Erasing the Line


EDITOR’S NOTE: This piece contains disturbing language which is extremely graphic. Sensitive persons, and children especially, should not read this article under any circumstance.

* * *

by Andrew Hamilton

SEX AND RACE are intimately linked. More precisely, sex, reproduction (having and raising white children, transmitting unique genes across generations, centuries, millennia), a stable family structure, and the familial and cultural transmission of pro-white and pro-Western values are the building blocks of race. (ILLUSTRATION: Keli “White Porn Actresses are Racists” Goff with ex-Congressman Newt Gingrich, R. -Ga.)

But it begins with sex. A race is a breeding population. The survival of our people requires that Aryans breed true, that like engender like. The effect — and purpose — of interracial porn is to throw a spanner into the works. As French novelist Jean Raspail noted long ago in The Camp of the Saints (1975):

Ralph Ginzburg, the famous [Jewish] American publisher, had printed a series of photos in his magazine Eros [“Black and White in Color,” 8-page spread, Winter 1962], which had caused not a little ink to be spilled. They showed an interracial couple — white woman, black man — in various stages of nude embrace — with a caption that read as follows: “Tomorrow these couples will be recognized as the pioneers of an enlightened age, in which prejudice will be dead and the only race will be the human race.” Yes, that’s what it was all about. And everyone listened with an almost religious awe, because in point of fact, they spoke in the name of death. Only a white woman can give birth to a white baby. Let her choose not to conceive one, let her choose only non-white mates, and the genetic results aren’t long in coming. (p. 294)

Aren’t long in coming. When demographic collapse, universal swamping by non-whites, and compulsory measures to cause racial destruction prevail, a single cross is all that’s required. One generation. The tremendous speed with which Jews and government are accomplishing their objective has yet to be grasped by their victims. A clock is ticking. Whites do not have forever to respond to the situation into which they have been thrust.

Though actually fueled by age-old Jewish hatred of our people, the proximate excuse motivating contemporary genocide is undoubtedly the “Holocaust,” a core religion of Jewry, social elites, and the state. According to this mythos, Jews are divine — the chosen people of “God”; Satanic whites, in an effort to destroy them, murdered 6 million Jews in “ovens.” As punishment, and to prevent a future recurrence, Aryans must and should be biologically exterminated.

That, in a nutshell, is what anti-white racism is all about.

It is necessary to face the fact that people are malleable, that human nature is plastic. Attitudes and behavior can be radically altered by the controlled media and ruthlessly enforced laws. An entire race can be destroyed this way.

It is the claim of Jews, Left-wing elites, and governments that freedom of speech can have real-world consequences. For example, if Jews (and, derivatively, other non-whites) can be criticized by whites in the mass media, or even in marginal newsletters or tiny Internet blogs, Jewish privileges might suffer. Similarly, if the Holocaust can be examined empirically, it might collapse as a cult. And so on.

That is the rationale offered by the ruling class for the eradication of traditional legal guarantees of freedom of speech and association. A monopoly on harmful speech is now possessed by the power elite, and directed exclusively against whites. This speech, including pornography, has destructive real-world consequences, just as the Jews preach.

In April 2013 a poll focusing on single daters (i.e., mostly young people of reproductive age) was released. It found that

when it comes to matters of race, it doesn’t seem to matter at all, with results suggesting an open-minded single population. An overwhelming 90 percent of female African American and Hispanic daters polled said it was okay to end up with someone outside of their race, while about 85 percent of Caucasian respondents agreed that they are okay with their future partner being outside their race. When asked about the hot-button issue of religion, 80 percent of all respondents say they would be fine with their future partner practicing a different religion. (“Oxygen Media Dating Poll Reveals Race and Religion Are No Longer an Issue for Most Daters,” April 9, 2013)

Oxygen Media is a cable and satellite TV channel targeting young women owned by Jewish media behemoth NBCUniversal.

Although the number of respondents and other crucial data necessary to objectively evaluate the poll were not presented in the press release or its derivative news articles, my sense is that it is accurate. The all-important psychological race line has been erased, or perhaps tilted in favor of non-whites. This signifies a breach of the white world’s most important remaining redoubt.

