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What “Protected Group” Really Means

by David Sims

sarah_marshak_cropA FEW YEARS ago, on 23 October 2007, Sarah Marshak (pictured) began creating a hoax of an antisemitic “hate crime” by drawing a swastika on the whiteboard mounted on the door of her dorm room and then reported it to the campus security police. On 27 October, another female dorm resident, Erica Tanne, who also is Jewish, found a swastika on her door. On 28 October, Marshak reported her fourth swastika, and on the 30th her fifth. A sixth swastika was found on a fence near the GW Hospital.

At some point during this hoaxing, the University administration called in the FBI to catch the “Nazis” who were presumably threatening poor, innocent little Jewish girls on the GWU campus. The police set up hidden cameras in Marshak’s hall where they could observe her door. Guess who they caught drawing the next swastika? Yep. Sarah Marshak.

What the news stories usually don’t tell you is the extent to which the GWU administration and nearby Jewish organizations were calling for the arrest and punishment of the offender, prior to the discovery that the offender was a Jewish girl. It was extreme. A male student was expelled for something he did not do. Criminal charges were considered, which might have led to wrongful imprisonment.

But just as soon as the real culprit was discovered, and the world learned that she was a Jewish girl, suddenly the “take-’em-down-put-’em-away” rhetoric vanished. Suddenly, the crime didn’t seem so bad. Suddenly, all the perpetrator did was make a roundabout “cry for help.” This is the kind of nasty double-standard that we White Gentiles have to put up with in this Zionist occupied country.

Actually, the accountability standard is multiple, not just double. The strictness with which you’ll probably be judged, and the severity of the punishment that you can expect, for any given  politically incorrect act, depends on which racial, religious, socioeconomic, and political group you belong to. And sexual orientation.

The more mainstream you are, the less leeway you have. Whereas that might appear to turn the democratic ideal upside down, that’s nevertheless how things are.

Are you a White Christian [or, heaven forbid, a racially-conscious White free-thinker  — Ed.]? Expect strictness and severity. Are you Jewish? Expect forgiveness and and mild penance, if any.

Are you White? Expect strictness and severity. Are you Black? Expect plea-bargain deals and probation.

Do you work for a living? Expect strictness and severity. Does your income come to you without your having to raise either sweat or a hand? Expect charges to be dismissed, if any were ever filed in the
first place.

Are you a normal heterosexual? Expect strictness and severity. Are you a homosexual pervert? Expect the benefit of every doubt.

The standards for accountability are stratified. The Jews have the highest status and hence the most lenient treatment for their offensiveness and the greatest favor when their complaints are given official consideration. Then come the richest of the non-Jews. Then (among those who aren’t extremely wealthy) come the Blacks, the Hispanics, and the homosexuals. Then come persons of color who are neither Black nor Hispanic.

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Source: David Sims

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  1. 11 September, 2017 at 2:53 pm — Reply

    Are you a non-Jewish, heterosexual, racially-conscious, White free-thinker with no non-White dependents?

    If so, you might consider joining the National Alliance, an organization for you: https://natall.com/join-us/

  2. B. Smith
    12 September, 2017 at 1:38 am — Reply

    I think, at least sometimes, this “strictness” against normal white working males, and white people in general may act as a “natural selection”, and one that can be sensitized in some quality white people with some doses of true history and knowledge.

    I know one person who I thought I’d have to give up on. But external factors such as these are making progress where words from me did not.

    What was that saying: “There is a tide in the course of human affairs which when taken at the flood leads on to success…” Or something like that.

    Far from the flood but there, on the terrifying sun beat mudflats, where the tide of our people has run so far out… I stand a moment, then slog again through sucking mud as strength returns, and I feel a change.

    The tide will come in.

    We will be ready.

  3. Andronicus
    12 September, 2017 at 1:25 pm — Reply

    I am the lone European-Christian in the Bolshevik Jew Utopia of NY. I am surrounded by the children and grandchildren of ex-NKVD – the proud butchers of 100 Million European Christians. They live in palaces from the money they are given in federal aid and allowed to steal in the $10 Billion in Medicaid fraud they commit a year with the protection of NY’s jew senator whose district was once this area – that is before they even delve into the more traditional crimes like heroin, extortion, and forced prostitution of European Christian girls – in fact the jew who once lived directly behind me pled guilty to “involuntary servitude” for keeping a dozen European Christian girls hostage.

    I and my family have suffered anti-christian bigotry and terrorism from the moment we moved into our home.

