We were elated when the State of Washington expressed the same commitment by legalizing marriage for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. To show our continued support we are encouraging the LGBT community to travel, not only to Seattle, but to Pride events and gay friendly destinations all over the country.

With that aim, we have put together this section of our site to highlight destinations that support marriage equality, Pride celebrations, and other things of interest to the LGBT community.

Alaska Airlines has extended discounts to the “LGBT traveler” ranging from between 7 and 10 per cent. to these homosexual events (taken directly from the airline’s Web site):

Enjoy discounts on travel to these Pride events:

Dates Event City Discount
May 16-17 Long Beach Pride Long Beach Save 7%
May 17-26 Puerto Vallarta Pride Puerto Vallarta Save 10%
June 2-8 Gay Days – Disneyworld Orlando Save 7%
June 4-7 Utah Pride Festival Salt Lake City Save 7%
June 12-14 LA Pride Los Angeles Save 7%
June 12-14 Capital Pride – DC Washington DC Save 7%
June 13 OutSpokane Spokane Save 7%
June 13-14 Pride Northwest Portland Save 10%
June 13-15 Boston Pride Boston Save 7%
June 19-21 Gay Wine Weekend Oakland Save 7%
June 19-21 Gay Wine Weekend San Francisco Save 7%
June 19-21 Gay Wine Weekend Santa Rosa Save 7%
June 19-21 New Orleans Pride New Orleans Save 7%
June 26-28 Chicago Pride Chicago Save 7%
June 26-28 New York Pride New York Save 7%
June 27-28 San Francisco Pride San Francisco Save 7%
June 27-28 Seattle Pride Seattle Save 10%
July 17-20 San Diego Pride San Diego Save 10%
Sept 2-7 Southern Decadence New Orleans Save 7%
Oct 9-11 Orlando Pride Orlando Save 7%
Oct 10-11 Atlanta Pride Atlanta Save 7%
Oct 10-11 Hard Rock Vallarta
Olivia Travel
Puerto Vallarta Save 7%
Oct 25 – Nov 1 Halloween in Mexico Cruise
Atlantis Events
Burbank Save 7%
Oct 25 – Nov 1 Halloween in Mexico Cruise
Atlantis Events
Los Angeles Save 7%
Oct 25 – Nov 1 Halloween in Mexico Cruise
Atlantis Events
Orange County Save 7%
Nov 1-8 Club Atlantis Vallarta
Atlantis Events
Puerto Vallarta Save 7%
Nov 6-8 Palm Springs Pride Palm Springs Save 10%

* * *

Source: 14 Words

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8 September, 2015 8:54 am

The war for man’s soul intensifies. A young woman, who is a County Clerk of Rowan County, KY. is incarcerated because she refuses to comply with laws that are clearly unconstitutional; they compels her to honour Sodomy and Lesbian authorizing their marriages. These young men or woman gather there in mockery and triumph. They have the usual camp followers of clerics and journalists who share and gloat in the demise of natural law and moral stability. This is not incidental and will not fade like most social modes and capricious fashion. It is a conspiracy to destroy all resistance to future demands of their depraved agenda. American Psychiatric Association no longer finds illness in this aberration and the churches except for a few Baptists and schisms not only approve but… Read more »

8 September, 2015 11:09 am

This insipid insult, and the spammigration strategem, still remain distractions from Fractional Reserve Banking, Fiat Currency and Globo-Trotskyist financial interests widely.

Anything goes to degrade the value integrity of Western and European Labour, invoke and supplant Usury. When criminogenic Hypothecation is outed, a new wave of Sodomy is immediately in the political weather.

Dante wisely kept both Usurers and Sodomites in the 7th circle of Hell — each being abhorrently unnatural reproduction or production.

Reply to  harvey
15 September, 2015 9:00 pm

Mea Culpa. Make that the 9th circle of Hell.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
8 September, 2015 11:55 am

Surely, you jest….?

Robert Ford
Robert Ford
11 September, 2015 9:46 pm

I have just about had it with these bloody poofters!!!!!