We must not remain blind, hopelessly stuck in the mud of careless illusions and stereotypes, the way Rhodesians and South Africans fatally were. It is particularly vital to ignore the shrill, unceasing Jewish accusations of “Racist!”. The Jew is a liar who knows what he’s doing.

Pornography’s Role

Pornography has played a major role in altering sexual behavior and normalizing interracial sex. High on the list of priorities of the enemies of mankind has been the mass production, distribution, and mainstreaming of pornography, with all its toxic consequences. The mass media depiction (for pornography is a mass medium) of selected sexual acts has had radical effects on individual and mass attitudes and behavior.

In former times, culturally-constructed and imposed barriers to gene flow substituted as racial isolating mechanisms after geographical isolation ended. In the same way, consciously-maintained cultural barriers have preserved Jews as a breeding population throughout their history, and still do today, because they have always lived among other people.

Examples of cultural barriers to race mixing historically employed by whites include:

Institutional Barriers

  • Immigration Restriction

Line-Drawing: Specifying Who Belongs

  • Limpieza de sangre (“purity of blood”: Spain and Portugal, 1400s–1800s)
  • The One Drop Rule (US blacks)
  • Blood Quantum (American Indians)
  • Population Registration Act (South Africa, 1950)


  • Jewish ghettos and shtetls (Europe)
  • The Pale of Settlement (Jews in Russia, 1791–1917)
  • Indian Reservations (US)
  • Indian Reserves (Canada)
  • The May Laws (Jews, Russia, 1882)
  • Aboriginal Protection Acts (Australia)
  • Segregation (US): “Jim Crow Laws”
  • Apartheid (South Africa)


  • Multiple expulsions of Jews from countries in Europe (1290–1944)
  • Expulsion of Moors and Moriscos from Spain (1492/1609)
  • Repatriation of blacks to Africa: The American Colonization Society (1816–1847) and Liberia
  • Indian Removal Act (US, 1830)
  • Russian resettlement of Muslim Circassians, Ubykhs, Abkhaz, and Abaza to the Ottoman Empire (1864–1867)
  • Mexican Repatriation (US, 1930–1935)
  • Russian deportation of Koreans to Soviet Central Asia (1937)
  • Russian deportation of 1.5 million Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Ingush, Karachais, Kalmyks, Balkars, Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Hemshin, and Meskhetians (1943–1944)
  • Operation Wetback (US, 1954)

Direct Barriers to Gene Flow (Bans on Interracial Sex and Marriage)

  • Anti-Miscegenation Laws
  • Racial Integrity Act (Virginia, 1924)
  • Nuremberg Laws (Germany, 1935–1945)
  • Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Act (South Africa, 1949)
  • Caste Systems

Psycho-Behavioral Barriers

  • Knowledge of fundamental racial facts
  • White racial consciousness
  • White pride
  • “Racism”
  • Prejudice
  • Discrimination
  • Implicit Whiteness
  • Pro-white, pronatalist sexual, marriage, reproductive, and family practices

First Jews, the Left, and government swept away all centuries-old physical, cultural, and legal barriers to white racial separation listed above. Jews, of course, retain ethnic separation and exclusivity for themselves — and not just in Israel.

What interracial porn accomplishes with a vengeance through its vivid imagery is the erasure of the last psychological and behavioral barriers to race mixture. It presents interracial sex as a fait accompli, a mundane and commonplace reality. It greases the mental and behavioral skids. It is more important than “mainstream” propaganda in erasing the color line.

Sex is a powerful animal drive, whereas (responsible) marriage, reproduction, child-rearing, and family formation and preservation are comparatively delicate, culturally-evolved overlays that for the most part are the result of human action but not of human design. If cunning haters with an intent to destroy insert themselves into the equation and sever the delicate balance between animal sex and its mediating social structures they can do tremendous damage.

Pornography imposes stiff racial costs on whites, and pays rich racial dividends to Jews.

Jews, as everyone knows, have dominated pornography from the beginning. Occasionally they even boast about it: “What are we ashamed of?” Interracial porn has been a key weapon in the war to destroy the white race.

Although interracial porn was important to producers from the start, it evidently required time and determination to fully instill the desired behavior among white prostitute-performers. I read a statement in a porn magazine in the late 1980s or early ’90s, almost certainly written by a Jew, that stated in a tone of excited amazement about a pretty white porn actress, “She asked to appear in Blacks on Blondes!” (or whatever the series was). Apparently pornographers found it necessary to bring pressure to bear on teenage girls over a period of time (a decade or two) before achieving the complete elimination of standards.

