Generation Identity Activists Occupy Social Democrat Offices in Hamburg and Berlin

DATELINE GERMANY: On Sunday, a group of Generation Identity activists occupied the two main business centers of the anti-White Social Democratic Party (SPD) in both Hamburg and Berlin. In Hamburg they occupied the regional business center in the Kurt-Schumacher-house, and in Berlin the party headquarters in the Willy-Brandt-Haus was taken over. This was reported on the Facebook page of the Identitarian movement in Germany.

The patriotic youth group stated “We are, as Germans, in just a few decades going to be a minority in our own country.”

However, the statement continued, establishment parties like the SPD “forbid our youth to even speak out against this population replacement.” German youth “cannot claim the right to a homeland, secure borders, and a future in our own country as Germans,” the statement said.

“We — the native European youth — will no longer be blinded and deceived by the disinformation and concealment campaigns of the political and media elites in our country. We are tired of their lies and disinformation policy. We have given up the belief in a ‘multicultural society.’ We call for a world of diversity of peoples and cultures. We want to replace our politicians before they replace us as a people,” they said in conclusion.

In early June, the Identitarian movement of Austria occupied the balcony of an EU building in Vienna. Two weeks ago, a European Commission building in Paris was occupied by the movement Generation Identitaire in France.

The Identitarian movement “Generation Identitaire,” was founded in France in 2012. Since then, further action groups — excited repeatedly by the diverse spontaneous actions of the initial groupings — founded similar and allied organizations throughout Europe. They oppose migrant invasions and the Islamicization of their formerly all-White nations, but are not yet ideologically united on other issues.

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Source: Generation Identity and Blu-News

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