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Consciously White communities thriving in Germany; Jews, System are alarmed; Völkisch movement has also spread to Romania, Sweden, and Russia

THE DOCUMENTARY, of which this is an extract with translation, was just aired on MDR, a German television station.

In the full program, a section was included showing a pensioner couple (self-proclaimed “socialists”), who made bizarre claims of being “attacked” by members of a movement who manifestly just want to be left alone. The complaining couple have been confirmed by various sources, including their neighbors, as deliberately making up stories to defame these families whom they hate for ideological reasons. Nobody except them (and the controlled media, of course) has said a word against the Völkisch settlers so far, and they are clearly no danger to anyone. The claims, about which the claimants have provided no proof, are ridiculous: sightings of “Hitler salutes,” spitting on the claimants and telling them to “F— off, Antifa Scum” — which sounds more like something coming from an insecure Skinhead rather than the stable, loving father of four children whom they were actually accusing.

These settlers are no danger to anyone. Quite the contrary: They are peaceful, mind their own business, and actually help the surrounding communities, which the report if forced to “shamefully” admit. If these settlers succeed in raising a new uncorrupted generation of White children, they will be saviors — warriors who defeated the real dangers, far from being a danger themselves!

According to the report, the “real danger” of the Völkisch settlers is that they “are decent neighbors, craftsmen, self sustaining, helpful, and have plenty of German children.”

The media and “anti-racists” claim this apparent good behavior is just a facade, however — the true motive for their seeming virtue is supposedly “racism, antisemitism, and Nazism.”

The Amadeu-Antonio Fund is well known for faking statistics and making up stories to fit their narrative

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31 July, 2015 12:37 pm

The International System cannot tolerate anyone “opting out.” If a group of people don’t have their “minds right,” they cannot be controlled and exploited.

Franklin Ryckaert
Franklin Ryckaert
1 August, 2015 2:33 am

This is the way the White race will survive and that is the reason why they are slandered.