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The Code of Enmity


WE GET a few letters from idealistic young Majority members lamenting that so much of what we write is full of hate. Unfortunately, in these laments our Majority idealists are demonstrating the heavy suasion of the liberal-minority party line, which paints Majority members who stand up for their race as hate-filled bigots, while calling the more consuming hatred exuded by minorities righteous indignation.

If you want to measure hatred fairly and accurately, carry a “hate meter” into a room full of unassimilable minority members discussing Hitler, Franco, or Celine. The needle will run off the dial. Take it near a clutch of Harvard professors talking about Gobineau, Madison Grant, or Jensen, or a group of Javits Republicans discussing Reagan, or liberals unfondly remembering Joseph McCarthy, or black revolutionaries honking about “crackers.” You’ll see how hot and humid hatred can get.

Belonging to the world’s most introverted race, Majority members can be made to feel guilty about most anything. Members of every other race would laugh at the command to “love your enemy,” especially the members of the race which came up with the idea. As everyone seems to know except some European sentimentalists and a few scabious gurus, loving your enemy is tantamount to succumbing to him. It is precisely this total unconcern about hate which permits minorityites to outhate Majority members ten or twenty to one.

There is a double standard of hatred, as there is for so much else in this double-thinking age. We are not allowed to hate. They are. When we hate, we are committing a sin. When they hate, they are not really hating, but hating the haters. If this is considered as a negation of a negation, a verbal trick dear to the hearts of Marxist scholasts, the hatred of a minorityite for his fellow man can be easily transformed into an act of love.

American Negroes don’t hate the African chieftains who rounded up and sold their kith and kin to slave traders. But we are supposed to hate the slave traders, even though if we had been around in those days many of us would have condemned slave trading more vigorously than 20th century bleeding hearts.

Jews don’t feel bad about depriving 3,500,000 Palestinians of their homeland, yet we are supposed to feel bad about the so-called Six Million.

The truth is that Majority members are never going to emerge from their thralldom until they stop being afraid to hate. We cannot fight atom bombs with pea shooters. We cannot begin to fight effectively until we employ the same deadly psychological weapons that have given our opponents so many victories.

It is asinine of us to let professional haters dictate the object of our hatred. They told us to hate the Germans. They tell us to hate the white South Africans and Rhodesians. They tell us, in other words, to hate our own kind. But if we should hate our real enemies, then we are hatemongers.

Every oppressed people worth its salt hates its oppressors. We should feel no more guilty about hating our enemies than a rodent should feel guilty about hating a snake or a fly about hating a spider. Enmity is a key component of the art of individual and group survival.

The man who hates to hate is only half a man and a poor defender of his family and race.

Majority members are still not in the mood to die for their cause, or go broke for their cause, or even risk their careers for their cause. Some of them are so wishy-washy they even refuse to hate for their cause.

Can a person so emotionally sterile that he is incapable of hate be capable of love? Without love there is no creation. Without hate the creation cannot be defended. Hate is just as much of a unifier as love. By binding the group against aliens and outsiders and thereby encouraging the spread of beneficial mutations within the group, it has been a vital factor in evolution.

It is very human to hate because without hate there would be no humans. The only hatred of which we should be ashamed is the kind that, paradoxically and ironically, is gnawing at the vitals of the very Majority members who seem most disturbed by hatred.


* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, January 1977

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20 June, 2021 3:14 pm

In the ethos of Marcus Aurelius I hate my enemies without being consumed by some neurotic pathological hatred.

I can live my life and enjoy music, the outdoors, my family and friends, good food and drink. I can also have existential enmity for the Jews and the mongrel races they trick into carrying water for their nefarious machinations.

They aren’t a natural force like a volcano or a tornado in which it is psychotic to ascribe conscious agency to. These are “people” who hate me on a existential level. They are the Formorii and the Rakhasashas, they are the Jotuns.

Why the hell would I wish them well?