Golden Dawn: While Greeks Starve, SYRIZA is Spending Millions To House Illegal Immigrants

Hellenic Dawn For The City Of Athens ‘Raids’ the Kaminis-SYRIZA Camp in Votanikos

THE ATHENS Municipal Councilors Ilias Kasidiaris and Dimitra Velentza this morning were in Votanikos to observe the site where the SYRIZA government in cooperation with Mayor Kaminis are setting up an unlawful camp for illegal immigrants. The security measures at the site are draconian and there is 24 hour police protection to prevent the residents from reacting to the transformation of the area into a ghetto. The construction is feverish and vehicles belonging to the municipality arrive in mass, carrying tons of materials and supplies.



Golden Dawn representatives entered the construction site and were in awe, there they saw a state of the art facility with hundreds of containers, electricity, water and even heat and air-conditioning! The failed state of Mrs. Tasia and Dear Alexis now function perfectly to serve the illegal immigrants who invade our homeland in waves on a daily basis.


Our arrival was observed by teams from all the entangled TV channels, however, they were all barred from recording footage of the camp, including state television. The system doesn’t want the impoverished People under any circumstance to see the millions spent on the illegal immigrants, while the Greeks are starving and being bled dry.

Once the residents of the area realized our representatives were present, they approached us and asked for Golden Dawn’s support in their just struggle against the government’s illegal plans. For our part, we vowed to confront the plan to colonize Greece, with every legal mean. Already, the first appeals against the illegal camps have been prepared, but also for the illegal immigrant bill (granting Greek nationality to the illegal immigrants), and soon the residential committees will be organized to begin protest demonstrations against illegal immigration and crime.

* * *

Source: Xaameriki

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