David Duke Debates Alex Jones

by Alan Kidd

DAVID DUKE did very well in this debate with Alex Jones — and I’m downright surprised Jones had him on. Of course he described him as “ex-KKK,” “klansman,” etc., and equated him with people who say the Catholics are behind all the treachery in the world. Jones says he is just “so confused and was getting a headache in all of this. …after all there are bad people in all groups, Catholics, the masons, not just the Jews, and so forth ad infinitum…” (rolling eyes)

Jones described himself as libertarian and stated he was for the free market and libertarian principles. I guess he doesn’t know that the libertarian movement has long since been a side project of the money power he claims to be against. The people leading the libertarian movement don’t really go to that much trouble to mask their relationships.

The article by Memehunter on how moneyed interests control “Austrian” and libertarian institutions caught my attention three years ago, as back in the 90s I was a big subscriber to financial newsletters — and Bill Bonner of Agora Publishing was, and still is actually, the big fish in financial newsletter publishing, sometimes called copy editing. Con-men all, writing of fear, doom and gloom in politics and finance — which sells better than optimism — their experts in one of their over 50 publications had something for everyone. Emerging markets, offshore accounts, hard assets, gold and silver, energy, agriculture, insider activity, high tech — I’ve been through it all. To be honest, I have gained some insights from these newsletters. But, reading them while awake, one could see patterns develop: Even though they seemed like “conservatives,” internationalism and libertine values seemed to be a common denominator. It took me a while to see this because, at the same time, I was out there “kicking ass and taking names” in the business world. When one is making a good deal of money and enjoying the sexual benefits thereof one does not “need” to see any deeper reality — one does not want to see it! And one needs to do a lot of reading to see these patterns develop.

Michael Collins Piper had suspected that Alex Jones was loosely connected to British Intelligence and this would be consistent with the old Hegelian Dialectic of creating the problem (communism, Leftist tyranny), wait for and encourage the reaction, and when all seems useless, step in with the solution you always wanted in the first place — a so called 21st Century “Free Market” with cheap labor, open borders, and little regulation; all kinds of personal “liberties,” abortion on demand, gay/open marriage, porn, et cetera (libertarianism). They have the people begging for something different, something which only a few wise sages can disclose to us. Sages like Alex Jones. Jones does not advocate, to my knowledge anyway, abortion, porn, and “gay marriage,” but yet he self-identifies as “libertarian.” So you know where that is going.

Libertarianism — it’s a sweet temptation. People think they can have it all — irresponsible money and irresponsible sex. But in the battle for biological survival that’s a guaranteed losing strategy. So what are the motivations of the oh-so-intelligent people who want us to adopt it?

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Martin Graves
Martin Graves
20 August, 2015 12:56 pm

Yeah, I cringed when he kept calling Dr Duke “The Grand Dragon”, “Cyclops”, and “Goblin”, but am thoroughly impressed with Duke in expressing the White Nationalist stance. I have no doubt in my mind that a good number of Alex Jones fans will go and check out Duke’s website.

Only good things can come from this interview.

Michael R
Michael R
21 August, 2015 8:26 am

Alex Jonestein spouts nonsense. Dr. Duke speaks truth.

Scott the Strategerist
Scott the Strategerist
23 August, 2015 5:09 am

Alex Jewnes had Dr. Duke on because he thought he could beat him. When he clearly lost, he took the video of the debate down from his Jewtube page. How do I know he think he lost? Because that shameless self-promoter pulled the video from his Jewtube page.

Reply to  Scott the Strategerist
26 July, 2020 10:06 am

It simply speaks volumes that Alex Jones still even has (or is allowed, rather) a Jewtube page. Simply put he is “controlled opposition”.

And, I’m surprised he would even let Dr Duke get a “word in edgeways”. Most of Jones’ interviews are very one-sided, if memory serves.

That said, both Alex Jones and the American Free Press newspaper were what sent me in this direction anyway. Now I visit this web page for almost all of my news, every single day.