    As my parents were not awake to the reality of the hatred Christians were subjected to by jews, they repeatedly dismissed the constant vandalism and mailed threats we received. Our cars routinely were smashed, their windows broken and their fenders had crucifixes carved into them with can openers, our Christmas lights were always smashed – the nice jew kids used to talk openly how they used to play games smashing them – and our jack o’lanterns would be cut in half with knives and smashed – in thinly veiled threats of what they so desperatelywanted to do to us if they only felt they could get away with it. In fact not even a Christian child’s snowman was immune to the onslaught of jewish terror – I watched at 7-years-old jews smash them as they routinely do to Palestinians. Objects would be stolen from our garden, bicycles right out of our garage. – This was all being done by our jewish “neigbors.”

    In the days before security cameras on private homes, the night constantly brought jewish terrors to our property. My parents did not connect it to the fact that we were being victimized for being European-Christian in a jew enclave.

    When my mother witnessed the yarmulke wearing jew “neighbor” pour poison into our German Shepherd puppy’s food dish, my parents called the jew controlled police – they did nothing. My parents took this jew dog poisoner to court before a jew judge who lambasted my parents for having a watchdog – we were told that to keep our dog in and the jew neighbor wouldn’t poison him.

    What we didn’t know was the reason the jew hated this dog; the jew was a pervert who would come into our yard at night and look into our windows and our tenants’ windows as we were aseep, surely acting on his sick perversion.

    The watchdog stopped him from his pastime.

    The amusing thing still is that my parent’s never connected it all – that we were being spied on and terrorized for our not being jews. What these jews did not know was that we had a friend who worked for the City Councilman – when the jew cabal put a petition together to use the courts to terrorize us from our home, our friend gave us a copy of the signed petition and we saw in their own handwriting who had put their names to force us from our home. The “nice” jew who always said “hello” to us, the quiet jew who we barely saw, let alone ever spoke to, the jew next-door – in all it was 20 or so signatures of our jew “neighbors” who wanted us gone.

    The most interesting part is how these jews would constantly call the police on me as a teenage boy whenever my high school friends came by. Actual SWAT Team trucks responded. My friends were typical teenage idiots, the worst thing they did was to smoke cigarettes and one would urinate in the park on trees at night. For this they called armed police to terrorize us – surely hoping that they would kill us – yet the house next door to me has been a drug den for a decade. My own home has been broken into three times, every home on the block had items stolen from it by the junkies who would buy drugs there. There would be fistfights in the street and on one occasion a patron of this drug den began screaming into the night that he was “high on oxy” as he climbed a tree in front of the house.

    The garage is still filled with a dozen bicycles that were stolen from children and brought there for drugs. The house is a blight and has been in foreclosure for nearing eight years. Gangs of degenerate junky jews are at that house at all hours, they have been recorded carrying large amounts of drugs and guns in public – calls to the police are not only ignored, but not even recorded. There are “no records” of any calls about that house, the police told my friend in the City Council. In fact the armed drug supplier brags that his brother is a cop as he threatens me in my own home. The police have actually threatened my family if any of us should come to the precinct again to file a complaint or get them to take a report. We are derided, ridiculed and dismissed for trying to report these acts of terror. The fact is these degenerates are jews – the neighbors tolerate them. Never do they call the police or pass around petitions against a jew caused blight. That is something they only do when there is a young Christian family that they despise.

    When I read stories of a jewess scrawling things on her own door and blaming mysterious gentiles, I laugh. No one suffers more hatred and actual terrorism than Europeans when they are surrounded by jews. The slander and bigotry they promulgate against us knows no bounds.

    When jews believe they are untouchable, their abject hatred for us flows. A threatening letter, calls to the zoning board, calls to the health department, calls to the police – when they get even braver they attack themselves in the dark of night. They slander the lone Christians, they attack them in public forums, denigrate us, cast aspersions, spit on our property, constantly steal from us, vandalize our belongings – then play the victim.

    I witnessed it constantly in school as I was the lone Christian boy in the jew run public school – the jew teacher had a passion for placing European Christian boys in the malignant labyrinth of special education so that they could collect more federal money and remove Christian boys from the school – they would simultaneously place the most retarded inbred jew in the “advanced” programs for “gifted students.” Wisely my mother pulled me from that jew den of horror and placed me in a private Christian school – the jew neighbors were aghast when they saw a six-year-old boy in a parochial school uniform surely enraging their bloodlust further.

    In college, it was not even hidden the favoritism jews received – in fact now they openly brag about having cheated their ways through college because they were so much smarter and had to study the talmud too. Christians were obviously despised – a jew professor once singled me out for “being tall and blonde” as she gave me low grades – I was an A student and was being given D’s for being “tall and blonde.” I witness countless acts of jew terror in my working life in financial services – jews openly hostile to Christians, disparaging us openly and absolutely cheating us constantly.

