The Triumph of Communism


by Andrew Hamilton

IDEOLOGICALLY, communism has triumphed.

Ethnically, Jews rule the roost, wielding unchecked power. Everybody serves them—whites, blacks, Mestizos, Muslims, mongrels, everyone. 

This dual victory is not surprising. Jews and totalitarianism go together like bread and wheat. You can have freedom or you can have Jews, but you can’t have both.

We have Jews, and therefore unfreedom. The totalitarianism of the synagogue, the ghetto, and the shtetl has been magnified, exteriorized, and imposed upon the entire world.

But didn’t Communism “collapse”? Didn’t it “fail”?

As an undergraduate, I took an upper-level course in Scandinavian politics. The professor was a Left-wing Scandinavian American who maintained a summer house in Norway to which he repaired each year. Recently, I observe, King Harald V appointed him Knight First Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit for his promotion of research and university collaboration between the United States and Norway.

One day we fell into a discussion about whether Scandinavia was communist or not. Already by that time I maintained it was.

He said it was not. Why? “Because the means of production are privately owned.”

Well, if that is your definition of communism, arguably communism did not triumph.

But a realist must ask himself at what point oppressive regulation and the power to interfere, tax, condemn, seize, and destroy property nullifies the very concept of private ownership.

At any rate, my label of “communism” is not dependent upon such a highly formalistic definition, but rather on the Orwellian essence of totalitarianism as brilliantly explicated in the novel 1984, whose world is an imaginary amalgamation and extrapolation of the Soviet Union and Socialist Britain.

Unsurprisingly, a Jewish hate publication tricked out as a “scholarly” journal once investigated whether George Orwell was “anti-Semitic.” The academic hack who wrote the piece claimed to have found no evidence of anti-Semitism in Orwell’s background whatsoever, which seems miraculous in light of what he wrote.

Sam Francis’s concept of “anarcho-tyranny” is a useful adjunct to describe the weirdness of the contemporary world but, suspiciously, the “anarchy” always promotes specific groups and behaviors, and at any rate is enabled by communists (e.g., the ghetto riots and burning of US cities in the 1960s, Muslim and colored riots in Europe today).

“Democracy” is a farce, in which massive social changes like universal surveillance, wholesale violation of civil liberties, and replacement of indigenous European populations through replacement migration are swiftly rammed through as massive bills without discussion or debate. Legislators, mere rubber stamps—never mind the public—are treated with contempt, and not consulted.

As a consequence, lawmakers have become ambitious placeholders, members of parties without a dime’s worth of difference between them, selected by a tiny clique of oligarchs, monitored closely by the controlled media and “watchdog groups,” and set against one another in periodic dogfights called elections. If a candidate says anything politically incorrect, he’s out.

Pundits, the media, and the populace get very excited over these events, which are as exciting as NFL games. The presidential race is akin to the Super Bowl.

Traditional forms of Communism—Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism—still thrive, especially in pockets of academia. Every traditional sect retains more social, financial, and intellectual backing, more respectability and vigor, than do white nationalism, “anti-Semitism,” “racism,” “xenophobia,” “male chauvinism,” and “homophobia” all rolled into one.

Perceptive observers will note that after the “fall” of Communism no mass brainwashing/persecution akin to de-Nazification took place; there were no show trials or hangings; no camps, mass starvations, or ethnic cleansings; no media campaigns, ritual denunciations, reparations, or trials against Communists such as are still conducted against Germans and Germany.

“Ex”-Communists remain ensconced in the global ruling elite, in the UN, the EU, NGOs, transnational organizations, as heads of state (Vladimir Putin) and other top-level government officials, academics, and journalists. President Obama has a well-known “ex”-terrorist friend. In South Africa, Rhodesia, and South West Africa, the black ruling class is comprised entirely of “former” Communists and terrorists.

Communist bloc Jews poured into the West thanks to enablers like US Sen. Henry “Scoop” Jackson (D.-Wash.), and immediately occupied top-level positions in our universities, government, and businesses (e.g., Sergey Brin of Google). They also arrived as oligarchs and mobsters.

Today, Left-wing totalitarianism holds unchallenged sway over both state and society.

An Iniquitous Religion

Jewish-run societies, communist societies, are thoroughly “religious,” dogmatic, fanatically anti-scientific, and anti-empirical. But it is religion turned on its head. Good is “evil” and evil “good.” The ruling class is saturated with hate.

When Venezuelan Mestizo Hugo Chavez in 2006 said to the UN, after ostentatiously crossing himself, “Yesterday the Devil [George W. Bush] came here. Right here. And it smells of sulphur still today. Yesterday, ladies and gentlemen, from this rostrum, the president of the United States, the gentleman to whom I refer as the Devil, came here, talking as if he owned the world. Truly. As the owner of the world,” he was of course telling the truth.

But Bush was only a mouthpiece for Jews and the Left, something Chavez, also a religious communist, would never admit. Consequently, he effectively attacked the “white” United States instead, a fiction.

Furthermore, Chavez, his friend Fidel Castro, and the United Nations are, like Bush, of their father the Devil. They were murderers from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in them. Chavez’s cavil was a dispute between gangsters.

In a piously iniquitous society such as ours, one cannot help but laugh at the antics of contemporary “atheists” like the late Christopher Hitchens or evolutionist Richard Dawkins, who, in attacking Christianity, posture as brave crusaders against prejudice while bowing reverently to the real idols of the day—Jews, the Holocaust, “anti-racism,” etc. They are as superstitious and benighted as anyone who ever lived. Such noisy charlatans would spontaneously combust if freedom of speech suddenly materialized.

