Former Liberal MEP Ojuland Calls African Refugees a “Threat to White Race”


Kristiina Ojuland (pictured), a former Foreign Minister of Estonia and former member of the European Parliament, voiced her disapproval of the European Commission’s migrant quota plan on her official Facebook page, by calling for a pan-European campaign against admitting any refugees in the EU.

IN A POST that was more reminiscent of a far-right extremist, than a former Vice President of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ALDE), Ojuland said that the “white race is threatened” by dark-skinned immigrants (Ojuland actually used an Estonian word “neeger” which is not officially considered offensive in Estonia, but nevertheless becoming socially unacceptable).

“Today yet again I see a fully able young Negro begging for money in Italy, from people who have worked hard to earn a lunch. I think that we should start a pan-European campaign to collect signatures to ensure that not a single so-called refugee gets across the Mediterranean. Enough of this nonsense!” Ojuland, the former high-ranking politician who for years campaigned Estonia to join the EU, wrote.

Kristiina Ojuland also stated “One could only wish that more European politicians understood that the immigration from Africa and other parts outside of Europe isn’t a question of just helping people. Especially when our politicians allow these immigrants to invade our society in a permanent manner where they aren’t here to seek protection from a conflict in their homeland, but rather to stay and to change the demographics of Europe. This change is permanent and cannot be undone if something drastic isn’t done soon. But to think that our traitorous politicians would even consider mass deportations of non-Europeans back to their home countries is delusional.”

Her posting has so far gathered over 2,000 “likes”, 500 shares and 300 comments. While many people pointed out her offensive remarks and some called her racist, one would have thought that the former foreign minister would back down, but it didn’t turn out to be so. Instead, Ojuland chose to rigorously defend her statement and even went offensive against the moderate commentators who asked for common sense.

“Stop using a word ‘racist’! As a white person, I feel that the white race is threatened today! Are Estonians also so brain-washed now that they start talking some kind of politically correct bullshit?” Ojuland said.

Another reasonable commentator was told by former liberal MEP that by being a member of the European Union does not mean “accepting people who would squeeze Estonia’s social system”. “Estonia needs to say clear no to Mediterranean migrants!” exclaimed Ojuland.

Ojuland was the Foreign Minister of Estonia from 2002-2005. In June 2004 she ran for the post of secretary-general of the Council of Europe, but was defeated. She was a member of the Estonian Reform Party from 1995-2013 and from 2009-2014 served as 1 of the 6 Estonian MEPs in the European Parliament. Ojuland was expelled from the Reform Party in June 2013 over alleged vote rigging in the party board elections and subsequently founded Party of People’s Unity, which failed to gain enough votes to enter the Parliament, effectively ending Ojuland’s major political career in Estonia.

When questioned about her use of the Estonian word meaning “negro” she defended her language vigorously: “Why would I not say Negro? A Negro is a Negro, isn’t it?”

This woman is serious. She added, in case anyone wasn’t sure she meant what she said: “For those who think I’m just nagging — luckily you’re wrong. The Negro question is for Estonia an existential one and it’s an non-reversible one. Once we let them into our country we won’t be able to undo it.”

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Source: Estonian Public Broadcasting

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
18 June, 2015 10:48 pm

Hooray! It is about time someone of substance stood up
and called a spade for a spade (pun intended)!

20 June, 2015 3:02 pm

How can i donate money to her movement.

What is the best means of political communication and influence in Estonia?

We need to fund raise for he so she has all the resources she needs to win social and political power in Estonia. In short make her the one who picks the leaders of Estonia due to her influence.