NYC Grants $1.5 Million to “Struggling Holocaust Survivors”

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Special Jews-only grant goes to members of world’s wealthiest ethnic group; based on extremely improbable claim that half of New York City Jewish “survivors” have less than $11,000 annual income

EDITOR’S NOTE: Apparently, the richest special interest group ever known on planet Earth wants the taxpayers to take care of its elderly poor instead of providing for their needs themselves. (That’s assuming that they actually are poor, instead of just adept at concealing income.) Multimillionaire half-Jew Benjamin Bronfman (pictured), son of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr., heads the Founding Committee of “The Survivor Initiative” that lobbied for these funds: He could have paid the $1.5 million himself without even missing it — but no, that’s not the Jewish way.

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NEW YORK CITY’S budget includes $1.5 million to assist Holocaust survivors living in poverty.

The $78.5 billion budget finalized Monday night includes more than $25 million for senior services, JP Updates reported. The Survivor Initiative, a 3-year-old group that, according to its website, “seeks to raise awareness and funds to assure survivors live their remaining years in dignity,” pushed for the city to allocate the $1.5 million.

In New York, the group helps fund UJA-Federation of New York’s services for survivors, which include legal services, cash assistance, mental health support, end-of-life care and home care.

According to the Survivor Initiative, approximately half of New York City’s 64,000 Holocaust survivors have an annual income of less than $11,000, and the average age of New York survivors is 83.

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Source: Jerusalem Post

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19 December, 2019 1:06 pm

I always find it strange that there are more “holocaust survivors” than “holocaust victims”.

This can only mean either –
1. The National Socialists were much less efficient than we have been led to believe.
2. It wasn’t much of a holocaust.
3. Or, the whole story is complete bull.

As opposed to the eighty million people killed by the Russian communists. Where is their memorial?

Oh, that’s right, the victims were not Jews.
The killers were Jews.
So, um, let’s just sweep that one under the rug, shall we?

It is now far past time to call out the (Caucasian) Jews on their antisemitism, and their holocaust of the (Semitic) Palestinian people.