Once the cultural and psychological barriers to interracial sex have been removed, one of the primary appeals of blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, and other primitives to white women, beyond the initial “taboo” thrill, conformity, and love of politically correct social flaunting, is the “game” angle: “treat ’em like shit and they’ll love it.” With coloreds you kick that syndrome up two or three notches. On the moderate end, Tiger Woods with his upper class Swedish model wife Elin Nordegren, string of girlfriends, and now skier Lindsey Vonn who knew about all the rest. Perhaps that’s why Southerners wisely kept such close watch on such matters.

Today, a major subgenre of pornography involves “cuckoldry” and/or the sexual ridicule, shaming, or belittling of white men in the presence of a black man or group of black men having sex with a white girl cast in the role of the white man’s wife, girlfriend, daughter, or mother. The ridicule typically revolves around penis size, sexual prowess, or the girl’s strong preference for blacks over whites. Sometimes the white man is subjected to debasing homosexual-related acts by the black man/men and the white woman. The malevolent racism in these anti-morality plays could not be more explicit.

And they have the desired effect. Jettison any myth you have that young girls do not watch pornography or are not influenced by it.

The Big Lie

Although pornography is generally treated as invisible, its impact on mainstream culture is enormous. It is an unregulated mass medium that appeals to the most basic biological drive of all. Everyone knows about and consumes pornography, including conceited Jews and Leftists who presume to harangue society self-righteously about that and every other topic under the sun. A few years ago it was revealed that the Jews at AIPAC, one of the most powerful organizations in the world, regularly viewed pornography on their computers.

Porn-related jokes or inside references are common on popular prime time television shows like 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men (the show’s former star Charlie Sheen, famous for cavorting with porn starlets in real life, would have married Ginger Lynn if his father, actor Martin Sheen, had not intervened), Family Guy (which positively portrays a child molester and has referred to scatology as normal), and other popular entertainment shows and news magazines. A mainstream Hollywood movie directed by Jews about pioneer porn star Linda Lovelace has just been released.

Pornography is important all right, so the first thing to do is not to discuss it openly. Pretend it isn’t there, never mind ubiquitous. The second thing is to lie about it.

Thus, we get academic garbage like “Interrogating Interracial Pornography” (2011) and “Reparations, Redress, and Revenge in Interracial Pornography” (2013), both by Ariane Cruz, an academic Negress. Get a load of her rhetoric. The woman can’t write, but that’s no hindrance to a university career. As always in academia, the accusation resounds: “Whites are racist.”

The party line is the party line, so it’s repeated in journalism as well.

Keli Goff is a black book author, blogger, and Left-wing political commentator for the Huffington Post and the Washington Post, has written for Time, UPTOWN, CosmopolitanEssence, the Guardian (UK), the Daily Beast, and the web editions of the New York Times and New York magazine, and appeared as a political pundit on CNN, the Fox News Channel, the BBC, the Black Entertainment Network (BET), and MSNBC.

Goff wrote a piece for an online publication called The Root claiming that white girls in porn are “racist” because some of them (so she claimed, citing no specific names or any persuasive evidence) will not have sex with black men on camera. (“Is the Porn Industry Racist?” April 3, 2013) Goff buttressed her charge by citing racist Jew Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center as authority. Again, organized Jewry is deeply involved in this.

The Root was co-founded in 2008 by Harvard University’s Henry Louis Gates Jr. and quarter-Jew Donald Graham, publisher of the Washington Post. It is owned by the Post through its subsidiary The Slate Group.

What exactly does Miss Goff want? More interracial porn with black men sexually using white girls for the delectation of the SPLC’s audience? Making interracial sex a mandatory condition of employment? If rejecting interracial sex is “racist,” as Goff and Potok contend, then by their standards it is homophobic to refuse to engage in homosexual and lesbian sex on camera as well.

The disgusting Goff-Washington Post-SPLC fabrication of “white racism” in porn proves once again how right Hitler was about the Big Lie.

