Myth is a Gateway to Action


MYTH IS a gateway to action.

Christmas is a gateway to gift-giving, putting up trees, and enjoying Christmas carols.

Thanksgiving is a gateway to gathering together with family in formal feast.

Halloween is a gateway to dressing up in costumes and trick-or-treating.

Easter prompts the action of egg-hunts, and femininity, when the ladies dress their best.

Valentine’s Day prompts the action of budding heterosexual unions.

“Myth is a Gateway to Action.”

It doesn’t matter whether a myth is “true or false.” What counts biologically is whether actions serve life or not. It doesn’t care what prompts them. This is why it is ridiculous for whites to fight over myths. Myths are tools and tools should serve us.

A myth that has biologically-serving action is good, despite its obscure or pre-historic origins. By looking at the actions that myths prompt, we can better understand them, make use of ancient resources, and pick more appropriate fights in our battle for European survival. We can even construct new myths that suit our survival keeping in mind their desired actions matter, not their actual literal truth. That is the whole point: the biological function of myth.

If Chinese had a myth that eating the wombs and testicles of Jews resurrects and rejuvenates a tired tallywacker, there wouldn’t be Jews in China. Communism and opium would have stayed out, sparing millions the ravages of Jews. Is this Myth of the Tallywacker so bad from a Chinese perspective? Not at all. Biologically, it is life-serving.

What if it was shared by Russians? Americans? And Jews themselves? The world would be Jew-free.


“Nature Only Cares About What Action Serves Life.”

What counts is action, not true or false. This is why myths survive; or fall into disrepute, and are abandoned, modified, or displaced. You notice this among the modified money-making version of pop-Christianity over the traditional poverty-chasing one.

With this knowledge, we can create myths that prompt the actions we need today and use philosophy to deconstruct myths that prompt destruction. Were the right myths to be launched, they would spread like wildfire because people want to take action, but are paralyzed by incongruent myths. People are searching for options. Present mythologies weren’t made for a multi-race jet-age world and can’t protect us in such a world. “Love everyone. Jesus does. He’s a god with infinite power. Be just like him, even if, it costs you everything.” We are in a state of cultural retreat. We are measured by how many nails in our coffin we can take. That’s a culture of death.

Let’s turn that around:

There has been a long-standing dispute in Christianity over salvation by faith or works, meaning salvation by, work or no work. This is a false alternative created by a de-racinated death-focused ideology. This does not come up in life-focused racialism. The Aryan is the optimized white man.

Among Europeans, you are born a white European. However, you do have to work to be an Aryan. The Aryan elevates himself above satisfaction of the moment with a future outlook where he sees lasting elements of truth, honesty, justice. He restrains impulse and cruelty in himself. Europeans couldn’t survive if they lived in the moment and didn’t save enough to make it through the winter. The Aryan has a future-focus. Racial posterity matters. Although not forsaking biological satisfactions, as such, the noble soul has vision for these abstract elements because important things, like racial survival, matter. You can imagine Bill Clinton playing his fiddle in steerage, when he should have been steering the Titanic. Bush and Obama love golf. Do they care that Rome burns? We are not all in this together, if some burn what others save. Whites and Aryans are not on the same page.

“Reincarnation Allows Us to Create Some New and Interesting Race-Serving Myths.”

It doesn’t matter if reincarnation is true or not, if it saves Europe, biology will take it.

In Myth of the Spirit Tower non-Europeans who fall to its bottom reincarnate as rich white Europeans. What’s not to like?

If there is an invading population in Europe, seize the minarets, convert them to Spirit Towers, and reincarnate the invading aggressive hordes into good Europeans. You are helping them out. “Give them the chance to be re-born tall, blonde, and well-fed.”

What Third-Worlder wouldn’t take the leap of faith?

What good European wouldn’t offer a firm and friendly shoulder pat of encouragement to our Jew, Muslim, and African brothers? After all, what could be better than being born a white man!

The more people are sick of invasion and predation, the more the myth has power.

By hate or by compassion, the Spirit Tower is the Answer. “Their mosques are our Spirit Towers.” Does that empower Swedes, Danes, and Germans in the shadow of minarets and rapists centers? “That’s not a mosque. That’s a Spirit Tower.”

“By the Height of its Spirit Towers, Europe Survives.”

Me like the Spirit Tower.

John Templeton, a fund-manager billionaire, sought a unity between religion and science. He even put up a $1 million prize to find it. Through biology, race-serving myths provide that unity. Mythologists prompt actions. Philosophers prune them. When both aim to serve the race, there is unity between religion and science, myth and philosophy. That’s congruent culture. The concept that myth prompts health (racial and otherwise) is an “exceptional contribution to affirming life’s spiritual dimension, whether through insight, discovery, or practical works.”

“Anything Birthed by a Jew is a Jew. That’s Some Racial Purity.”

Whites should exploit the Jew vulnerability that anything birthed by a Jew is a Jew. Only white babies are white; that’s just the reality. What’s true of whites is true of all other races, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, tribes in the Amazon, but not Jews. Only horses are horses, not mules. A mule is not a horse, but a mule can be a Jew. The Jew spins envy for racial purity into malice against racial purity. This is why the Jew is the anti-race. No matter his power and money, a Jew can never buy racial purity. So he fixates on it, and must destroy it. Even if he kills all white people, he still won’t have racial purity. His quest is a metaphysical dead end. The Jew should just give up. Until Jews see that, they are an existential threat to to all races. As stalkers of pure races, Jews peddle nihilism as a foreign policy.