“Atheism” amounts to little more than anti-Christian bigotry. It is not really anti-religious. It is eminently safe (safety is a sure tip-off as to what transgresses, or does not transgress, the Party line). Any religion that opponents can freely kick and maul to a bloody pulp while winning fame, fortune, and plaudits for doing so has no power.

Moreover, “Christians” and their institutions worship the same idols as atheists. They long ago abandoned their precepts and God, and openly humble themselves before Jews.

Jews, by contrast, wield true power, so “atheists” and Christians alike keep their mouths tightly shut when it comes to serious criticism of Judaism.

One of the few principled atheists I’m aware of was Revilo Oliver. He did not worship Jews, and his atheism was not hypocritical.


As noted, communism is the antithesis of freedom. Jews and the Left hate freedom and systematically crush it.

Jews, the Left, and government limit freedom of speech to the State, Jews, Left-wing exponents, pornographers, and huge media companies. (Actually, speech is tightly monitored even on the local level.)

The last-named are an interesting case study in so-called freedom of speech and thought.

Media companies, including those on the Internet, are in reality great public utilities or common carriers monopolizing the single most important forum of modern life—access to facts and the formation of attitudes and public opinion. We are told that they can censor anything they like because they are “privately owned.”

To make matters worse, the power to censor is effectively delegated to a tiny handful of tax exempt ethnic/religious entities such as the Jewish ADL which monitor content and tell businesses what to forbid, supply key boilerplate passages in terms of service contracts relating to freedom of speech, impose governmental “hate speech” laws via their powerful lobbying arms, compile and furnish lists to media and Internet companies, software filtering and anti-virus firms, and government agencies, including the police and secret police, of ideologically, politically, racially, and religiously “forbidden” websites, publications, organizations, and individuals who allegedly express “dangerous,” “hateful,” “racist,” or “anti-Semitic” views.

Upon the enormously distorted public discourse that results democratic politics depends. Social issues as immense as the destruction of races, replacement migration, obliteration of overseas nations, and the elimination of civil liberties are removed completely from democratic discussion or debate.

All because media firms, too many of which are owned and staffed by Jews and Leftists, are “private” companies.

Well, your business or residence is also private, but you cannot sell them to whomever you wish. Nor can you refuse to do business with whoever you choose, or hire whoever you want. No private club, organization, or even religious institution, unless it is run by Jews or some other favored group, can limit its membership in the manner of its choosing.

“Private,” thus, only matters in law when it benefits Jewish or communist interests. Otherwise it does not.

Westerners have no right to speak or associate in any way not sanctioned by Jews or the State, for that is “hate.” Jews and the Left, on the other hand, are free to hate anyone they choose.

The Apparatchik’s Peril

The biggest danger for ambitious Establishment politicians, bureaucrats, academics, journalists, or “artists”—any pious hewer to the Party line—is that, thanks to the elimination of free speech, association, democracy, and legal protections, they will run afoul of forbidden thoughts themselves, and the blade may one day come whistling down on their own politically correct necks.

Many a goodthinker died under Communism or rotted in concentration camps thanks to the inevitability of this happening. The circle of permissible discourse shrinks continuously, and ideological transgressions, or alleged transgressions, become weapons in intra-elite power struggles.

Such is the way of the Left. Such is the way of power. Once law and tolerance have been tossed overboard, the list of enemies expands. After whites and Arabs it is Christians, after Christians milquetoast conservatives, after conservatives, mainstream liberals, then “deviationists,” and on and on. Communism is fueled by hate and an unbridled lust for power.

It is remarkable, even amusing, how surprised politically correct victims invariably are by this inevitable turn of events, despite their thorough knowledge of and eager participation in so many previous purges, mass killings, assassinations, tortures, frame-ups, and so on.

This can’t be happening to me! It is all a ghastly mistake. If only Comrade Lenin . . . Trotsky . . . Stalin knew, I would be exonerated. I’m loyal! I’ve always been loyal!

It is comical to see this happen over and over again. Life, or freedom, comes to an abrupt end even for many who joyfully harmed so many defenseless people.

Such occurrences, though large in absolute numbers, are too few to be redemptive. Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Nevertheless, it is the only thing communism gets right, even if only inadvertently.

This feature of Left-wing totalitarianism, though as predictable as the rising of the sun, never affects the thoughts or behavior of acolytes in the least. Even in the dock they remain uncomprehending, bewildered.

But blood must flow, corpses multiply, and torture chambers echo with the screams of luckless victims.

Leftism itself compels it!

* * *

Source: Counter-Currents

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15 June, 2015 8:30 pm

Actually China is a fine example. Here we have a communist country that embraces, for the moment, a free market economy. However all the social and political mores of a communist state still exist, and are still rigorously enforced by the state. Yes, Fang Tang Wei can open up an export business and make money, but he has no real freedom in the traditional western sense. If he dares to criticize the government Fang will be stripped of his business, his money, his freedom and most likely his life. Things are no different in our politically correct democracies. Yes you are free to own a business or property but you are not free to question the masters of political correctness. This is why the Jews, the feminists, the homosexuals, the… Read more »

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
27 March, 2019 8:10 am

I recently read an article by Anne Applebaum calling national populists like Viktor Orbán “neo-Bolsheviks.” Her article was so bizarre that I don’t know what to make of it, other than to conclude that it’s one more manifestation of the chutzpah that the Jews cherish so much.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Applebaum’s books (e.g., Gulag: A History) airbrush out the Jewish role in Soviet communism, a bit like how “unpersons” were airbrushed out of pictures under Stalinism.