Army Gen. Randy Taylor Introduces His Husband at Pentagon Gay Pride Event


EDITOR’S NOTE: Many Americans are angry about the homosexualization of the American military, and want to reverse it. But they should redirect their anger. Everything works out for the best. Since the regime in Washington has been captured by our enemies, and is used to advance the genocide of our people and the Zionist wars of the oligarchs — and never to defend Americans or European civilization — we should be happy that male US Army officers have begun to have “husbands.”

Let’s hope that every US soldier will, some day soon, be required not only to endorse but to practice “gay” perversion in all its infectious, repellent, anal glory.

Not only will this weaken and demoralize those few who have no choice but to stay in such an “army,” but the healthiest members of our race will, sickened, leave it in droves and come to oppose, instead of serve, the regime which betrayed them — and hasten the day when a New Order is established on the North American continent.

* * *

A MARRIED Army general on Tuesday introduced his spouse at a Pentagon event that featured lots of top brass, including Defense Secretary Ashton Carter as the keynote speaker.

What made this seemingly routine introduction noteworthy is that Brig. Gen. Randy S. Taylor introduced his husband, Lucas.

“My husband Lucas is sitting up front here,” Gen. Taylor said of the man in the same row as Mr. Carter, Army Secretary John McHugh and other senior officials. He said Lucas has subjugated his own career to support the general’s frequent moves over an 18-year relationship.

“We bet everything on my Army career,” said Gen. Taylor, whose 27 years of service spanned an outright ban on gays, then “don’t ask, don’t tell” and finally, the ban’s lifting in 2011.

Gen. Taylor was the master of ceremonies for the Pentagon’s 4th Gay Pride celebration that showcases a month of gay-themed posters and history.

A panel discussion featured a gay Marine officer, a gay Army sergeant who is a criminal investigator, a lesbian chaplain and a transgender woman, Amanda Simpson, who is executive director of the Army’s Office of Energy Initiatives.

She is the first openly transgender political appointee in any presidential administration. She was chosen for the civilian post, she said, because she was “the best person to do the job.”

All four introduced their wives, husbands, and, in one case, a fiancé before a filled auditorium.

Mr. Carter spoke of his commitment to equal rights, but gave no hint of whether the administration will drop the ban on transgenders and transexuals wearing the uniform.

“We need to be a meritocracy,” he said. “We can’t afford to close ourselves off to any body …. We must start from a position of inclusivity.”

Trained as an infantryman, Gen. Taylor is a communications and information specialist who deployed to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now assigned to the Army office of chief of information.

The Pride event kicked off with the National Anthem, sung by the Rock Creek Singers, who are with the Gay Men’s Chorus.

* * *

Source: Washington Times

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Western Wind
Western Wind
12 June, 2015 1:42 pm

The hyperbolic nature of the opening lines of this article doesn’t seem befitting of National Vanguard.

“Let’s hope that every US soldier will, some day soon, be required not only to endorse but to practice ‘gay’ perversion in all its infectious, repellent, anal glory.”

I don’t see this as something reasonable people should be expected to hope for. National Vanguard has never been the kind of magazine or website that’s used over-the-top rhetoric just for the sake of being polemical.

Taylor Wright
Taylor Wright
12 June, 2015 1:51 pm

I think we have reached the stage where it IS reasonable.

I want the US government and all its ancillaries to FALL. As soon as possible. Until this happens, our race is in dire peril.

The “superpower” regime in Washington cannot be reformed, cannot be saved, cannot be taken over, cannot be altered from being an instrumentality of the Jews. So it has to fall. Homosexualization of all its agencies and departments is therefore to be desired. Affirmative Action in its agencies, of the most egregious type, is therefore to be desired. And its defeat, at the hands of almost any enemy, is therefore to be desired.

Western Wind
Western Wind
12 June, 2015 2:16 pm

You’ll get no argument from me on the point that “America” cannot be saved and should not be saved. But hoping for widespread homosexuality among its military just sounds silly. Never mind what you think it would accomplish; my protestations against such language is a call for the maintenance of high standards that National Vanguard has been known for. There is certainly a biological basis for sexual attraction just as there is for preferring the company of one’s own race. As KAS has often pointed out, people are as likely to change their racial feelings as they are their sexual feelings. Openly believing that “every soldier, some day soon” could be persuaded into altering their sexuality makes NV seem less scientific. My critique is no way meant to be derisive.… Read more »

Taylor Wright
Taylor Wright
12 June, 2015 2:31 pm

I think you and I are interpreting the editor’s note differently.

The writer or editor who wrote that didn’t say that the soldiers would actually alter their sexuality or would be persuaded to do so. He said he hoped that they would be REQUIRED to do so by the regime’s laws and regulations, thus driving away the best people from the US military.

Being required to do something and actually doing it are two different things. Many of us, for example, have dropped out of the aboveground economy because of all the things we would be required to do to be a part of it; things which we are disinclined to do and in fact do not do.

Chris M.
Chris M.
13 June, 2015 4:57 pm

This condition is, put as simply as possible, a mental disorder/illness. Up until the mid 1970s, this was acknowledged by physicians and in it’s literature. To this day, residents in training are taught wisely(and very quietly) that a homosexual patient opens up a ‘laundry list’ of various developmental, pathological, psychological conditions to be on the ‘lookout’ for.
Widespread narcotic addiction, as are various psychiatric disorders are TYPICAL in these cases and the data shows this consistently no matter where or when the study is conducted.
This is the clear data. Everything else is falsification as politic.

Will Williams
Will Williams
13 June, 2015 6:24 pm

Randy boy, otherwise known as male homosexual. Isn’t that just dandy!

In healthier times queers would not be put in charge of male soldiers any more than Negro men would have been put in charge of White female soldiers.

I don’t buy into the tongue-in-cheek premise of the EDITOR’S NOTE, but nor do I feel we should avoid mentioning “the act” that describes queer (ie. peculiar) behavior. That’s why a randy boy like General Taylor is called queer in the first place.

Accept that normalization of race-mixing and homosexuality in “our” military are mileposts on the road of a once relatively healthy civilization in rapid decline.