The very existence of the Jew as the self-appointed master of all races who gets to breed us out of our purity is a declaration of war on all people. Of course, Jews have killed 500 million people in the last 1000 years (Jew-Islam 270 million, prolonging WWI spawning the Spanish flu 100 million, WWII and Jew-communism 200 million), directly and indirectly (which they don’t mind taking credit for). The Jew’s megalomania is an existential threat, a weapon of mass destruction. Communism and Cultural Marxism are myths designed to kill us. Myths are gateways to action. Jews are myth masters of nihilism.

“Our Weakness is Meekness.”

Philosophers must deconstruct the Jews and their hypocrisies; mythologists must produce counter-myths that empower us to act specifically against Jews.

We can see why Christianity was deconstructed after the Thirty Years’ War, which cost the lives of 8 million white Europeans. Were they fighting over the actions their version of Christianity prompted or the literal truth of their version? Regardless, the devastation wrought caused philosophers to push Christianity out of the public sphere, separate church and state, and make religion a private matter. This became the Enlightenment.

“To Grasp the Virtue of Race-Serving Myth Would Have Been True Enlightenment.”

Instead myth itself was damned. That left white Europeans without a guiding culture: art, music, architecture all declined in meaning, despite improved technological capability. We have movies with meaningless special effects.

Jews welcomed the notion that (Euro) religion and race is of no public concern. Soon communism, that overly-corrosive hyper-secularism and iconoclasm turned Cathedrals into road fill.

To give up on religion and race as a public concern is suicide, but it was only possible because Christian devastation forced the botched effort of de-fanging Christianity. The Semitic rage against all myths by The Myth unhinged the biological function of myths across the world.

Christians inherited this nihilist view of myth and race in society. The baby (race-serving action prompted by myths) went out with the bathwater (violence over literal truth and mass uniformity of conviction). As Christians took down their monuments, Jews and Muslims put up theirs, retaining a continuity of violence through communism and Islamic conquest. Today, Jews make Jewish “mosque-building” a public concern with publicly-funded Holohoax memorials which pawn off a con: that a pig pen is a slaughterhouse with survivors. There is money in this myth which is why it survives among Jews and why they defend it. Question the Holocaust and you are sent to the gas chamber.

“Christians Opened the Gates to a Jewish Takeover in the Botched Process of Pacifying Christianity.”

E. Michael Jones mentions the Catholic doctrine Sicut Judaeis which supposedly kept the Jews in line. Actually, it shackled and pacified Europeans, and let the Jews run wild.

“The bull forbade Christians (whites), on pain of excommunication, from forcing Jews to convert, from harming them, from taking their property, from disturbing the celebration of their festivals, and from interfering with their cemeteries.”

Isn’t this odd? Very odd. The march of Christianity had no problem forcibly converting white Europeans, destroying their art, disturbing ancient celebrations, outlawing their festivals, and ransacking their cemeteries, but touch a hair on the head of a lice-ridden Jew and you are excommunicated.

Why don’t Jews get to have their souls saved by the (Roman) sword, like everyone else? Why did Jews get special privileges that no other group of natives anywhere, ever received, including Europeans? Is there a Jew beyond the curtain?

“Harm Jews. Get Sent to Hell.”

Touch a child’s privates. Get new digs in a new parish.

That’s Christianity.

If Christianity is on the rocks, what actions is it prompting? Exactly what we see and it’s wrong. An orgy of charity for non-Europeans is not race-serving. Gluttonous compassion makes our racial enemies fat, overpopulated, and arrogant. Pride in coddling Jews is a deadly sin. Very deadly.

Christians gave Jews the power of loan shark and slave master. Christianity. Good for the Jews. Sure some atheistic Jews take Christianity as a “truth” to deconstruct at the advanced stage of Christian capitulation, however, biologically, Jews never had more power and privilege than in a Christian world. Jews can only thrive among Christians because race-blind Christians can’t stop Jews, even when they are beating the war drums for communism. Christian authorities can’t say, “Jews cause communism. Stop the Jews to stop communism.”

Their meekness is their weakness.

With Christianity in their spiritual nest, lay Christians lost their own protective race-myth, which they have to rediscover, reconstruct, reinvent, or even invent for the first time. That’s part of a Racialist Renaissance. That is why you need to know the biological function of myth.

Sicut Judaie states:

“[The Jews] ought to suffer no prejudice. We, out of the meekness of Christian piety, and in keeping in the footprints of Our predecessors of happy memory, the Roman Pontiffs Calixtus, Eugene, Alexander, Clement, admit their petition, and We grant them the buckler of Our protection.”

The Church avowedly harbors Jews.

Out of meekness. No wonder the Jews took over. You’re handing them the keys. If you harbor Jews, you’ll harbor communism, Ebola, refugees, rapists, Islam, and cut-throats. With Christianity, people are spiritually flayed. The racial immune system is gone: no prejudice. The strong retreat and the cruel rule. We need a myth that is tough on Jews.

What paralyzed the monarchs while the clouds of communism gathered? Why couldn’t they slaughter the Jews, while they had the chance to save millions of their own from communist Jew butchers? Why couldn’t the czar save himself? Meekness. The masturbation to meekness must end. Meekness invites the slaughter of your race and family. Meekness is vile, reprobate, diseased, wicked, rancid, putrid; exactly what the Jew needs to get you.


To have a culture of life, we need a culture of strength, health, beauty, youth, excellence, wisdom, race, bold action, and victory.

Make me a Spirit Tower.

* * *

Source: Renegade Tribune

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