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Everything Good Was Invented by Jews


IN 1976, Penthouse magazine, an international pornographic monthly, edited by an Italian and published in London and New York, ran two interesting articles by a Manchester Guardian correspondent, stating that the 1967 Arab-Israeli war was a joint Israeli-CIA operation and that the U.S.S. Liberty was sunk because its electronic gear had discovered the Israelis were pressing their victories beyond boundaries previously agreed upon by President Lyndon Johnson. This was an astonishing revelation for any publication, even a pornographic one, and nothing was more certain that amends would have to be offered — and swiftly.

They were. Penthouse (November 1976) came out with the wildest piece of pro-Jewish propaganda since the Babylonian Talmud. Written by John Leonard (pictured), novelist, former editor of the New York Times Book Review and presently described as the Times’ “chief cultural correspondent,” the article was a looking glass version of Julius Streicher’s Der Stuermer. Streicher, before his death by hanging at Nuremberg, used to write that everything Aryan was good and everything Jewish was bad. Leonard writes that everything Jewish is just fine and everything not Jewish is not fine at all.

Leonard kicks off his snow job by asserting that Jews had nothing to do with eighteenth and nineteenth century America and therefore could wash their hands of our “witches, Indians, and slaves, the unannealed wound of our Civil War.” There follows an assault on most of the leading Majority writers of the twentieth century for writing or harboring anti-Semitic attitudes. Among the guilty are Dreiser, Pound, Thomas Wolfe, E. E. Cummings, Sherwood Anderson, Eliot, Hemingway and Fitzgerald. lilt shouldn’t have happened,” writes Leonard in language that smacks of the jargon of his favorite race. The author then turns his attention to education, particularly higher education, most particularly Harvard, where he dropped out after a two-year stint. He assails the Harvard quota system of the 1950s, which, he charged, prevented the undergraduate body from being three-quarters Jewish. The blame is put on Anglo-Saxons who seem to have controlled things from Groton and other “private spas.”

Leonard admits that Jewish students in Harvard were not better read than the Wasp “preppies,” but they were “better” because they “were more passionate.” He quotes Norman Podhoretz to the effect that “Judaism remained the only culture besides the Creek which believed in learning for its own sake and which honored the sage more than it did the plutocrat” — a somewhat incongruous observation considering that Jews have produced more plutocrats per capita than any other race and that Harvard, which has nurtured myriads of Jewish students, was founded by Puritans, who were also noted for their love of learning. If the Jews are so education prone, why in their interminable history have they never had any great universities of their own? And why have they chosen above all other universities the one founded by “witch hunters?”

According to Leonard the modern world is Jewish. Here he is on firmer ground. He eulogizes Marx, Freud, Einstein, Kafka and Schoenberg, and even goes so far as to say that the very idea of a “future” is “greco-Judaic.” Omitted from Leonard’s roster are such dimmer lights as Meyer Lansky, Bernard Cornfeld, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Abe Fortas, Leopold and Loeb and the Rosenbergs. Also, the entire crew of Bolshevik manhandlers in Russia is passed by in silence.

Leonard hands us the old canard that the Jews invented monotheism, and doesn’t even have the courtesy to mention poor old Amenhotep IV, who tried to make his country worship one god 500 years before the first Jew existed. Non sequiturs then follow non sequiturs until we hear that the Holocaust was in essence a barbaric Aryan revolt against the concept of one god. The Enlightenment, which included such luminaries as Voltaire and Thomas Jefferson, and which paved the way for the release of European Jews from their museumless, theaterless and universityless ghettos, is dismissed as worthless because it “led to Buchenwald.”

Next comes a digression on blacks, whose predicament is blamed not on Jews, but on non-Jews. The Jews are superior to us because of genetics. The blacks, it turns out, are inferior to us because of environment, the non-Jewish environment imposed upon them by the cruel Anglo-Saxons.

Leonard explains that he now lives in New York, “where most, if not all of my best friends are Jewish.” He does not say that Jews are also the chief providers of his daily New York Times bread. To deal with anti-Semitism, he suggests, we should not use the guilt argument of Auschwitz or the high culture argument of Einstein, but the love argument. He says Jews really love America, but non-Jews have not returned this love. He is adamant that this love must be requited.

The gist of Leonard’s tale is they are smarter, even though this means accepting the very arguments about inherited racial differences that Jews have done their best to suppress. That Jewish smartness might be traced to the world’s most supercharged racism rather than to innate intelligence never seems to enter his mind.

Leonard’s article is an ethnic tour de force which, if written on behalf of Wasps or the white race in general, could not have been published in the national media and would have forever banned the author from making a living in the writing profession.

But any racial extravagance seems to be permitted to the booster of a race that has been conspicuously absent during every great peak of Western culture, unless the age of the prophets and King Solomon is considered such a peak and, if it is, it should be recognized that today’s Jews have very little racial affinities with the inhabitants of ancient Palestine.

Leonard, an Irish-American, has now an assured financial future and will obviously be moved to higher and more important positions. His next assignment will probably be a book proving that Plato, Leonardo, Shakespeare, Goethe and Neil Armstrong were Jewish. In the meantime, he will probably knock off an article showing that Irving Berlin was a greater composer than Bach.

We have but one question to ask Leonard after reading his panegyric. If, Mr. Leonard, the Jews run the modern world, as you suggest, and if the modern world is a disgusting and degenerate and rotten affair, as you often hint, then why doesn’t it ever occur to you to blame the management?

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, March 1977

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Josh Papp
Josh Papp
20 May, 2017 11:27 am

This article by Leonard of his adulation of the Jews; just goes to show how strongly Jews affect peoples thinking to their benefit. Leonard, like so many Irish Catholic of the NYC metro area, is under some kind of Jew mystique that manifests a greatness and awe and you might say innocence of the Jewish people. He reminds of three other Irish Catholic writers from the NYC area; who often wrote articles for the local newspapers; Jimmy Breslin (deceased), Mike McAlary (deceased) and Pete Hamill. All these writers were Judaisers and two of them were overtly sympathetic towards blacks.

Mortal Goyal
Mortal Goyal
Reply to  Josh Papp
5 August, 2020 10:42 pm

My own irish-catholic brother has always fetishized The Jew, and their ridiculous HollowHoax….i could never understand his immutable transfixation with these lying ditch-rats.

I wonder if he even realizes his race is being genocided by these vicious, ugly Jewish insects…?

Gertjan Zwiggelaar
Gertjan Zwiggelaar
4 February, 2021 11:27 am

The idea that the Jew is somehow smarter than we who invented the modern world is preposterous. What the Jew is: he is a hive minded, alien, chameleonic humanoid. He is very well organized and teaches his spawn in Talmud Torah schools were the little kikes are taught many things denied goyim children in the Public Fool System, (sic). The Parasite’s little tentacles are taught to disarm goyim in any discussion of the holocaust, for example. They are taught all the horror tales and filled with loathing for White goyim, especially. The little tentacles are manipulated into fully expressing their soulless, alien DNA and become what they are, and we are well aware of what they are: liars, cheats, robbers and murderers as per instructions in the Parasite’s most holy… Read more »