Yahoo Parenting: Teach Your Children to be “Gender Fluid”


The Jewish media — and Yahoo’s media chief is Kathy Savitt, a Jew — push every possible concept to destroy our natural sexuality, and push us into a suicidally-low birthrate.

I STILL remember the day when I sat in my 7-year-old son’s bedroom and told him that his 9-year-old friend Samuel was no longer a boy, but was now a girl named Sophia. (ILLUSTRATION: The author describes her son, C.J., as “gender creative.”)

My son, C.J., didn’t say much at first. Which is how most people react when they hear news that they weren’t expecting.

Months later, I sat in the same spot and told him that his 8-year-old friend Riley was no longer a boy, but was now a girl named Anna.

About three years ago, Sophia’s mother and, then, Anna’s mother found the blog I write about raising my gender nonconforming son, and they wanted their sons to meet and know another boy who was a girl at heart. C.J. loves his boy body and thinks it’s the perfect house for his girl heart and girl brain. He knows what it means to be transgender (when a person’s sex and gender are at odds) and what it means to be cisgender (when a person’s sex and gender align) and he says he’s neither. That makes him gender creative.

We quickly met Sophia and Anna and their families and started going on playdates, celebrating special occasions together and confiding in each other to ease the isolating effects of raising a child who is different and has unique needs.

Back then, our kids were all boys who liked “girl things” and who wanted to be treated like girls. The three of them bonded over being mermaids in water and princesses on land. They painted their nails and put on fashion shows together. That’s when they were three boys, not two girls and one boy.

During the time of Sophia and Anna’s transitions (and since), I’ve had emotional talks with their moms. We always knew that — statistically speaking — our children could be trans; but, being aware that something could happen and having it happen feels vastly different.

With every ounce of my being, I tried to keep the focus on Sophia, Anna and their families during our talks and time together as the kids transitioned. Then, I’d hang up the phone or walk away and wonder what their transitions would mean for my son and my family.

Kathy Savitt, chief media executive at Yahoo

Sophia’s transition was especially confusing and emotional for my son because it was the first he witnessed and prompted him to ask questions.

“Am I supposed to call her by her girl name?” he asked.

I explained that, yes, when someone tells you the name they want to be called, you call them by that name. I also helped him understand that when a transgender person transitions, it’s really important to use the pronouns they prefer. Both Sophia and Anna prefer female pronouns so now we use “she” and “her” when talking to or about them.

“Do I have to treat her differently? Can we still be friends?”

I assured my son that Sophia (and later Anna) was exactly the same person on the inside and that she needed a good friend now more than ever.

“Not only can he still be friends with his transitioning friend, but he can be even better friends because now his friend will know that he likes her for the person she truly is and that will be a relief to her,” said my friend Jessica Herthel, director of The Stonewall National Education Project and co-author of I Am Jazz.

* * *

Source: Yahoo! Parenting

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2 June, 2015 6:46 pm

Those who seek to conquer nature will always be visited with misery and ruin. Nature allows the perverted to perish, leaving the healthy to move forward. It’s ‘natural selection’.

Chris M
Chris M
Reply to  aa
3 June, 2015 9:06 am

That’s true. One benefit is that these freaks don’t live very long. Speeding up that process and ‘cleaning up’ the gene pool is in order.

2 June, 2015 7:48 pm

In a word – sick!!!

Michael R
Michael R
3 June, 2015 1:34 am

The good news is: I have never heard someone be explained about what “cisgendered” is without them going, “So ‘cisgendered’ is normal, then?”

2 October, 2016 11:49 pm

That kid’s ass would be so kicked. His school life will be hell, and when he does grow out of this sissy crap, he’ll learn the hard way that until he moves, this stigma will stay with him