As Goff, Potok, Ariane Cruz, and everybody else in the universe knows, the interracial sexual exploitation of white girls takes place on an enormous scale. It is perfectly obvious that the callously exploited prostitutes routinely comply, without giving the matter a second thought.

Exemplifying the present situation that Goff and Potok lie about is a clip I saw that wasn’t even categorized “Interracial” — because interracial sex is so pervasive it spills across all porn boundaries. The film, about 20 minutes long, was categorized “Bukkake,” a genre in which many men ejaculate onto a girl’s nude body, normally her face, and usually into her open mouth.

The clip, though characteristically crude, had the advantage of being shot cinema vérité style. This is fairly common, and can be quite educational. It opened with a short interview of the attractive white girl, 18 or 19 years old, by an unseen filmmaker holding a videocam. His voice was not black, Mestizo, or Asian, nor did it have an obvious Israeli or “Russian” accent, as is frequently the case. He was either white or Jewish.

About 70 men of every race and mix imaginable, a majority of them black, Mestizo, and Asian, true dregs of humanity — which of course was the point — were plucked randomly from the streets of Los Angeles and paid $5 each. The performance occurred in a large room in a dirty, nondescript building.

“Protection” was provided by a paunchy, slow-moving uniformed Mexican security guard who worked for a private firm. He would have suffered a heart attack had he been required to run the 220.

After the American girl undressed and got onto her knees, the 70 creatures proceeded to ejaculate onto her pretty, upturned face and into her open mouth. She swallowed the anonymous sperm. For good measure the cameraman had provided her with a Pyrex cake pan to hold under her chin to collect the run-off, which was substantial.

After everyone finished, the pornographer, who verbally instructed the girl about what to do and how to behave throughout, continued filming. He ordered the now-plastered actress to drink every drop of the mingled sperm from the corner of the cake pan. She had a hard time doing so, gagging on the thick mess several times, but, ordered to continue, eventually got it all down.

Camcorder-man then ordered her to her feet. She’d been on her knees so long that her legs were stiff and wobbly, and she rose with difficulty, still naked, staggering unsteadily as she walked.

The camera followed her into a dirty restroom nearby where, after a couple of minutes, she began uncontrollably vomiting the contents of her stomach into the toilet bowl. This, too, was filmed, as the cameraman verbally encouraged her.

The End.

How edifying. It is safe to say that in a white society without Jews such a spectacle would never have occurred, or at any rate would have been exceedingly rare, certainly not commonplace.

Clearly, the idea of an uncrossable racial boundary did not exist, never had existed, in this girl’s mind. There was no Aryan culture to inculcate it. In this sense, she is representative, I repeat, representative, not only of the white prostitutes Keli Goff, the Washington Post, and the SPLC smirkingly accuse of “racism,” but of 85 percent of white women (as suggested by the Oxygen Media poll). In fact, the pornographer elicited at the beginning the information that the girl lived with her Mestizo boyfriend.

As you think about this single production (which is in no way unusual) among thousands and thousands of interracial examples that could have been cited, think simultaneously of Mark Potok and Abraham Foxman, of Barack Obama and John McCain and Lindsey Graham and Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Bushes and the personable talking heads on your favorite TV news show, of the Leftist professors in their clean, cloistered offices and classrooms, of middle-class schoolteachers, of the journalists and media bosses, the Keli Goffs and Donald Grahams, of cops, prosecutors, judges, and FBI agents, of American soldiers, and, yes, of rah-rah flag-waving “patriots” — because this travesty was brought to you by all of them.

It is why you have Germar Rudolfs, Robert Faurissons, Ernst Zündels, and David Irvings physically assaulted by Jewish thugs or government cops and sent to prison while false accusations of “racism” are hurled at sexually exploited white girls endangering their health, shortening their life spans, being exposed to drugs and organized crime, and prostituting themselves for pennies in the manner described.

Explain to me again, Republican, why you worship Jews, philo-Semites, or America?

* * *

Source: White Biocentrism

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16 July, 2017 2:13 pm

I hope the White girl had a tiny sliver of self respect remaining and ended her own life just after this debauchery. No White man would ever want to be involved, even just platonically, with such a soiled dove.

18 October, 2018 12:21 pm

Be assured, my friend , if not gratified , that many of these neurotic, young women will end their lives in this way . They live in an Old Testament world , that does not forgive.