Virginia: Three Lowe’s Managers Fired After Fulfilling Customer’s “Racist Request”

lowesEDITOR’S NOTE: Our most fundamental right is to live in a society composed solely of our own people. But so long as we are in an unnatural, multiracial society, we should possess the right to associate — or not associate — with whomever, or whatever group, we wish. We should especially be able to decide who comes inside our homes. Lowe’s is acting like Soviet thought-police commissars in firing — and quite possibly ruining the lives of — these three ( ! ) managers who were just doing what a customer wanted, an act which harmed no one. If anyone has the name of these managers, pass them along. They need to hear from the National Alliance. We live under a corporate-government-financial tyranny in which we are not allowed to dissent from the Party line, on pain of losing our income and being made into social outcasts. Time to build a new consciousness.

FOLLOWING THE fulfillment of a racist request by a customer, three Lowe’s managers have been fired.

An African-American employee at the Danville Lowe’s was removed from an Aug. 3 delivery after a customer asked that her delivery be made exclusively by whites, according to the company. That request was honored, going against the company’s anti-discrimination policy.

 Lowe’s Spokesperson Karen Cobb said that an investigation was initiated immediately after the report was made. She called the incident troubling.

“Under no circumstances should a discriminatory delivery request be honored because it’s inconsistent with our diversity and inclusion policy,” Cobb said.

A senior level executive visited the store last week to personally apologize on behalf of the company to the drivers involved in the delivery. Steve Salazar, Lowe’s corporate communications manager, wrote in an email that the store’s new manager had previously led another Lowe’s store.

“As soon as the incident was brought to our attention, we took quick and decisive action, and the managers who were responsible for the decision are no longer with the company,” Salazar wrote. “We want to make sure our drivers know they have our full support.”

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12 August, 2015 6:59 pm

It is also the Lowe’s corporate policy that an employee can not talk to the media without permission from the corporate office.
Why didn’t the driver get fired for violating this corporate policy. The actions of the fired managers do not indicate they are racist just that they were trying to accomadate another
“crazy” customer. Was the lowes policy clear to the managers on how to handle such a unique situation? Lowe’s is just wanting to look politically correct.

12 August, 2015 7:06 pm

Take it from someone who knows. This company will bend over backwards to kiss a customer’s ass to the point of humiliating their employees. There is absolutely no loyalty to the employee by the executives in the corporation.

The only reason that these employees were fired was because of the bad public relations for the company. This company has no loyalty to anything except for money and public relations.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
12 August, 2015 8:04 pm

>This company has
>no loyalty to
>anything except
>for money and public relations.

Aren’t they all?
13 August, 2015 2:05 pm

>Aren’t they all?

Touché, sir!

26 August, 2015 11:02 am

I am of the belief that the corporate office did 100% correct thing. Had I been the manager I would have informed the customer we could not fill her request and offer her a refund. Let look at what would have happened if this had gone the other way. The NAACP would have gotten involved and surely there would have been posttest demanding the manager be fired. This would have happened in the end an people would have said Lowe’s gave in to public pressure. No I am not black nor am I in management at Lowe’s. Lowe’s did not do this to make money they did it because it is the correct thing to do in a society that should be blind too any discrimination.

3 September, 2015 9:37 pm

Actually, blacks are getting the silver platter handed to them. I admire blacks because a million of them will march down Wash DC for their rights. Republican White people continue to blame blacks, yet the don’t March down to DC when whites are gunned down by the police. Hence, police kill more white people than blacks, and the blacks make a bigger deal about it.