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“‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.’ . . . This process of continuous alteration [of the past] was applied . . . to every kind of literature or documentation which might conceivably hold any political or ideological significance. Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date [altered by the Ministry of Truth to fit the Party line].” — George Orwell, 1984

by John I. Johnson

I HAVE BEEN struck during the Jewish/Leftist campaign against White policemen, ongoing for some time now, how local television stations and media outlets not only quack out the national party line like a duck day after day after day, but even report parallel local examples of alleged police racism, injustice, and brutality — always of Whites against non-Whites in the “news” narrative — to supplement the bigger campaign. This only began after the orchestrated national campaign started.

Now a similar development is occurring among local elites and the regional press paralleling the campaign against the Confederate flag nationally.

So far it involves changing the name of Minneapolis’ largest lake, and the name of a Minneapolis street. Of course, it will be easy to extend it to other historical names and objects if the controlled media, Jews, and NGOs decide to do so. (ILLUSTRATION: Minnesota’s Lake Calhoun, c. 1905)

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR), which is federally (tax) funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, tax exempt Left-wing foundations, and tax deductible contributions from wealthy individuals and mega-corporations, is publicizing the campaign to change the name of Minneapolis’ largest lake, named after South Carolina’s John C. Calhoun. An MPR report says it has been called Lake Calhoun “for 125 years” (= 1890). But that isn’t true; it has been called Lake Calhoun from the beginning, in the early 1800s. (I feel like Winston Smith in the section of Orwell’s novel quoted above, who knows that specific claims made by the Party are untrue based upon his own memory.)

John C. Calhoun, a “proponent of slavery . . . is infamously known for preaching slavery as ‘a positive good’ in the 1800s.”

As MPR reports:

Mike Spangenberg, a Minneapolis blogger and activist, started the petition June 20 after an attack in a historic Charleston, S.C., church killed nine people. Prosecutors have charged Dylann Roof, 21, with nine counts of murder.

“While changing the name of a lake will not, in itself, bring an end to injustice,” Spangenberg wrote on, “it can and should be an important step in an ongoing effort to confront our nation’s past and to end systemic racism and oppression today.”

Brad Bourn, a Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board Commissioner, is maneuvering the measure through the bureaucracy. “To a lot of people [yeah, who, exactly? — JIJ], having our No. 1 lake in the state named after John C. Calhoun is very similar to flying a Confederate flag in the heart of the city of Minneapolis,” he said.

Dight Avenue in Minneapolis


Charles Fremont Dight was a medical professor at the University of Minnesota, a Minneapolis alderman, a socialist, and active in the eugenics movement in Minnesota. He was a passionate public servant and benefactor of the city. He died in 1938 and Dight Avenue was named in his honor. But the Orwellian name-erasing wave of 2015 has struck him too.

Championing the campaign to rename Dight Avenue is Jewish State Representative Phyllis Kahn (D.-Minneapolis). She’s a believer in one-party government: hard Left and dominated by Jews. Technically, she has to “run” for office every two years, but she’s been a legislator for 40 years, eternally pushing the same malignant agenda. What a “miracle.” How outstanding. What “merit.”

Phyllis Kahn

Kahn wrote an editorial for the local monopoly newspaper condemning the name. “We might as well call it Hitler Boulevard,” she sneered.

Charles Fremont Dight

She also manufactured out of whole cloth the claim that Hitler was Charles Dight’s “hero.” According to the evening news, this change is already in motion and will be made, despite the complaints of residents that they’ll have to change their billing and postal addresses and so forth. Nobody even knew who Dight was.

But, Kahn says, the existence of the name is “inappropriate,” “shameful,” and a “disgrace.” (I don’t know why Whites don’t use the Jews’ own polemical terms against them. It is easy to do, and they perfectly fit most situations without alteration. But no. After all, what would middle-class mentalities “think” if staid spokesmen threw Jews’ epithets back at them?)

Charles Dight lived an exemplary life of service and altruism. He once wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler.

* * *

Source: John I. Johnson; Minnesota Historical Society; Minnesota Public Radio

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