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Mektub: White Retreat in Africa


Amazing Instauration article predicted fate of Africa’s Whites in 1976

RHODESIA’S fall is preordained, not because of black threats or black guerrilla warfare, not because of any inability of white Rhodesians to defend their country, not because of Vorster’s pusillanimous sellout of his white neighbors, but because white racism is “out” in the Western world and minority racism is “in.”

As long as this mood lasts, Majority members will continue to abandon their own and Jews and blacks will continue to support their own. Rhodesia is just a delayed rerun of the Belgian Congo, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, Algeria, Spanish Morocco, Angola and the other defunct white colonial regimes in Africa. After Rhodesia will come Namibia, and after Namibia, South Africa.

Left alone, the 270,000 white Rhodesians could easily have maintained their merited ascendancy over the nation’s 6 million blacks. But no one would leave them alone — not the New York Times, not the black caucus in Congress, not the B’nai B’rith, not Castro, not Brezhnev, not the white-financed Emperor Joneses of Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and not, most importantly, Henry Kissinger, who has devoted the best years of his life to presiding over the liquidation of Western influence in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and now Southern Africa.

“Mektub,” say the Arabs. “It is written.” First comes the transfer of the power to the blacks. Then, while the world press talks glowingly of democratic progress, will come the black terror, the white flight, the white economic surrender, and finally the return to barbarism. It is exactly the same process that is taking place in Detroit, St. Louis, New York City, Atlanta, and at a slower pace in London and Paris.

Africa is lost to the West. Perhaps it is just as well. The most enduring result of European domination of Africa has been a black population explosion.

It would seem that eventually Europeans, both here and abroad, must learn that their association with the black race is in the long run overwhelmingly against Western interests. Blacks outnumber whites in South Africa four to one and in Rhodesia more than twenty to one only because white ingenuity developed a social organization able to support the millions of blacks that a purely black government in the same area could never have supported.

The worst of it is that the emerging black African states (emerging from what to what?) which have expelled their former white rulers now exist largely on white handouts, on the profits of white enterprises, or the genius of Western and Iron Curtain technocrats and on the administrative brains of bored and spoiled colonials who have returned to serve those who had once served their forebears.

With due apology to Afrikaners who will be the last to surrender to black African racism, apartheid will never solve South Africa’s problem or the problem of the separation of the races anywhere. Apartheid is spurious separation because it permits blacks to exist side by side with whites. In this situation whites live off black labor and blacks live off white charity, industry and technology. Higher standards of living and improved medical care will then overwhelmingly increase the black portion of the population, while inflation and liberal-minority moral rot have precisely the opposite effect on the white birthrate. Stimulated by equalitarianism and democracy, sheer numbers will soon make their weight felt at every political level. As quantity replaces quality, as the worst outbreed the best in both races, civilization goes into a deep decline.

Appeasement of blacks only accelerates the inevitable. The only way to stop what may be described as sequential racial surrender is the total separation of the races. The mere presence of blacks is a threat to white civilization. To put it more plainly, whites are simply allergic to blacks. Whoever does not realize this has only to study history or take a trip downtown (downtown almost anywhere in big American cities).

Western civilization will only survive in South Africa if white South Africans are willing to pull in their belts a hundred notches, remove the black labor pool from their midst and regroup in a shrunken but all-white territory behind a twenty-mile wide cordon sanitaire that will isolate them completely from the blackness beyond.

* * *

Source: Instauration magazine, November 1976

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LH Collins
LH Collins
8 April, 2022 6:51 am

We should have starved the Africans out; not give the medical aid, food and education. Negroes (not a slur) are a waste of time, money and resources.