    What that jewess scrawled on her own door to slander European Christians is something I have witnessed personally for 40 years now. The irony being was the person that warned us nearly 40 years ago was himself a jew. He warned my mother to watch out for the “mocky jews because they were no good.” I only recently learned the real definition of the word “mocky – it isn’t just a term of disparagement – in fact it is far more powerful and accurate a description for them – it is a Yiddish the word: ‘makeh’ meaning “plague.” A jew warned Christians against living amongst jews because they are a “plague.” Imagine that. The children of the father of lies are capable of telling the truth…

    European Christians are simply not safe when they are surrounded and controlled by the “makeh.” It is something we all witness now for our societies in Europe and America – we are attacked and preyed upon, yet unable to even defend ourselves in the institutions we ourselves built. That hateful inbred jewess scrawling symbols and blaming us, is what is happening all over to slander and attack us. It is their methodology in their thousands of years old war against us.

    • 12 September, 2017 at 3:03 pm — Reply

      Sounds like you could use a geographical cure from all of that Jewyness. Forty years is plenty enough; it will make you crazy at some point.

      Christianity doesn’t seem to be helping the Europeans in New York very much. Maybe they should recognize that they have been worshiping the Jew’s tribal god all of their lives. That would be a good start toward freeing them from the Jew’s clutches.

        12 September, 2017 at 5:02 pm — Reply

        I have thought that at times too.

        The issue is the infiltrated church, not Christ. He transcended his tribe and was murdered for it. He truly was the greatest threat to their control since the Roman Armies. The Gospels are not the work of talmud writers. It reads nothing like the Old testament which served as nothing more than propaganda and a celebration of war crimes, deceit, mass insanities and genocide of non-jews.

        Much of Christianity that is used against us, has never been Christianity, but what is spewed at us by our enemies. The truth is most “Christians” have very little understanding of their own heritage, let alone any understanding of Christ. Most Christians blindly followed a corrupted and infiltrated church that cares about Christians even less than it cares about Christ.

        I often think how the funny mustached Austrian had surrounded the Vatican and contemplated invading – it would have been for the best had he.

        Christianity is a guide and only really could have worked with Europeans. The dichotomy comes in is when the concerns of this world and its vulgar realities of tribal warfare collide with the purposefully misinterpreted lessons in the Gospels. The church refused to organize a resistance to the repeated invasions of Islam, it was Richard the Lionheart, and other forceful leaders who stopped the European Invasion. The church has always been self serving of the leadership and not the faithful. It has only worsened and is on constant display now with this globalist puppet pope.

        A geographical cure is indeed in the offing and is something that I am getting very close to doing. Elderly parents affect many decisions and keep us in the clutches of vile filth.

  4. Andronicus
    12 September, 2017 at 1:44 pm — Reply

    The Mosquito

    She comes to prey
    You cannot escape her
    She will fit in the tiniest breech and enter your home

    She will hide in the shadows until night
    Then she will stalk you
    Hungrily eyeing any exposed skin
    Zealously she flies closer

    A faint buzz, you know she is here
    As you try to live in peace, she eyes you still
    Waiting for her chance when you are distracted or asleep
    Finally she pounces, penetrating your flesh with her serrated knife
    Probing for a rich vein to draw your lifeblood

    She draws upon you – spilling poisons and filth into your blood
    She was not careful and you feel her sting
    A quick swat of the hand and this filthy thing that had entered your home from the smallest opening is dead

    The crimson in her body is spilled upon your hand – a satisfaction in seeing the blood

    But wait, that is your blood not hers
    A pondering hence – I now see very clearly
    Alas – the truth is your victory is spited
    It is your blood spilled
    The only victory is to never let her in

    • 12 September, 2017 at 6:28 pm — Reply

      A Purple Martin can eat 2,000 mosquitoes per day. Build houses for them, a colony of martins will keep the nasty little blood suckers in check.

      As for Jews and other non-Whites claiming fake “hate crimes” by Whites, here’s a record: http://www.fakehatecrimes.org/

  5. Guess
    28 May, 2019 at 7:35 pm — Reply

    The only group that stands up to them are blacks.

    • Sam I am
      29 May, 2019 at 9:14 pm — Reply

      Just 30 to 40 unfettered young muslim men and schoolboys in a year could expunge all the jews from France, slightly more needed in England. Diaspora jews aren’t up for a fight except with words. Only goyim careerists keep them on a high horse in the West instead of a stinky donkey in the Mideast.

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