Yockey Versus Petty Nationalism


FRANCIS PARKER YOCKEY (pictured) remains worth reading for us today, and one aspect of his program retains and increases its value as the historically European regions of the world continue to go dark without resistance. He was far ahead of his time in dispensing with the internecine “vertical” nationalism of “petty-statism,” which had kept the peoples of Europe divided when they ought to have been united in their common ancestry and culture, mutual interests, and racial destiny. Irishman and Englishman, Russian and Ukrainian – all European peoples, despite their historical conflicts, hold more in common with each other than with the “Culture-disease.” Yockey’s Proclamation of London of the European Liberation Front (1949) contains a fairly concise and eloquent definition of white nationalism, one which, as excerpted, maintains its utility:

In this struggle, all the former peoples, races, and nations of Europe coalesce, for in the beginning the war is solely a horizontal one:

Race now means, in Europe, the duality of having honour and pride;

People means the we-feeling of all Europeans;

Nation now means the organism of Europe Itself.

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish – these are now mere place-names and linguistic variations. Like all of the other rich products of our great Culture, they will continue but they are no longer political terms. Local cultures in Europe may be as diversified as they wish, and they will enjoy a perfect autonomy in the European Imperium, now that the oppression of vertical nationalism is dead. Anyone who seeks to perpetuate petty-statism or old-fashioned nationalism is the inner enemy of Europe. He is playing the game, of the extra-European forces, he is dividing Europe and committing treason.

Treason now has only one meaning to Europe: it means serving any other force than Europe. There is only one treason now, treason to Europe. The nations are dead, for Europe is born. [1]

Readers, furthermore, should not misconstrue Yockey’s use of “Europe” as excluding American whites, he himself having been born in Chicago. Elsewhere in his Proclamation, he explains that, “Far from being isolated, the inner soul of the true American people is connected indivisibly by the strongest possible tie, the mystical cord binding the Mother-Organism to its colony.” [2] “Europe,” then, is the race and the cultural collectivity – the forces that transcend the intra-political. Yockey’s pan-Europeanist sentiment finds echoes today in the words of Sam Dickson, Richard Spencer, and, frankly, anyone who would work to preserve the Aryan race as a whole.

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1 – Yockey, Francis Parker. The Proclamation of London of the European Liberation Front. Indianapolis, IN: Wermod & Wermod, 2012, pp. 64-65.

2 – Ibid., p. 37.

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Source: Read the full article at Aryan Skynet

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